Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 3 - Just Another Day at the Office		003

You need to run forward; maybe the run button will help. From there you just
push forward between scenes. Then you will be crouching as three baddies stroll
by. Feel free to pop up and slow time to wipe them out, and then the three more
that appear from the right side door. If you get hit use a painkiller as there
is one in the room behind you, as well as a painting on the wall of the other
office. Feel free to use two handguns or pick up a shotgun. Follow your friend
and look at the blood on the door to the left for a clue. Then use the 

In the room I shot at the floor thinking it might speed things up, but the guy
just died and then four baddies came into the room, so maybe donít shoot or it
may not matter. You could fall back to cover or go into the little room to the
right. In that dark room you will find a golden gun piece. In the hall a guy
will pop out of the door on the left, so be ready and then grab the PK in the

Up the stairwell be ready for a gunfight after the scene. Do a bullet dodge to
the right and clear out the bad guys. After the fight turn around and grab the
golden gun piece, then pick up an SMG if you want. Move up for a scene and then
just run forward and into the doorway. Stop and get your best guns ready as you
will run peek out to kill two guys up above, then bullet time out to kill the
ones down the corridor, but be sure to plant yourself at the wall and donít
stand in the middle. There could be a guy up above to the right, a straggler
or two up to the left, and a few more will run out on the ground to the left.
Use the PK on the wall, reload, examine the bloodstain clue on the right side
of the wall, and head out.

Up the hall you will run into the sniper nest with two guys, so run in in 
slow-mo and sweep left to right. And after the scene go slow-mo and wipe out
the guys with the gear on. And before you move too far up, turn around and
go to the gate, then head down the steps to find a golden gun piece. Come back
up and move forward to trigger a huge group to ambush you. Go slow-mo and back
up as there are a few guys down in the seats, and more will show up, so just
fire at anything that moves and try to find some cover or use bullet time at 
every chance. Reload on weapons (I think dual-guns is best) and up ahead be
ready to two guys to pop up atop the steps to the right. Grab the meds and go
through the door in the corner.

Two guys will be nearby, and then you have to deal with a bunch more down the
way. Watch out for the grenade indicator, which means get away, and swap out
guns as you need. There is decent cover to the left, where you will find a 
golden gun piece, and when you cut your way to the end there will be one last 
guy to pop out of the door. There are two PKs at a counter on the left if you
need. When all is clear, examine the memorial and go out. 

A ton of bad guys will be below you with flashlights to make it hard to target
on your own, so now is a good time to master how to use the aim-assist (which
is to press the aim button to quickly lock onto targets). Do that or just aim
at the lights and then do a dodge jump which should last as long as you fall
down the steps. Clear them out and turn around at the bottom to find a golden
gun piece at the corner. When you see the sniper scene, just run forward and up
into the next doorway where you have some meds waiting. Run out and gun down
the two enemies in the sniper nest.

You will then be covering your friend, so use bullet time, watch your reload,
and aim a little in front of your targets for best results. Then you have one
follow by three more in three different spots above (all from steps). The next
tangos will be three to the left, one to the right, one back to the left, and
then one below your friend. Use slow-mo early on those targets so you donít
cut it too close. Then one final guy will come down the steps, so get him

After the long scene, peek around the corner and kill the two lower enemies,
without worrying too much of the sniper. Run up and hang a right before going
beyond the wall and in the corner of the bleachers you will find a gun piece.
On the other side of the wall are three enemies waiting in the small space. Go
up the ladder and kill three enemies before going up the next ladder. Make
sure you kill the next three tangos, and then move to the rail in the spot 
where the two were hiding. After you crash through be ready to out-draw the