Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 2 - Nothing But the Second Best		002

*NOTE: You can fail by taking too long to move on. This will mean you restart
from the last checkpoint.*

After a long scene you will be falling and will be able to kill most of the six
bad guys during the fall, so when you land take cover or try for straight-up 
kills. Move up the steps and youíll be turned around. Try to not cross the
dance floor as one enemy will come down the steps and then more will be up
above in the lounge. Slow time and kill as many as you can. Pick up an SMG and
you can dual-wield one with your handgun. On the steps leading to the bar, hop
up to the DJ platform on the right for a golden gun piece. There is another gun
piece behind the bar counter, a flyer on the bar counter, and then look at the 
dead soccer star for a clue. Go up the stairs and you will have a group of
baddies you can get the quick jump on, then take cover to pick them off. 

*NOTE: You can blind fire, meaning you fire from cover without exposing your
head, but you are still hittable.*

After the scene you will have an enemy right in front of you, another further
ahead, two more around the corner, one up at the DJ station, and then four more
come out at the end of the room when you move up. After the fight, look on the
upper seating area on the left for a door leading to the DJ booth which has a
gun piece. Through the door there is a torn dress clue on the table and then
open the bathroom door for a scene with an ex-cop.

Before the kitchen there is health in the lockers, and in the kitchen kill
the first two straight up and then use bullet time on the next two bad guys
who run in. Look at the newspaper clue on the counter on the right, There are
five enemies in the next room. The first will run out to the right, two more
should be in the center area, and then two more at the back. Grab the golden
gun piece in the middle, the health at the front desk, reload, and head out the
doors. Go onto the balcony when you see the elevator go up.

Aiming here is a little weird as you should adjust as you miss; Iím not going
to say which side as that may be the opposite of what you experience. Youíll
start with five stationary targets, and from there you have a long series of
picking off tangos as you protect the girl. After the roof you will have quick
shots to pull off, so either use the aim-assist for near instant kills or
judiciously use bullet time. After a scene you just kill a few easy targets,
get a quick kill, and then youíll be facing rockets you have to shoot down. The
first one will be easier to hit closer to you, then kill the enemies on the
helipad before hitting another rocket as it gets dangerously close. 

Feel free to loot the helipad and if you want to do a tiny cheat, look over the
right edge and kill the two waiting baddies below, rather than face-to-face.
Grab the health down the steps and grab the gun piece around the corner and
through the elevator doors. There will be a  good handful of bad guys waiting
behind cover on the roof. Just pop in and out of slow-mo with each kill, and
it may be best to sweep to the left. Donít rush ahead as there will be a few
to enter the roof from the upper right corner if you let them come to you. Move
out to the walkway and there should be at least one down each pathway, and then
another down each walkway after the first two die, but also be aware of the
group that will be on the right. There will be two to come out, two more
waiting around the corner, and one last guy around the second corner. And 
before you leave go back onto the walkway and go to the end for a golden gun
piece. Follow the path and there is a necklace clue down the stairwell.