Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

* 3. The FAQ  ( FAQ3333 )                                                     *

Chapter 1 - Something Rotten in the Air		001

You will quickly find yourself behind the wheel of Max as you navigate through
a unique cinematic tutorial. Main point is to go for headshots, and the next
big point is to know your bullet time button. You canít use bullet time all the
time, but if you are facing enemies you should try to press it. During this
tutorial you will face a few enemies, learn how to slow-leap, lock-on, and
there are collectables along the way. After the first enemies, go to the end of
the hall for a golden gun piece. After you clear the bedroom, look on the
coffee table for a magazine. Youíll finish the segment by hitting a guy while

*NOTE: You can change which shoulder the camera is over, cycle between guns,
and consume painkillers to restore health. Check your pause menu for these and

There is little downtime as you will soon be chasing more bad guys through a
lobby. Kill the first guy with bullet time, and then wait in front of the 
front desk as three enemies will appear from around the next corner. Take cover
behind the nearby column and use bullet time to clear the first two and then
the one with the shotgun. If you didnít notice, you can swap out weapons and it
is a good idea to grab that shotgun. There is also another golden gun piece in
the corner. That is because it will be put to good use when you are shown how
to perform cinematic kills; just know that you can keep shooting. That enemy
will also drop a good gun.

In the parking garage you will start the next fight with your handgun, but you
can switch back to your big gun. The enemies will let you hide behind the
column all you want because they will zero in on you. Your best move is to
bullet time to the left and pick off targets one by one before they can do
much coordinating. Open the door, grab the golden gun piece in the right 
corner, and up the road is a photo to examine on the upward curve. Around the
corner you should be able to pop a bad guy on the right before he sees you,
then another shooting at friendlies through the door, and then go bullet
time or bullet dodge to the right as you engage the last two on the left. In
the scene you need to pop the tire, then use bullet time to kill three bads,
and then again you must kill two more. Funny how more bad guys in the scene are
alive after I am sure I killed all with headshots...