Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

* 2. Starter Tips ( TIPS222 )                                                 *

Bullet time is the butter to your bread (bread being your guns), so use it
when you have it. You keep track of it in a meter on the right, and it refills
as you kill enemies.

Bullet dodging is when you leap to the side in slow motion, and it can be used
when you are out of bullet time. You can even repeatedly use it, but Max can
crash and get hurt if you hit something or fall too far down. Since it will
only last for a few seconds you should only use it when the enemies are few.

After dodging or being knocked to the ground you can get up and shoot at the 
same time, though accuracy in doing this is not guaranteed. It's better than

Using one handgun is not always a bad choice. It's very accurate, can be 
shot quickly, and you always have it. 

Dual-wielding two small guns is fine, though I find laser sights to be bad. 
Two pistols is not a great idea because they share ammo. 

Some guns share ammo; so it's always good to walk over all dead bodies both out
of disrespect and to see if you get the ammo you want.

Always watch your ammo and swap out guns accordingly. You can't holster your
two-handed guns, so you either use them or use your handgun while you hold

Speaking of which, a lot of times you'll lose your 2H gun after cutscenes or
you will almost always have to re-equip it. That's why Max cannot drop his
pistol, because he uses it in all cutscenes. It's also funny when he points 
an empty pistol at bad guys :D

You can duck, roll, run, melee, and blind fire. You can even roll while
running and pick up a gun at the same time if you are under fire. Crouching is
a good tactic to use when you have no cover.

Always watch for enemies charging you. These guys are smart and they will try
to flank your blind side. 

There are plenty of explodable things in the areas, like gas tanks or even 

Shotguns have decent range, so don't think you have to be up close.

Late in the game enemies will wear helmets and have heavy body armor, so two or
more headshots will be necessary, as will a lot of body shots. 

The best way to know you killed an enemy is if they drop their gun; otherwise
keep shooting. 

A kill cam will play when you killed the final enemy of a fight, or Max will
not hold the gun forward when enemies are cleared from the area.

You will enter a stand-off when a guy shoots you past your health bar and when
you have painkillers. You must kill that one guy in order to stay alive and
consume a PK. That is why your crosshair will stay in a narrow area when this
happens, it's because you must kill that one guy. Don't rely of winning 
stand-offs because you'll be on the ground after and vulnerable.

Painkillers heal about 50% of your health, so don't use them when you are 
between full health and 50%.

You can be headshotted and instantly killed.