Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World Review

To be fair, some of these have more of a mini-game feel coupled with an interesting take on some of the series' better moments, and they really could have been a lot better. Ideas that seem great in theory all fall flat. Who wouldn't want to hop into Freeza's shoes and blast away at Piccolo on Namek? Who wouldn't want to be in direct control of Tien when he give it all again Imperfect Cell? Who would turn down a chance to traverse Snake Way and catch King Kai's monkey, Bubbles? Not me, for sure. But when you see for yourself how badly this is implemented and how even the more intriguing of missions are at best boring and at worst unplayable, you'll probably quit the game right then and there. The fighting just isn't worth all the trouble.

As proof that nothing can be all bad, there is a new theme AND new ending song, written by Hironobu Kageyama, the composer for a good chunk of the Japanese DBZ television show and games soundtrack, that plays over Infinite World's introduction. The song is nothing short of amazing, and it is first one we've seen from Kageyama in quite some time. The opening animation is done in 3D (Boo! We want 2D hand drawn stuff!), but the song is very close to beating out Budokai 2's theme as my favorite DBZ game song ever. The song at the end credits of Infinite World isn't quite as nice, but it is still a solid effort.

I hate to say it, but Infinite World is a terrible game. The interesting mini-games and new songs just aren't enough to save this game from itself. The fighting is rather simplistic and dated, and the Dragon Missions are pretty much the most annoying thing I've come across in quite a while. Atari set out to capture the PS2 DBZ games magic once more before it was too late, and sadly, this awful game will more than likely be the one people remember (it's the last PS2 DBZ game that will be released.). I guess after Dragon Ball: Origins' superb design, and a foundation of the Budokai series, I just expected this to be better. Atari should have learned lessons about how to get things right by now. I guess it was a bit presumptuous of me to expect Atari to go two for two, because the really dropped the ball on this one.

Stay away from Infinite World at all costs. Go pick up a used Budokai game (2 if you want the best intro/song combo, 3 if you want the best gameplay) if you've gotta fight Cell on your PS2 just once more. Or, save your money and wait until Nov. 26 for your DBZ fix, when a BRAND-NEW DBZ special will be streamed online for 24 hours at Japan's Jumpland site. Now THAT will be worth your time (I hope...).

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 32%.


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