Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Review

Usually, I might take one look at the instructions for an online game then simply scroll through them in a hurry since they are so very basic and obvious, but with Remix's "How to play game" instructions, I found myself learning a few techniques that I had only briefly skimmed over online. The instructions provide you with a detailed description on certain techniques that can be used against an opponent such as learning to control space (the core concept of Street Fighter) based on your chosen character and the concept of "Meaty Attacks" (attacking as the opponent begins to rise from a knockdown). There are plenty of other useful techniques described in the instructions as well. It's definitely worth a look for both hardcore fans and newcomers.

The game still remains faithful to the original SSF2T with its overall control setup and feel of the controls. As already mentioned, some moves have been made easier through HD mode but, like the original game, the inputs for each move still have to be done with a higher degree of precision when compared to more recent fighters. This is especially noticed when trying to play with either the Xbox 360 pad or the PS3 pad. The PS3 pad made it very hard to input any type of down/down-forward/forward motions because of its lack of diagonals. It's sometimes hard to perform a straight tap in a single direction with the Xbox 360 controller. I would highly recommend an arcade stick no matter which version of this game you pick up. It greatly enhances gameplay.

All stage music has been remixed but there is still an option to have the classic stage music play if you choose it from the option menu. The new stage tracks take some getting used to, but they are well-composed and remain faithful to the original tracks for the most. It's clear that Capcom listens to their fans since some of the older sound effects that fans have complained about have been rearranged for the better. Instead of the annoying high-pitched sonic boom yell from Guile, we are now given his older deeper voice from the classic Street Fighter II games - "sonic-boom" is now "SONIC BOOM" once again. The announcer has a much more normal voice now as well instead of the giddy announcer from the original game.

The online mode is well structured for each console version and rarely lags. It only lagged a few times on both of them for me. After accepting an online battle, you are taken to the character select screen and your opponent's character selector icon is completely hidden from you and your character selector icon is hidden from them. The opponent's character of choice is always hidden with a question mark, so this brings an end to the anti-character choosing strategy that many fighting game fans know all too well. It's so very pleasing to know that your opponent cannot wait for you to choose a character then choose their own character based off your choice. All online modes incorporate this feature. Online mode has the basic player match and ranked match. Ranked matches require the victor to achieve three wins and player matches are adjustable. There is also a tournament option where eight players battle through a tournament bracket. As usual, the game still has local matches as well.

The only real major difference between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 versions are the addition of achievements to the Xbox 360 version. Sadly, the PS3 version has no trophies at this time but there has been a mention of a patch for trophies at a later date. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix should be a definite buy for all hardcore fans of the Street Fighter series. Not much has changed in terms of move animations but some minor tweaks here and there keep the game feeling fresh once again. Newcomers will most likely enjoy the easier commands of the HD mode while hardcore fans will appreciate the faithful redone look of the classic characters, which still retain their older animation even with the new look.

The Good:
+ New look, same classic gameplay
+ A few moves have been modified for HD mode
+ Character chosen in online mode is hidden from opponent until the battle begins

The Bad:
- Default controller on either console doesn't really work well with Street Fighter

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 95%. What once was old is now new again and it still maintains that same classic gameplay that helped it to achieve its legendary status. Cue the Street Fighter theme song already!


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