Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness - Ep 2

Achievement (Points)

Arsonist (15) Burn down the Riverbrook Apartments
Can't Nobody Hold You Down (15) Defeat the final boss of the game
Endgame (15) Collect a ticket for the World's Fair
Lab Assistant (15) Complete Dr. Stripe's and Dr. Whimple's missions
Millionaire (15) Collect one million dollars in cash
Moving On Up (15) Collect the Wealthy key
Pack Rat Strikes Back (25) Only use items to win a fight. No attacks or counter attacks allowed
POWER SURRRGE! (25) Block enemy attacks and get one party member's hit counter up to 40
Reluctant Hero (5) At the beginning of the episode, refuse to join Gabe and Tycho 5 times
Steel Cannibal (20) Spend robot parts to upgrade all weapons
The Strength To Rule (20) Kill enough enemies to earn the XP needed for all party members to reach Level 30