Civil War: Secret Missions Review

It's not just the historical inaccuracies that make the game disappointing, the gameplay itself is pretty weak. The friendly soldiers that accompany you on the missions don't seem to do anything other than take up space and occasionally decide to stand in front of you while you're shooting. They fire their weapons a lot, but they never seem to hit anything. They don't ever die either, unless scripted to do so by the mission. Enemy AI is nonexistent and is scripted to a fault. In each and every battle the enemy has a few set positions from which to fire and if you kill an enemy soldier the game will immediately spawn a new one who will move to the exact same position. The enemy movements are so predictable that after killing one or two of them you can start picking them off as they move from their spawn points to firing positions because you'll know the exact path they'll take every time. Even their deaths are predictable – headshots are one shot kills, hit any other part of their bodies and it takes two shots to kill an enemy. Two shots to the foot are fatal in this game.

Pretty early on in the game you'll find that all of the missions follow a similar pattern. You'll make your way down a tightly controlled path until you encounter a group of enemies, you'll kill the enemies until the game decides to stop spawning any more of them, and then you'll make your way to the next skirmish. It all begins to feel repetitive pretty quickly.

I don't remember ever watching a History Channel special on the Civil War and hearing that the bullets used by colonels did more damage than those used by sergeants, but that's the case in this game. As you complete missions you'll be given promotions that allow you to increase your weapon damage or bolster your ammo carrying capacity. This promotion system would be weak in any other game, but it is ridiculous in a game supposedly endorsed by the History Channel.

Civil War Secret Missions is simply not recommendable. It can't be considered educational as it spreads more misinformation than it does factual information. The gameplay is weak, and once you make your way through the uninspired missions there's no motivation to replay them and the game doesn't support any kind of multiplayer play. This is one chapter in video gaming history that will quickly be forgotten.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 46%. Some missions should just stay a secret...


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