Go! Go! Break Steady Achievements

Achievement (Points)

All City All Star (35) Complete the "All City Tournament" with a grade of A+.
All City Champ (20) Complete the "All City Tournament".
Beatnik Smash (5) Crush 10 or more beatniks.
Break Steady Domination (25) Win five consecutive ranked games online.
Coop Marathon (15) Last 10 minutes in coop endurance.
Dance Master (15) Fill the move progress bar with all perfects.
Double Dog (15) Survive 10 minutes in online coop endurance.
LP (15) Last in endurance mode for ten minutes.
Mr. Perfecto (5) Get a "+10" score multiplier.
Online Heavy Weight (20) Win 10 ranked versus games online.
Puzzle Master (10) Win a challenge game by destroying green Beatniks only by combos or bombs.
The Collector (20) Win all the prizes in the "All City Tournament".