Tom Clancy's HAWX Review

There are a variety of missions in the game that include escorts and intercepts, air defense and ground strikes. The missions are all pretty enjoyable. There's always plenty of action and the number of enemies on the ground, on the water, and in the air provides for plenty of mayhem and challenge. And mayhem and challenge make for sweaty palms and a lot of fun. The missions usually consist of multiple phases, but an automatic checkpoint system means that you don't have to start a mission over if you're shot down before completing it. The missions all take place in target rich environments and the action is often frantic while trying to complete your objectives while contending with abundant numbers of enemy aircraft and air defenses. In most of the missions you'll have some help in the form of a pair of wingmen. You have limited control over your wingmen in that you can order them to stick close to you and watch your six or to attack nearby targets, but you can't ask them to do anything more complicated than that. The wingman AI is competent enough so that you can rely on them to take out their share of enemy targets. On the other side of the battle, the enemy AI will give you some trouble because the enemy almost always has the numerical advantage, although it's not too difficult to regularly come out on top when taking on an enemy one on one.

High above town

As you play through the campaign you'll earn experience for each kill you register or target you destroy. You can also collect bonus experience for completing goals in what amounts to an in-game achievement system. The experience that you earn in each mission is tallied up at the end and if you level up you can unlock new planes or weapons loadouts. While you can choose from any of the available aircraft before each mission, it's usually best to go with the game's recommended plane and payload. All those unlocked planes and weapons give you more options in the multiplayer game, though. The experience system gives some additional motivation to replay the missions, both to unlock all of the aircraft in the game and to collect all of the numerous achievements. Although the missions are enjoyable enough that you'd probably want to replay them even without these motivations.

HAWX doesn't fare as well as a multiplayer experience as it does as a single player experience. Online multiplayer consists only of deathmatch play, and for some reason the same planes that could carry hundreds of missiles in the campaign are restricted to just a couple of them at a time. You'll spawn into the battle, fire off a couple of missiles, and then be stuck using guns. In the mean time the players that you hit with your missiles will have respawned with new missile loads and will then be able to easily take you out, and the cycle begins anew. Buy HAWX for the single player experience not as an online aerial shooter, although there is a co-op mode which is fun since you can play through any mission with another player.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 84%. It may not be a realistic flight sim, but it sure is fun.


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