Sonic Unleashed Review

Controls are solid for the most part. I did have a few issues with missed jumps, mainly during Night stages. I would sometimes find myself accidentally dashing with the Werehog sometimes also. Since his dash is performed with a double tap in any direction it is easy to accidentally dash when a hesitant stop is made shortly before continuing forward again. These are all pretty minor issues however.

Sonic Unleashed is a decent Sonic game for someone that can overlook the slower Night stages. The Werehog missions aren't all the way bad but when played several times in a row, they tend to become repetitive and unwelcome. The way the game will appeal to you will most likely be based on how accepting you are to the Night stages. If the game was simply composed of Day stages then Sonic Team would have another winner here similar to Sonic Adventure.

The Good:
+ Day stages provide a good 3-D Sonic feel
+ Great cutscene presentation
+ Plenty of secret items and extra stages
+ Impressive boss battles

The Bad:
- Night stages become repetitive
- Day stages are over too quickly

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 68%. Sonic appears to be back to his high speed 3-D platforming glory but, sadly, his new dark side really pulls him and what could have been a great game back down to an average level.


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