TimeShift Achievements

Achievement (Points)

Assault Flags (10) Collect all flags
Escapist (25) Defeat all spaceships in Areas 29 and 30
Fearless (20) Complete 3 sequential areas on foot
Heroes Campaign (30) Complete all areas on Hard difficulty in co-op
Hot-wired (5) Capture all 3 hijackable vehicles
Ice Cold (10) Freeze 50% of the infantry in any zone
Moby Dick (5) Destroy the Mecha Orca
Pyromaniac (10) Burn 50% of the infantry in any zone
Smoothie Heroes (20) Kill 100 infantry where one player freezes and the other shatters on hard
Underground Hunters (20) Finish all underground areas in co-op
Wonder twins (20) Use all 4 co-op attacks and kill 10 units with each
Zoned Out (25) Complete 6 zones each with a different friend