Pokemon - Sapphire Tips & Secrets

"Forget picking the best starter. It's a waste of good space. Get with a friend who has the same setup (GBA and ruby or sapphire) Get one starter and trade it, then the second after a restart and finally, if your smart, choose the one you'll use the most, Torchic, last and trade the two others over. Be sure to thank your friend with a good item or two." - C-A-L

"chosing the attacks to complement your pokemon is crucial. for instance, a Blaziken has an extremely high special attacking power while its defense is low-chose strong attacks for it like fire blast / blaze kick. This pokemon is meant to be an all-out offensive pokemon so try to finish the battle short and sweet" - Phil

"to catch a Kyogre without a master ball, follow these steps: 1.save before you battle Kyogre(bring 5 or more net balls b4 u battle they r found in the Mossdeep pokemart) 2.weaken it to dark red 3.throw a net ball while repeatedly pressing a & b and hold down L &R(it will take at least 3 net balls before you catch it)
Note:Kyogre is found in the Cave of Origin in Stoopolis and I mean NET ball not NEST ball" - Kyo

"Do you wanna know what pokemon is the best at the start of the game? Torchic is the best.Be couse Trecko can not win Brawly the gym leader of Dewford.Brawly uses fighting type pokemon and grass type pokemon are weak against them.Mudkip can not win Wattson the gym leader of Mauville, be couse Mudkip is a water type pokemon and is weak against electrike pokemon.Torchic can beat them all.I am a girl too and I like pokemon very much and the girl of page 6 is not the only one." - ???

"When you collect ashes for the guy, use super repels {sold at the pokemart near there}. It keeps all of the Spindas and other pokemon away. If you do, it doesn't take so long to collect them. You can use this tip, it really works." - Pokefan