Pokemon - Sapphire Tips & Secrets

"If you wanna fnish of the whole elite you'll need to start of with blaziken and any other pokemon that you think it against it and teach any of your pokemon a dragon claw and buy bunch of revive hyper potion and if you have a berry that can retore your PP to 10. after you finish the first elite or any of elite save the game before you go on( i recommend you to do this without shutting down the gameboy or your data wil be lost! that happen to me) I also recommend you to use Lunatone if you have a sapphire version or a Sunatone if it ruby version and try to catch kyorge in the cave of Origin.
Have fun! Beside who care about loosing it doesn't mean you gotta start again it mean your training your pokemon each elite pokemon you fight will earn Exp and grow a cmbat level." - Pokemn Trainer : Tune

"when battling, choose your attack as usual, but hold A. your attacks will be a little stronger. " - yuna536

"Best 1st 6 Pokemon!!! 1. Treecko 2.Shroomish 3.Poochyena 4.Nincada 5.Seviper 6. Lunatone. Evolve ALL Of Them To Their Best Form and Use Them Well!!! Teach Them The Right Moves and Then You Should Have A Near-Unbeatable Team Of Poke'mon!" - Mightyena Lover

"definitely choose treeko in beginning" - RayRay

"when you beat the pokemon league when the credits to get fast credits press start+select+a+b and the credits will end." - jaime the latios

"If u want an evolve form of a ninjask then evolve a nincada but make sure that u leave an empty slot for another pokemon because when u evlove ur ninjask..its shed skin is a pokemon! a shedinja ^_^ o.o" - AnimeGal-Riklia<kirlia>

"This is a pretty cool team I think.Tell me if you like it.......Pleeeeeeeaaaaassse???? Swampert Lv:59 Blaziken Lv:80 Metang Lv:37 Kyogre Lv:63 Rayquaza Lv:72 Gardevoir Lv:48 I wish they were all Lv:100.....See ya! " - Adster