Pokemon - Ruby Tips & Secrets

"You have to catch a Rayquaza with Ultra Balls, because if you catch it with a Master Ball, you're crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catch the Regi's with an Ultra ball too. Catch Latios or Latias with a Master Ball. You can get a Dusclops, a Mawille, an Altaria, a Claydol, and a Golbat. (If you catch Groudon with a Master ball, you are crazy, use lots of ultra balls!!!!!) And check the T.V. downstairs in your house after you beat the Elite Four!!!!!! - GJ Agapito" - The ?????? ???

"Go to Mauville city where the lady offers you the egg. Talk to her about 900 times. Then she says," Stop bothering me! I already gave you an egg!" Talk to her one more time and she will say," Fine, I'll give you one last thing and you better go away." Then she goes somewhere and comes back and gives you Groudon (in Sapphire) Kyogre (in Ruby) or if you have both she gives you Latios (in Sapphire) or Latias (in Ruby) and if you have both she gives you all the Pokemon. I did this and I have all the Pokemon!" - anonymous

"the last pokemon (number 200) is found on route 131" - sean

"to catch groudon: weaken it to 1-5 HP then keep using power up attacks like bulk up or use items. throw timer balls until he is caught. Also it makes a cool appearance when you send him out. Maxie and Acrhie are waiting at the entrance " - groudon

"Choose Torchic at the beginning of the game. It's good against most of the gym leaders' pokemon. Make sure you evolve it and let it learn double kick before you enter rustboro gym. When it's about to fight Wallace (gym leader #8) It'll be lv. 75-80 and ait will be a Blaziken. It will defeat Wallace if youre armed with tons of hyper potions. Blaziken will blaze kick all! (Combusken will learn blaze kick when it evolves.) Blazikens ability is blaze to make fire moves super powerful. give it a charcoal to enhance the firepower even more! An old guy in the herb shop in lavaridge is supposed to give it to you.*it's the old guy with the moustache, not the beard." - groudon

"you know what's weird? if groudon's hp is in the low reds, instead of a timer ball , no not an ultra ball, they dont work. Poke balls will work- booo-hoooooooooooo. i made latios faint with groudon." - groudon