GripShift Achievements

Achievement (Points)

Barrel Roll (20) Perform a barrel roll
Big Air (20) Catch 10 seconds of air
Bling (20) Finish 50 levels at Gold
Bonustar (5) Collect all stars and the GS token on a single run
Checkered Flag (5) Finish in first place in 10 single player races
DeathRay (25) Use the DeathRay on a player who's using a Flaming Shield
Decathlon (10) Beat all goals in 10 different Challenge Levels
Galileo (15) Collect all of the stars in the game
GS King (25) Collect the GS token in every level
Indy 50 (20) Win 50 multiplayer races
Mister Trigger (10) Score 200 kills in deathmatch
Temple Master (25) Complete the Temple of Doom without dying