The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific Achievements

Achievement (Points)

American Weapon Expert (50) Accumulate 500 kills with American weapons in multiplayer
Close Combat (20) Kill 50 opponents with melee attacks in multiplayer
Colonel (100) Kill 500 enemies
Complete Bataan (10) Beat Bataan
Complete Bataan With Valor (20) Beat Bataan on hard
Complete Guadalcanal 1 (10) Beat Guadalcanal 1
Complete Guadalcanal 1 w/ Valor (20) Beat Guadalcanal 1 on hard
Complete Guadalcanal 2 (10) Beat Guadalcanal 2
Complete Guadalcanal 2 w/ Valor (20) Beat Guadalcanal 2 on hard
Complete Iwo Jima 1 (20) Beat Iwo Jima 1
Complete Iwo Jima 1 With Valor (20) Beat Iwo Jima 1 on hard
Complete Iwo Jima 2 (20) Beat Iwo Jima 2
Complete Iwo Jima 2 With Valor (20) Beat Iwo Jima 2 on hard
Complete Iwo Jima 3 (20) Beat Iwo Jima 3
Complete Iwo Jima 3 With Valor (20) Beat Iwo Jima 3 on hard
Complete Leyte 1 (20) Beat Leyte 1
Complete Leyte 1 With Valor (20) Beat Leyte 1 on hard
Complete Leyte 2 (20) Beat Leyte 2
Complete Luzon (20) Beat Luzon
Complete Luzon With Valor (20) Beat Luzon on hard
Complete Wake Island (10) Beat Wake Island
Complete Wake Island With Valor (20) Beat Wake Island on hard
Defensive Front (20) Kill the flag carrier 5 times in CTF
Dueler (20) Accumulate 50 kills with a pistol in multiplayer
Elite Warrior (30) Kill everyone on the opposite team in Team Elimination
Five Star General (100) Beat the game on hard
General (125) Kill 750 enemies
Going Out With A Bang (20) Kill yourself and an opponent with an explosive 10 times in multiplayer
Grenadier (20) Accumulate 50 kills with grenades multiplayer
Ground Support (20) Carry the flag 5 times in CTF
Heavy Gunner (20) Accumulate 100 kills with the BAR or Type 96 LMG in multiplayer
Japanese Weapon Expert (50) Accumulate 500 kills with Japanese weapons in multiplayer
Last Man Standing (20) Win 10 Elimination games
Leadership (20) Win 50 Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, or Team Elimination games
Light Gunner (20) Accumulate 100 kills with the Thompson or Type 100 in multiplayer
Marksman (20) Get 200 headshots without a scope or pistol in multiplayer
Not Home By Christmas (20) Win a Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch game with a 50 kill limit
On The Front Lines (20) Host and complete 100 multiplayer matches
One-Man Army (20) Be the only person on your team to score points in a CTF game
Purple Heart (0) Die 250 times in multiplayer
Sniper (20) Get 100 headshots using a scope in multiplayer
To The Victor Go The Spoils (20) Be the most skillful player in a ranked match
Total War (20) Have a 5 to 1 or better Kill to Death ratio in multiplayer (min 20)