Dead Space (2008) Review

All mutilations display an impressive gory appearance thanks to the rag doll physics engine that is used - limbs and bloody bits literally fly throughout the rooms during gun battles! Normal enemies can be stripped down to torsos and you can also slaughter any fallen corpse that is simply lying on the floor while walking through the carnage-infested ship. Dead bodies litter many of the different rooms throughout the game. The death sequences for when Isaac is killed are extremely brutal as well - these enemies tear him up in full view without any type of mercy whatsoever during many of the death sequences. The lighting effects can make for a scary experience while having to result to a flashlight in dark corridors. Every now and then the game got a bit too dark for my taste, but this was usually rare. Every now and then the game will leave Isaac in complete pitch black darkness where the flashlight is required to walk.

The overall sound really adds a lot to the creepy atmosphere that the game displays. Sounds of nearby enemy screams, calls for help, slamming doors and other various echoes help to intensify the feeling of moving through each area. The voice acting is fitting for all characters. The main character takes the Gordan Freeman approach when it comes to associating with his team - he never speaks. That is not to say that he doesn't have a personality though. If you view the objective list descriptions, you'll see his thoughts, which basically sum up his feelings on the current situation and this helps to add to his character. Much of the story is told through the use of audio files, text files and hologram videos. Isaac is contacted quite frequently throughout his journey but for the most, Isaac is alone through much of the game. The plot appears simple at first but it definitely has its moments as the game continues. The pacing at which the story is delivered kept me intrigued and had me guessing to the very end.

If you're a survival horror fan in the mood for a scary game full of atmosphere or if you're a fan of Resident Evil 4 that wants some more horror action with the same basic presentation then be sure to check this game out. Dead Space is just as memorable as my first time through Resident Evil 4. It's easy to tell that the developers spent a bunch of time on this game. To help out with the replay value, this game also takes advantage of the PS3's trophy system, which encourages many tasks that require a replay. The game is almost just as replayable as Resident Evil 4. From the chilling scenes of slaughter showcased with a "Twinkle, twinkle little star" background track in the demo movie to the action-packed climax, Dead Space achieves a near perfect horror atmosphere throughout the whole journey and one that is definitely worth experiencing.

The Good:
+ Creepy horror atmosphere with the help of its scary environments and overall sound
+ Overall easy setup with just about everything being in real time
+ Addicting action-packed gameplay
+ Zero gravity adds a unique experience to the usual room wandering
+ PS3 trophies!

The Bad:
- The game could have benefited from a quick turn
- Some slight aiming issues with story mini games can get frustrating at times

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 93%. For a gaming company's first survival horror game, Dead Space makes an excellent debut to the genre for EA.


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