NCAA March Madness 08 Achievements

Achievement (Points)

100 Points (100) Score 100 points with one player
100% Free Throws (40) Team shoots 100% from the line on All American
20 Points from Free Throws (20) Team scores 20 from the line
All-American Hero (30) Win without any three point shots
All-American Victory (30) Win on All-American
Double Double (20) A player records a double double
Floor General Play (15) Call a floor general play
No Three Pointers for Opponent (35) Hold opponent to zero three-pointers
No Turnovers (40) Commit zero turnovers in a game
Old Spice 30 From the Line (60) Make 30 free throws with one player
Old Spice 3PT Bomber (65) Make 15 three pointers with one player
Old Spice Floor General (65) Record 22 assists with one player
Old Spice Lock Down D (60) Record 13 steals with one player
Old Spice Own the Glass (70) Grab 51 rebounds with one player
Old Spice Own the Paint (60) Block 14 shots with one player
Old Spice Perfect Shooting (25) Shoot 100% from the floor with one player (10 shots min)
Old Spice Triple Double (35) Record a triple double
Pump up Crowd (20) Pump up the crowd
Pump Up Team (20) Pump up a teammate
Quadruple Double (50) Record a quadruple double
Ranked Challenge (20) Challenge another player to a ranked match
Ranked Match (20) Finish a ranked match
Unranked Match (20) Finish an unranked match
Upload Roster (30) Upload a roster
Win on Buzzer Beater (50) Win a game on a buzzer beater