Ratatouille Walkthrough


SUMMARY: Gather 100 stars while navigating a stage that looks like it was made 
out of a giant series of desserts.
STAGE: Desserted Wonderland
POINTS: 1200

Start by double jumping across two cinnamon buns, until you're facing a tort 
cake whirling on a white platform that seems to be made out of lace.  Jump out 
onto that and you'll find that its rapid turns make it difficult to move much.  
You can press the 'dash' button to maneuver a bit more efficiently, as you 
reach the edge and double jump to another such platform, and then to another 
(note that a star rests on the top of each one).

From the third of those whirling plates, you can sometimes jump to a huge 
cookie that floats over.  It will take a double jump to do it, and you want to 
time it carefully or you'll fall in a pit.  Ride the cookie over to where it 
meets with another of similar size, then double jump onto that one.  From 
there, jump to another and then another.  This one will hesitate for a moment, 
then take you on a ride over to a spinning platform where you can collect 
several more stars.  After doing so, jump back onto the cookie-styled platform 
and it will give you a ride up to some chocolate eclair ledges.

Now that you're at the eclairs, head along them for some stars.  The next 
cookies hovering in the air are fairly wide.  There are two of them.  As you 
step on them, they'll begin to shake.  Dash across, then double jump from the 
first one to the second.  Repeat the process there, only now you'll be jumping 
to one of the spinning, lacy platforms with a tort.  Gather the stars from 
around the base of the tort, and from the top, then turn your attentions to 
the next ledge.

You'll see that it's a slice of chocolate cheesecake.  Note that these spin 
back and forth, so wait until one has just rotated, then jump over to it and 
gather the stars.  They'll spin again momentarily, but you're fine so long as 
you're standing still and make a jump just thereafter.  Once you reach the 
second one, you can jump from it to a jelly cookie ledge.

The jelly cookie ledges are easy, except that you'll want to avoid the 
centers.  You walk extremely slowly through that goop, and sometimes you might 
be tempted to press harder on the control stick and then go flying off the 
edge the minute you find solid ground.  It's better to avoid that situation by 
avoiding the jelly.  Work your way up these platforms, collecting stars along 
the way, until you come to a platform with a saucer at its center.  Don't jump 
into the saucer, as its contents can harm you.  Instead, jump onto the handle 
and from there, look out over the gap ahead.  You'll see poles rising in the 
air there.  You can jump out toward them and press the 'Action' button to land 
on each one and collect each star.

Once you cross the poles, you'll reach a spinning platform with more stars, 
and then from there you can double jump to a cinnamon bun platform where a bit 
of cheese is waiting beside a star.  Look off to the side here and you'll see 
a cookie come cruising into place.  You can jump on it and collect a star, 
then ride it over to some twisty straws.

The straws are tricky.  You need to consider them jungle gym bars.  You can 
jump toward one and grab it, then start swinging and at the bottom of your 
swing, send yourself flying to the next one.  From the second straw, you'll 
need to land on a piece of cake, then jump from that to another one, then jump 
across some cinnamon bun platforms.

From there, you'll soon come to some more of the straw poles that you can jump 
across by pressing the 'Action' button as you're near to passing over them.  
Move across those, and then some eclairs before it's on to another series of 
the straw bars.  Move across that series of straws and you'll land on some 
cinnamon bun ledges, followed by a series of four cookie platforms that shake 
as you walk on them.  Dash around and collect each star as you go, and after 
those platforms you'll be on one of the frilling platforms spinning in circles 
with a cup resting on it.

This time, you can ignore the cup.  It's just there for decoration.  Watch in 
the distance and you'll see a cookie come cruise toward you.  Quickly double 
jump onto it, then ride it over to some eclairs and grab the stars on that 
series of platforms.  Now it's time to vault from more of the straw bars, then 
on through a series of cinnamon bun platforms.  Next, you'll see more of the 
shaky cookie platforms ahead.   

These ledges are trickier than you might think.  Some are further apart than 
others, and those you won't be able to jump.  You'll probably have to cross 
the area several times to get all of the stars.  It seems like starting by 
heading right, then turning toward the diagonal left and crossing to there and 
from that point to a cinnamon bun works best.  There are a few cinnamon buns 
there, each with a star.

After the cinnamon buns, you'll find some eclair ledges before another set of 
the straws that you can jump to like poles.  At the last of those upright 
straws, you'll need to wait for a cookie platform to arrive, then jump onto it 
and ride it across a gap, to the final platform where the bonus mission 
concludes and you receive your 200 points for clearing it (plus 1000 for 
collecting all of the stars).  You'll next be returned to the marketplace.