EA Playground Review

The goal in the game is to beat each of the word balloon kids at their own game. The first time you beat them you are given a special "sticker" to place in your sticker book and you'll then unlock a series of additional challenges that the game calls "dares". Beating the dares will earn you marbles which can be spent to buy additional stickers. These additional stickers have the benefit of bestowing bonuses for the various game types. For example, a slot car stick may give you an automatic boost off of the starting line while a paper airplane sticker can unlock a new type of paper airplane to use. There are also plenty of marbles hidden in plain sight around the playground, so you'll have the chance to purchase a few upgrade stickers without completing some of the dares.

EA Playground provides little challenge and is therefore best suited to those younger gamers without much experience with video games. Everything in the game takes place in a safe and friendly environment and the controls are kept simple, so younger gamers will probably have a good time with it and enjoy trying to fill up their sticker books. The game's are probably too easy and simple to recommend this as a party game for older gamers, but its multiplayer options make for some good family game time. However, most of the fun for parents will be derived from the time spent with their kids than from the game itself, kind of like the time spent playing games like Candyland and Chutes & Ladders.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 67%. Overall EA Playground can be fun for younger gamers, but it's not going to win them over like a new version of Pokemon would. It's basically a rainy day diversion when the weather keeps the kids off of the real playground.


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