Prince of Persia Classic Achievements

Elixirs of Life (25) Find all 9 life potions
Feather Fall (15) Drink the float potion and glide down
Final Embrace (25) Save the princess
Seven Years (10) Break the magic mirror and free the dark prince
Slice ’n Dice (20) Kill a guard with a slicer or a spike trap
Survivor (25) Finish the game without dying in survival mode
The Gate Keeper (15) Kill the chief guard
The Immortal (10) Awaken the Immortal in the catacombs
The Lost Weapon (10) Acquire the sword in the prison
The Mouse Trap (10) Receive help from the mouse to escape the trapped corridor
Upside Down (15) Drink both inverse potions
Whole Again (20) Unify the prince and the dark prince