Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Achievements

Achievement (Points)

Arctic Explorer (20) Complete Military Base level
Cold War Relic (20) Complete Red Ghost level
Doomed (30) Defeat Dr Doom
Elemental Master (20) Defeat Terrax
Hero (160) Complete the game
Human Torch (110) Upgrade all of the Human Torch's powers
Invisible Woman (110) Upgrade all of the Invisible Woman's powers
Mr Fantastic (110) Upgrade all of Mr Fantastic's powers
Rock Crusher (20) Complete Himalayas level
Shanghai Surprise (20) Complete Shanghai level
Skrull Slayer (20) Complete Skrull Lair level
Skrull's Demise (20) Defeat Super Skrull
Superhero (200) Complete the game in Fantastic mode
Thing (110) Upgrade all of The Thing's Powers
Wedding Crasher (20) Complete New York level