NBA Live 08 Achievements

Achievement (Points)

28 pts in 3Pt Contest (30) Score 28 in the 3pt contest
3’s in the practice arena (30) Make 5 straight 3’s in the practice arena
Assists individual record () Record 31 assists with one player in a game
Best regular season record (40) Finish a Dynasty Mode season with the best record in the NBA
Blocking fest (20) Block 15 shots in a game
Blocks individual record (40) Block 18 shots with one player in a game
Defensive Rebounds galore (30) Grab 30 defensive rebounds in a game
Double Double (30) Record a double double in a game
Dream Lineup in Dynasty (40) Three players rated 90+ on your Dynasty roster
Hot shooting streak (30) Make five 3 pointers in a row with the same player
Offensive Rebounds galore (30) Grab 20 offensive rebounds in a game
Quadruple Double (50) Record a quadruple double
Rebounds individual record (50) Grab 56 rebounds with a single player
Score a 50 in Slam Dunk Contest (50) Score 50 in the slam dunk contest
Scoring individual record (50) Score 101 points in a game with one player
Shoot 100% Free Throws (50) Shoot 100% from the free throw line in a game
Steals individual record (50) Make 12 steals with one player in a game
Superstar 3PT Champion (30) Win the 3pt contest on Superstar
Superstar Slam Dunk Champion (30) Win the slam dunk contest on Superstar
The underdog (40) Beat the highest rated NBA team with the lowest
Triple Double (40) Record a triple double
Trivia King (30) Correctly answer 3 questions in a trivia mini game
Two 30's (30) Score 30 points with two players in a game
Win 10 Dynasty championships (60) Win 10 championships in Dynasty Mode
Win a Dynasty championship (40) Win a championship in Dynasty Mode
Win it Inside (50) Win a game without making a 3 pointer