Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Achievements

Achievement (Points)

Deep Freeze (15) Avoid the freezing trap in the Technodrome
Evade (15) Defeat General Traag losing no more than 20 health
Fire Hazard (20) Rescue Master Splinter without being burned
In the Dark(0) Fall into 5 manholes
Lickity Split (10) Clear out the Apartment and April’s Loft in under 2 minutes
Lofty Goal (10) Clear April's Loft, losing no more than 10 health
Ninjitsu (10) Defeat three opponents with a direct attack
Real Ultimate Power (30) Defeat Shredder in a co-op game
Slice and Dice (25) Earn 250 points in a co-op game
Strategy (25) Defeat Krang's robot, losing no more than 10 health
Superhero (15) Destroy all parking meters, pylons, barrels, and signs in the game
Turtle Soup (25) Defeat Shredder without being turned into a regular turtle