The Golden Compass Achievements

Achievement (Points)

Alchemist (40) Find at least 3 Elixers of the Witch
Child Of Destiny (250) Complete the game
Fire King (30) Defeat the Flame Thrower Boss
Inquisitive (50) Answer 30 Alethiometer Questions
King Of Svalbard (30) Defeat King Ragnar
Lyra Belacqua (100) Answer all 48 Alethiometer Questions
Lyra Silvertongue (50) Complete at least 25 Deception Games
Pantalaimon (100) Reach the North Camp
Samoyed Ruler (30) Defeat the Samoyed Hunter Boss
Shaman Suppressor (10) Defeat the Shaman Boss
Symbol Adept (50) Collect 80 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings
Symbol Apprentice (20) Collect 50 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings
Symbol Master (150) Collect all 108 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings
Tank Destroyer (30) Defeat the Tranq Tank Boss
Witch Dominator (30) Defeat Queen Vala
Zeppelin Champion (30) Defeat the Zeppelin