The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Hylian Loach and Sinking Lure [Hylch]

Here's a guide on how to catch the famous Hylian Loach and how to get the
Sinking Lure. (Including how to make it legal.) Enjoy.

Sinking Lure

The Sinking Lure is a special, but illegal lure.  After catching a fish of at 
least 15 lbs. in the Fishing Hole, the Sinking Lure will be available.  It can 
be found in many spots in the Fishing Hole.  The spots where it might be found

- At or near the nearest underwater log.  (Nearest from the Fishing Hole
entrance.) (As Young Link.)

- Behind a rock near the tiny stream. (As Adult Link.)

- If it's not found in any of those locations, try looking around the grass
surrounding the Fishing Hole.  (It's against the "walls.")

Basically the Sinking Lure does exactly what its name is.  It sinks until it
reaches the bottom of the pond.  It makes it easier to rouse the attention of
fish that are lower in the water than the others.  However, the owner will not
give you a prize for catching fish unless you make it legal.

TO MAKE THE SINKING LURE LEGAL: Grab it, and go over to the owner.  Say that
you want to talk to him and he'll make the Sinking Lure legal.

NOTE: With the Sinking Lure, you can't feel or hear the fish bite the lure,
even if you have the Rumble Pak, so use your eyes and closely watch the fish.

Hylian Loach

The Hylian Loach is a very rare fish that randomly appears in the Fishing Hole.
It weighs 18 pounds as Young Link or 35 pounds as Adult Link.  Despite its
weight, it's actually slightly easier to catch than the heaviest fish. (around
20 lbs.) Here are some tips for catching the Loach.

- It seems that the time for the best chance of the Hylian Loach to appear is
entering the Fishing Hole just before day breaks (by the rooster crow) or just
before night falls (by the wolf howl).  Having the Sinking Lure also increases
its chances of appearing even more.

- If you have the regular lure, keep in mind that it only goes after the lure
when it comes up for air.  So just cast the line where the Hylian Loach is, and
wait there until it comes up and it'll see the lure.

Fishing Hole Secrets

Here are some neat little secrets for the Fishing Hole.

- You can actually cast your lure into the fish tank.  It's fully functional,
but the fish inside won't bite.  It's just something to experiment with if you
are bored.

- When you visit the Fishing Hole as Adult Link, the fisherman owning the place
now wears a hat.  If you cast JUST right, you can snare the hat right off of
his head.  It turns out he's bald!  He gets mad at you and asks you to return
it.  Of course, you can be mean and cast his hat into the pond, but he'll fine
you 50 Rupees.

- When it's raining is the best time to fish, as it seems that the fish really
start jumping and biting.  However, using the Song of Storms doesn't work; it
has to be manual.  However, it rarely rains in Hyrule, so when it does,
consider yourself lucky.