The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Items and Equipment [Itms]

Like an RPG, a Zelda game has many items that can make you stronger or better
equipped to fighting certain enemies. This list shows all the items and
equipment you can get in the game, in order, but first, the general items you 
can pick up.
General Items

These are items that are dropped by enemies or can be found lying around the

Recovery Heart: Restores one heart for your health.  These are usually found
from defeated enemies.

Rupees: These are the currency used in Hyrule.  The color of the Rupee depends
on how much it's worth.  Green Rupees are worth 1; Blue are 5; Red are 20; 
Purple are 50; and Huge (yellow) ones are 200

Deku Nuts: These refill a portion of your Deku Nuts ammunition.

Deku Seeds: These refill a portion of your Deku Seeds ammunition.

Deku Sticks: These refill a portion of your Deku Sticks ammunition.

Bombs: These refill a portion of your available bombs.

Magic Pots: These refill a portion of your magic meter.

Arrows: These refill a portion of your Arrow ammunition for your bow.
Inventory Items

These are items shown in the Inventory screen. You can hold a number of things,
from Bottles to Deku Nuts.  Remember that these are listed in the order you get
them in.
Deku Sticks [ ]

Description: These are normal sticks that are actually stronger than the Kokiri
Sword.  You can attack with these sticks (they break on contact though), but
the main use is to use them to light torches by making them catch on fire.  You
can only carry 10 Deku Sticks at the time you collect them, but there are some
upgrades that'll let you carry more.
Deku Nuts [ ]

Description: These special nuts, when thrown, flash brightly, dazing any
enemies that are nearby. A lot of people use these items to disappear quickly.
Fairy Slingshot [ ]

Description: This is a special slingshot that fires Deku Seeds.  After 
assigning this item to a C Button, press that C Button to go into a first-
person aiming mode.  You can aim using the Control Stick, and you can arm a 
Deku Seed by pressing and holding the same C Button.  Release the C Button to 
fire.  Press either A or B to exit firing mode.
Dungeon Map

Description: This reveals all the floors and rooms of a dungeon in the Map
Screen.  Blue rooms are ones you've visited before.  You can find one of these
in each dungeon and temple.  This is a Map Subscreen item; it is not a C item.

Description: This, along with the Dungeon Map, reveals treasure chest
locations, and also shows your exact location in a room when viewed from the 
Map Screen.  In the mini map, it also shows a red mark, which shows where you 
entered the room from.  One can be found in each dungeon and temple.  This is 
an item for the Map Subscreen, it is not a C item.
Small Key

Description: This unlocks a door in the temple you found the key in.  At least
one of these are in each temple.  This is an item for the Map Subscreen; it is 
not a C item.
Boss Key

Description: A large key which unlocks a large door leading to the boss of a
temple.  This is an item for the Map Subscreen; it is not a C item.
Fairy Ocarina [ ]

Description: This is an Ocarina made by Saria, given to you after beating
Gohma.  This ocarina can be assigned to a C Button, and after pulling it out, 
you can use the C Buttons and A Button to play notes.  There are hidden 
commands however that can change the tone of the notes, though it's optional. 
Just a neat little secret.
Weird Egg

Description: This is an egg with mysterious contents.  This is given to you by
Malon while trying to head into Hyrule Castle the first time at night.  This 
item hatches and transforms into a Chicken you can use as a C item once it 
becomes day.

Description: This is a Chicken that hatched from the Weird Egg you were
incubating.  Use this Chicken to wake up Talon.
Zelda's Letter

Description: This is a letter with Zelda's signature that allows you access to
Death Mountain.  You get this after meeting Zelda for the first time.
Empty Bottle #1 [ ]

Description: This is an empty bottle that can fit almost anything in it.  You
get this bottle by completing the Super Cucco Finding Game in Lon Lon Ranch.
Empty Bottle #2 [ ]

Description: This is an empty bottle that can fit almost anything in it.  You
get this bottle by finding all the Cuccos for the lady in Kakariko Village.
(Check section 5 in the Walkthrough for details.)
Empty Bottle #3 [ ]

Description: This is an empty bottle that can fit almost anything in it.  You
can find this underwater in Lake Hylia near the entrance to Zora's Domain.  You 
need the Silver Scale to dive down low enough to grab it.
Empty Bottle #4 [ ]

Description: This is an empty bottle that can fit almost anything in it.  Once
you have the Fairy Bow, go Big Poe hunting in Hyrule Field on horseback after
emptying your bottles.  Take the bottled Big Poes to the Ghost Shop in Hyrule
Market.  (Where the guardshack was.)  For locations on the Big Poes, check
walkthrough section 14.
Bombs [ ]

Description: These Bombs are very durable.  They are powerful enough to break
almost anything.  These are found in Dodongo's Cavern.
Bombchus [ ]

Description: These are mobile bombs that scurry on any surface, even ceilings,
for a little while before they blow up (either on its own or running into an
Din's Fire [ ]

Description: A magic power that can be assigned to a C Button. When used, Link
pounds the ground with his fist, unleashing a wave of fire in all directions.
The Great Fairy of Magic in Hyrule Castle Grounds gives you this ability.
Boomerang [ ]

Description: A useful weapon that can be used as a weapon AND as a means to
catch far off things and bring them to you.  Simply hold the C Button you
assigned this weapon to to go into first-person mode (kinda).  Releasing the
button will throw the Boomerang, and it'll always come back to you, like super-
hot enchiladas on a weak stomach.
Hookshot [ ]

Description: This is a valuable item that stuns enemies and carries you over to
far ledges that the Hookshot can reach.
Fairy Bow [ ]

Description: This is a projectile attack for Adult Link.  It currently holds 30
arrows. Hold the C Button the item is assigned to to nock an arrow, then
release the button to release it.
Lens of Truth [ ]

Description: An item that lets you see through things, and will also let you
see invisible things. This can't be used indefinitely, as it consumes magic
power slowly as it is used.
Megaton Hammer [ ]

Description: An ancient hammer wielded by a heroic and legendary Goron, was
used to silence Volvagia from long ago.  This powerful hammer is able to break
the toughest of materials, and is also used to pound heavy or rusted switches.
Longshot [ ]

Description: An upgraded Hookshot, it replaces the original.  This one's range
is double the normal range.
Fire Arrows [ ]

Description: A magical arrow engulfed in fire.  You can get these by shooting
at the morning sun after the Water Temple has been beaten.  To use these,
simply assign them to the C Button the Fairy Bow is on.

These are items that are in your Equipment screen.  Link equips these items and
wears them. Many give him special benefits.  As before, these are listed in the
order you acquire them.
Kokiri Sword [ ]

Description: This is a sword handed down by the Kokiri. It's not very powerful,
and its range is limited compared to other swords, but it gets the job done.

How to Find: At the end of the mini-maze with the boulder in Kokiri Village.
Requirements: Child Link
Deku Shield [ ]

Description: This is a shield made of very strong wood.  This can withstand
many attacks, but burns up on contact with fire.  Be careful.

How to Find: Buy it at the Kokiri Shop.
Requirements: Child Link, 40 Rupees
Big Bullet Bag [ ]

Description: This is a bullet bag made by the Deku Scrub who runs the Lost
Woods target practice game.  This holds 40 Deku Seeds; 10 more than what you 
normally carry.

How to Find: Score three perfect hits on the target in Lost Woods (100 per
Requirements: Child Link, Fairy Slingshot
Bigger Bullet Bag [ ]

Description: This is a bullet bag that can be won in Hyrule Market's
Shooting Gallery.  This hold 50 Deku Seeds; very helpful indeed.

How to Find: In the Shooting Gallery, shoot all the Rupees in one try.
Requirements: Child Link, Fairy Slingshot, a lot of Rupees (if you can't get it
the first time)
Adult's Wallet [ ]

Description: This is a wallet able to hold 200 Rupees as opposed to 99.

How to Find: Talk to the first man who's curse has been broken in Kakariko
Village's Skulltula house and he'll reward you with this item.
Requirements: 10 Gold Skulltula Tokens collected
Hylian Shield [ ]

Description: This is a better shield than the Deku Shield, in that it's made of
metal and will not burn when exposed to fire.  It's too big for Young Link to
use it correctly, though.

How to find: There are two ways.  You can buy it at the Bazaar in Hyrule
Market, or you can get it for free in the Graveyard by pulling the gravestone
with flowers in front, then dropping down the hole and opening the chest.
Bomb Bag [ ]

Description: This is a bomb bag made from a Dodongo's stomach!  This holds 20
How to find: Inside a large treasure chest at the north of the spike trap room
in Dodongo's Cavern.
Bigger Bomb Bag [ ]

Description: This is a bomb bag that'll allow you to carry 30 Bombs.

How to Find: Once you get Bombs, head to Goron City, and stop the Hot Rodder
Goron with a Bomb while under the enclosure.  He'll give you this in return.
Biggest Bomb Bag [ ]

Description: This is a bomb bag that lets you carry 40 Bombs.

How to Find: In Bombchu Bowling Alley in Hyrule Market, this is one of the
random prizes you can win. (See section six in the walkthrough for fool-proof 
tricks on winning.)
Requirements: Child Link, lots of Rupees (You don't need Bombchus to play,
they're given to you when you play.)
Silver Scale [ ]

Description: Allows you to dive underwater for 6 seconds instead of 3.

How to Find: Win the Diving Game in Zora's Domain to acquire this item.
Giant's Wallet [ ]

Description: This is a wallet that can hold up to 500 Rupees.

How to Find: Collect 30 Gold Skulltulas then head to Kakariko Village's
Skulltula House to acquire this prize.
Master Sword [ ]

Description: The blade of evil's bane, you have to use this to defeat 

How to Find: It's waiting for you in the Temple of Time after getting the three
Spiritual Stones.
Golden Scale [ ]

Description: Visit the Fishing Hole as Adult Link, and catch a fish weighing at
least 15 pounds and you'll get this item, which allows you to dive for 9
seconds. (You can only get this after getting the Piece of Heart here as Young
Link, I think.)
Goron's Knife

Description: Much more powerful than the Master Sword, but it easily breaks.

How to Find: Buy one from the Biggoron in Goron City.
Biggoron's Sword [ ]

Description: Just like the Goron's Knife.  More powerful than the Master Sword,
but won't break at all!
Hover Boots [ ]

Description: Allows you to hover above a pit for a very limited time.  It also
decreases traction significantly.  You can get this in the Shadow Temple.
Silver Gauntlets [ ]

Description: These allow you to lift and push heavy objects.  You promised to
give these to Nabooru, but...

How to Find: After defeating the Iron Knuckle mini-boss as Young Link, you'll
find a chest containing these on the right hand of the Desert Collosus.
Mirror Shield [ ]

Description: This shield's highly reflective surface can reflect light and even
absorb elemental spells!

How to Gind: After defeating the other Iron Knuckle as Adult Link, you'll find
a chest containing this on the left hand of the Desert Collosus.
Golden Gauntlets [ ]

Description: These allow you to lift extremely heavy objects, even ones that
are 10 times Link's size.

How to Find: In the Shadow trials room in Ganon's Castle.
Quest Status Items

These are items you can't use, but most are absolutely essential to finishing
the game.  These are listed in the order you get them in.
Gold Skulltula Token Chart:

Description: This shows how many Gold Skulltula Tokens you've collected. These
aren't essential to finishing the game, but certain amounts of tokens get you
other items.
Piece of Heart Chart:

Description: This shows how many more Heart Pieces you need in order to
complete a Heart Container.  It takes four pieces to complete one.  This does
not, however, show you how many Heart Pieces you've gotten total in the game.
Ocarina Song Chart:

Description: Located below the Gold Skulltula Token Chart, this shows you the
songs you've learned (not counting the Scarecrow's Song) and also tells you how
to play each.
Kokiri Emerald [ ]

Description: The first of three Spiritual Stones.  Spiritual Stones are
required to open the Temple of Time's way to the Master Sword.  This is gotten 
after beating Gohma from inside the Great Deku Tree.
Goron's Ruby [ ]

Description: The second of three Spiritual Stones, the Spiritual Stone of Fire.
This can be acquired after clearing Dodongo's Cavern.
Zora's Sapphire [ ]

Description: The third of three Spiritual Stones, the Spiritual Stone of Water.
This is gotten after clearing Jabu-Jabu's Belly.
Stone of Agony [ ]

Description: When you have this item, the Rumble Pak will react to nearby
secrets.  This is gotten after collecting 20 Gold Skulltula tokens.  This 
appears above the Gold Skulltula Token Chart.
Light Medallion [ ]

Description: This is a medallion containing the power of Rauru the Sage.  You
get this after pulling the Master Sword from its pedestal for the first time.
Forest Medallion [ ]

Description: This is a medallion containing the power of Saria, the Sage of the
Forest Temple.  You get this after killing Phantom Ganon, and thus breaking the
curse of the temple.
Fire Medallion [ ]

Description: This is a medallion containing the power of Darunia, Sage of Fire. 
You get this after dispatching Volvagia from the Fire Temple, and thus
removing the ominous clouds hanging above Death Mountain and Kakariko Village.
Water Medallion [ ]

Description: This is a medallion containing the power of the Sage of Water,
Ruto.  You get this after killing Morpha, the water creature that sucked Lake
Hylia dry.
Shadow Medallion [ ]

Description: This is a medallion containing the power of Impa, the Shadow Sage.
You get this after ridding the evil creature in the depths of the Shadow
Gerudo Membership Card [ ]

Description: This allows you to freely explore the Gerudo Fortress without
being caught.  You can get this after freeing all the carpenters in the
fortress.  I have to question why they call this a "card"'s more like a
paper slip....
Spirit Medallion [ ]

Description: This is a medallion containing the power of Nabooru, the Sage of
Spirit.  You get this when you defeat Twinrova and rescue Nabooru at the Spirit

These are C items in the Inventory screen, but I decided that putting them in a
separate section would be better, as these masks are part of Young Link's grand
sidequest.  You can only hold one mask at a time.  I have no checkboxes for
these items, because these masks are temporary.  (Except for the one you should
have, which has a checkbox.)
Keaton Mask

Description: This is a mask that resembles the legendary two-tailed Keaton
creature (which you never actually get to see in this game). It looks very
similar to Pikachu's (from Pokemon games) face... The guard by the Death
Mountain Trail entrance in Kakariko Village wants this mask.
Skull Mask

Description: A generic skull-like mask. It can make you feel like a monster
while wearing it. The Skull Kid who you played Saria's Song to wants this mask.
Spooky Mask

Description: This is a mask of the face of a Redead. You can scare some people
with this.  The little kid seen in Kakariko Graveyard by the day wants this
Bunny Hood

Description: This is a hood to make you feel as fast as a rabbit. (It doesn't
actually do anything.) The Running Man in Hyrule Field wants this hood, and
he's willing to sell it all for this hood.  This will also keep Stalchilds from
attacking you in Hyrule Field at night.

NOTE: After delivering these masks in order, they'll now be available for free,
along with four new masks. The new masks are below.

Mask of Truth [ ]

Description: This allows you to see into people's minds....and will also let
you listen to the gossip of Gossip Stones.
Goron Mask

Description: Feel like a mighty Goron with this mask! You'll get special
reactions from other Gorons, especially Darunia.
Zora Mask

Description: Feel like you could glide along the water with ease with this
mask!  Get a very funny reaction from Ruto!
Gerudo Mask

Description: Wear this mask while talking to the men of Hyrule and watch the
Adult Link's Sidequest Items

These are again C items, but I feel they would fit better in their own section
to prevent some confusion.  These items are all used to get the most powerful
sword in the game, the Biggoron's Sword.  Like Young Link's masks, these are
temporary, so there shouldn't be checkboxes. (Except for the last item you
Pocket Egg

Description: An egg given to you by the Cucco lady in Kakariko Village.  She
wants it back when it's hatched.
Pocket Cucco

Description: A miniature chicken the Cucco lady has just bred.  You're able to
fit it in your pocket!  She wants this chicken to be happy when you give it 
back to her.

Description: A special blue Cucco that rarely cuckoos ever since its owner
mysteriously disappeared.  You'll get this for returning the Pocket Cucco when
it's happy to the Cucco lady.
Odd Mushroom

Description: A fresh mushroom like this is sure to spoil!  This is given to you
when you give Cojiro to its owner in the Lost Woods.
Odd Potion

Description: This is an odd potion made from the mushroom you brought to
Kakariko Village's Old Witch's Potion Shop.
Poacher's Saw

Description: This is the saw the punk guy left behind in Lost Woods.  The young
girl who saw it will give this to you in return for the Odd Potion.
Broken Goron's Sword

Description: A Goron's Sword that's hardly useful.  The guy in Gerudo Valley
gives you this in exchange for his Poacher's Saw.

Description: A prescription for eye drops.  The Biggoron on top of Death
Mountain needs some eye drops for his eye irritation.  Take this to King Zora.
Eyeball Frog

Description: This fresh ingredient for the eye drops will spoil quickly!  Bring
it to the old man in Lake Hylia's Laboratory.
World's Greatest Eye Drops

Description: This item will go bad very soon!  Take it to the Biggoron on the
top of Death Mountain quickly!
Claim Check [ ]

Description: Show the Biggoron on the top of Death Mountain this after three
days and you'll get the Biggoron's Sword!  Biggoron gives you this so you won't
forget that you have a sword waiting for you.