The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Boss Strategies [Boss]

As tradition for Zelda games, at the end of each dungeon/temple, there's a boss
that you must fight.  All bosses are in a way an interactive puzzle.  You have 
to figure out how to defeat the boss, which is sometimes explained pretty 
clearly by Navi (whom you can get instructions about the enemy from her by 
pressing the Up C Button while locked-on), but once figured out, most of them 
can be pretty easy.  Even then, they are fun to beat.  Anyway, here are 
coherent boss strategies for all bosses you face.

BOSS OF THE DEKU TREE: Queen Gohma, Parasitic Armored Arachnid

This is the first boss, so it should be fairly easy to figure her out.  But
first, you have to start the fight.  Look up toward the ceiling once you enter 
the room, and you'll see a huge eye.  This is Queen Gohma.  She'll see you, 
then descend so you can see her full body.  The last Deku Scrub you hit told 
her that she has to be stunned before she can be hit.  Well, the eye is a big 
hint.  Hit the eye with the Fairy Slingshot to stun her, then get up to her eye 
and slash at the eye repeatedly.  This is the way to hurt her.  After slashing 
a few times, she'll run away and start crawling up the walls.  Once she's at 
the ceiling, she'll drop eggs that contain her offspring.  Break the eggs 
before the Larvae hatch so that you won't have any trouble.  After this, she'll 
try to drop on you.  Move around so she can't.  Once she drops down, repeat the 
process until she's dead.

Stun her with the Fairy Slingshot, then jump slash with a Deku Stick to do a
lot of damage.  Afterwards, hold R while facing her(without locking on) and 
press B repeatedly to stab her to death.  This method should only require one 
BOSS OF DODONGO'S CAVERN: King Dodongo, Infernal Dinosaur

This guy appears right behind you at the start of the fight.  Basically avoid
this boss until he starts to inhale.  When he does, whip out a Bomb and throw
it straight down his gullet.  This'll stun him, so run up and slash his head
with your sword.  After a few slashes, he'll then roll into a ball and roll
around the room.  He can be easily avoided here by standing on the very edge of
the platform where it meets the lava.  After this, just wait until he inhales
again and repeat the process until he's dead.  Still quite simple.

SPEEDY STRATEGY: Just jump strike with Deku Sticks and shield stab (hold R and
press B repeatedly while not locked on) after he's stunned to defeat him more
BOSS OF JABU-JABU'S BELLY: Barinade, Bio-electric Anemone

This is a more complicated boss.  First of all, keep moving so that its 
electric beam attack won't harm you.  Z-target one of its tentacles and use the 
Boomerang to cut it loose.  Do this for all 3 tentacles, and the jellyfish 
surrounding it will spin around.  Boomerang its center to make it loose its 
grip on the jellyfish.  Destroy all these jelly fish, and doing so makes it 
rise to reveal some more jellyfish, this time surrounding its weak spot.  Keep 
on using the Boomerang until you stun it, then kill all these other jellyfish.  
Now it has no defenses.  Stun its center with the Boomerang, then move in and 
slash it. It'll take a few tries, and it unleashes electric beams more rapidly 
as it's damaged.  Keep stunning and slashing until it's dead.

SPEEDY STRATEGY: After getting rid of all its protective jellyfish, stun it and
simply use the shield stab attack to kill it more quickly.
BOSS OF THE FOREST TEMPLE: Phantom Ganon, Evil Spirit from Beyond

YIKES! It's a ghost version of Ganondorf, and he's on the black stallion.  This
creepy ghoul will enter one of the paintings.  Basically what you have to do, 
is aim your arrow at the Phantom when he escapes from the painting. (purple 
magic surrounds him when he's about to exit) The thing is, there's TWO of these
phantoms.  The fake one turns around, so if you encounter that one, hurry up 
and find the real one and fire that arrow.  If you don't, you'll be struck with 
a lightning attack that takes away at least five hearts.  The best way actually 
is if you find the fake one, you more than likely won't have enough time to hit 
the real one, so get out of the way of the real one.  After a few shots, 
Phantom Ganon's stallion will disappear, and you're left to face him.  Z target 
him to make things easier, and wait for his magic attack.

Let's play a little tennis.  Use the Master Sword and swing it at the right 
time to reflect the magic spell back at Phantom Ganon.  He'll usually reflect 
it back, so continue this tennis game until it hits either one of you.  If it 
hits Phantom Ganon he'll go to the floor, stunned.  So go up to him and slash 
him. It may take a few tries, but keep doing this until he's dead.

SPEEDY STRATEGY: After getting rid of its stallion, get really close to Phantom
Ganon, and time your slash right so that it's deflected as soon as it fires its
magic ball attack.  Doing this won't give it enough time to react, and will
immediately get hit.  Once it reaches the ground, shield stab the phantom until
it's dead.
BOSS OF THE FIRE TEMPLE: Volvagia, Subterranean Lava Dragon

This dragon looks more like a flying snake that breathes fire, but anyway...
Wait for Volvagia to reveal its head, and when it does, it will throw its fiery
hair to try to attack you.  (It swings it like a girl...Is it a she?) Stay away
from her(?) hair attack, and go up to her and pound her head down with the
Hammer.  Keep hitting her with the hammer until she retreats.  The next time
she reveals herself, she'll fly out and start attacking you.  Avoid her until
she gets back underground.  She'll then reveal her head again.  Repeat this
process until she's dead.  As you damage her, she'll try to trick you by having
fire come up where she should appear, but then she appears in another hole.  Be

SPEEDY STRATEGY: When she starts flying around, drop down the sides slowly and 
you'll grab onto the sides as if its a grate or vine, or something.  Doing this 
will make her lose her interest in attacking you and will go back underground 
BOSS OF THE WATER TEMPLE: Morpha, Giant Aquatic Anemone

Basically, this thing has a moving brain.  It only has one attack, but it's
really powerful.  It'll throw itself towards you, and if it grabs you, you'll
suffer three hearts of damage.  To damage the boss, dodge its attack and its
brain will move around its body.  Longshot the brain to snatch it away, and
start slashing it.  It'll then retreat back into its body.  As you damage it,
it'll form its body even when the brain is outside of it.  So be careful of
this ruse.  It'll even still form two bodies at once.  Just keep slashing the 
brain until it's dead.

SPEEDY STRATEGY: To keep the brain from escaping while you're attacking it,
Longshot between slashes and you should take care of it more quickly.
BOSS OF THE SHADOW TEMPLE: Bongo Bongo, Phantom Shadow Beast

Fall down the hole to start this boss.  You're standing on a huge bongo, and
this boss keeps beating down on it.  Every time he beats, you bounce.  First of
all, you have to arrow its hands.  Do so, and the boss will try to ram you.
Use the Lens of Truth to see him, and put an arrow into his eye.  This'll stun
him, so go up to him and slash him until he's dead.  The Biggoron's Sword works

As long as you keep this battle short, it's easy.  If not, he'll start some
hefty attacks, such as punching you, smashing you, and shoving you off.

SPEEDY STRATEGY: The Biggoron's Sword with the shield stab technique is your
best friend when he's stunned.
BOSS OF THE SPIRIT TEMPLE: Twinrova, Sorceress Sisters

The thing about this boss is that they consist of two entities, and each witch
has a single attack.  One fires a powerful ice beam, the other fires a powerful
fire beam.  In order to damage these witches, you must reflect their spells
with the Mirror Shield and point it toward the other witch.  In other words,
if you're reflecting an ice beam, point it toward the witch that has the power
of fire to damage her.  If you're having trouble facing the boss that fires the
beam, Z (or L) target the boss then break out of lock-on.  That way you'll be
perfectly facing the boss.  Each witch needs to take a few hits before the next
phase begins.

They begin to merge together to form an entity that fires both ice and fire
projectiles.  The Mirror Shield is once again useful here.  If a projectile
hits your shield, the shield will absorb the magic contained in that
projectile.  You must absorb three projectiles OF THE SAME ELEMENT.  If you
absorb two fires and one ice, it'll cancel out and you'll have to try again.
It doesn't matter what element you absorb, it must be three of the same kind.
Once you do, you'll fire a beam of that element, stunning her.  Now's your
chance.  Rush to her and start slashing her repeatedly.  Repeat the process
until she's dead.

SPEEDY STRATEGY: Since reflecting the beams and absorbing the projectiles are
random or hard to speed up, when you absorb the last projectile needed to stun
her, run toward her as you absorb the projectile, and as soon as she's stunned,
break your lock, get out the Biggoron's Sword as you jump over, and shield stab
BOSS: Ganondorf, Great King of Evil

The boss starts out by pounding the ground.  Quickly roll away to the outer rim
so you won't fall down.  Just like Phantom Ganon, Ganondorf throws magic spells
that you have to reflect back at him with sword swipes. (Or oddly enough, Empty
Bottles) There's one extra attack he has though.  When you see both his arms
raised and energy gathers toward him, he'll fire multiple magic spells at you
simultaneously.  In order to deflect those, use the Advanced Spin Slash.  Once
he finally gets hit by a spell, quickly get the Light Arrows out and hit him
with one before he recovers.  Once he's hit, he'll lower to the ground.
Quickly get to him and slash him before he gets back up.  If he does, retreat
and repeat the process until he's dead.

SPEEDY STRATEGY: It's risky, because you're so close and because there's a
chance he'll use the ground pound, you can get right on the central platform
Ganondorf is hovering above, leaving the 'dorf no time to react once you
reflect his spells.  Once he's down, either shield stab with the Biggoron's
Sword or do quick spin slashes. (Rotate stick then immediately press B)

A demonic pig monster.  Ganon slashes with his huge swords, making Link lose
his Master Sword.  Uh oh!  The way to defeat this monster is to either stun it
by shooting Light Arrows then going behind it, or rolling between its legs.
Either way, slash his tail with the Biggoron's Sword.  After dealing some
damage, you're able to get your Master Sword back.  All right, time for some
butt whoopin'.  Do the same thing you've been doing to him, although he's
faster.  After some more damage, Ganon will fall, and Zelda will keep him down,
telling you to deal the final blow.  The sages will power your sword for the
final hit.  Just head up to his head, and slash.