The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Enemy List [Enemy]

There are a variety of enemies in this game, most of which need to be defeated
in more than just hacking and slashing.  The enemies are listed here in the 
order you encounter them in the game, and each one will include a strategy and 
what possible items they may drop.
Tall Deku Baba

Description: This is a live plant with jaws like a venus flytrap.  These just
stand upright and do not attack, but you can be damaged by them if you walk
into them.  One swipe of the sword will kill it.

Items dropped: Deku Sticks
Fierce Deku Baba

Description: This is the more aggressive version of the Deku Baba.  Once it
spots you, it lunges forward to try to bite you.  Shield if necessary.  You can
slash once with the sword to turn it into a Tall Deku Baba; just slash again to
kill it.  Or you can just jump slash it to kill it instantly, but it drops a
different item.

Items dropped from jump slash kill: Deku Nuts
Deku Scrub

Description: This is an enemy plant that fires Deku Nuts at you.  They can't be
sword-slashed up close, so you have to deflect the Nuts it fires by shielding.
After getting hit with its own Nut, it runs around, allowing you to slash it to
kill it.

Description: This is a small Skulltula which climbs on walls, usually vines and
other climbable walls.  They try to knock you off when they spot you.  Any
projectile weapon can knock them off or kill them.
Big Skulltula

Description: These hang from webs and come down to strike when you're near.
Don't let them startle you!  Their weak spot is their belly: when they show it, 
strike there to kill them.  It may take multiple strikes.  Note that if you get 
too close, they spin around, knocking you back.
Gold Skulltula

Description: These are rare spiders.  You can tell the difference between them
and a normal Skullwalltula by the gold skull-like shell on its back.  There are
exactly 100 of these critters, and they supposedly hold curses.  Only by 
defeating a certain number of Gold Skulltulas and getting their spirits will 
the curse be lifted.
Gohma Larva

Description: These are the babies of the Parasitic Armored Arachnid, Gohma.
Just a simple hit at the eye will kill it.
Gohma Egg

Description: An egg from Queen Gohma.  It quickly hatches, so break it right

Description: The tortured undead of Hyrule Field.  They raise from the ground
soon after nightfall, preying on innocent victims.  If enough are killed, a 
giant Stalchild will appear; killing him will give you a Red Rupee worth 20 
normal ones.

Description: Quite larger than they were in the original Legend of Zelda, the
Peahat's weak point is its root.  Be careful when facing this enemy; its blades
are deadly.
Peahat Larva

Description: These are the offspring of the Peahat; usually created when you're
out of its reach.  These chase you endlessly until they're dead, in which they 
can only be killed by shielding against them. (Yep, strangely they die if they 
hit your shield.)

Description: A typical bird that swoops down at the very sight of that familiar
boy in a tunic.  Destroying enough of them may create a giant Guay.

Description: Basically a rabid wolf.  He'll circle around you before attacking,
and he often blocks your attacks.  Basically back away when he starts up his 
attack.  If he doesn't hit you, he'll turn his back to you.  Jump slash him 
quickly to kill him instantly.
Mad Scrub

Description: A Deku Scrub that would rather be killed than submit to anyone.
It can be let out of its nest the same way as any other Deku Scrub, and after 
that, a simple slash with the sword is enough to kill them.  These are orange 
and red instead of yellow or brown.

Description: A ghost that is usually found under gravestones in the graveyard.
Z Targeting it will make it disappear, so you have to kill it without it.
After killing it, you can capture it in a bottle.  Don't drink it though, as 
you'll lose a heart from your health if you do. (You may wonder what's the use
of bottling a Poe's spirit then...well, as Adult Link, there's a Poe shop where
the guard's shack used to be in Hyrule Market.  He buys Poe souls from you.)

Description: A mummified being that scares Young Link so bad he can't move when
they stare at him.  To kill it, get behind it and slash until it's dead.  It 
can also be stunned by playing the Sun's Song near it, making it easy to kill.
Red Tektite

Description: This is a large, hopping quadruped.  It's a little hard to kill 
without the Hylian Shield as Young Link (as the shield can only protect against 
overhead attacks).

Description: Whenever it spots you, it fires a continuous beam until you get
hit or get out of its range.  The only way to defeat these is to bomb them to 
Baby Dodongo

Description: Obviously a smaller version of the Dodongo.  Striking it anywhere
will kill it, and it'll blow up.
Fire Keese

Description: A simple bat enemy that's on fire.  Don't have the Deku Shield out
when they ram into you....

Description: These are very agile upright-walking lizards.  They jump around a
lot and have skill with their dagger weapons.  The best strategy for these is 
to wait until they strike first, then jump striking them.  Keep shielded 
throughout the whole fight and follow this strategy, and they won't stand a 

Description: The real Dodongo.  Their weakness is the tail.  Wait until they 
use their fire breath attack, then hop around behind them and slash like crazy.
They might swipe their tail to turn around quickly.  If so, either use the Deku
Shield to block this attack as Young Link, or simply backflip out of the way.

Description: A live statue which awakes when you touch it.  The only way to
kill it is with a bomb.  After getting hit by one, it hops toward you to try to
take you down with it.  Avoid it at all costs during that.

Description: This is a squid-like enemy that shoots rocks.  You can kill them
with projectiles or deflecting their own rocks back at them.
Blue Tektite

Description: This is a Tektite that's able to stand on the surface of water.
Other than that there's no other difference.

Description: This is a floating squid-like enemy.  Only attack it from a
distance.  Even touching it with your sword electrocutes you.

Description: A bubble enemy only found in Jabu-Jabu's Belly.  Simply pop it
with a sword slash.

Description: A stingray-like fish that emerges from the subcutaneous layers of
Jabu-Jabu's Belly.  Try to kill it before it rams into you.

Description: A larger version of the Biri. Careful of its elongated stingers!
Parasitic Tentacle

Description: It seems to not be an actual enemy, but it is.  Just simply
Z-target it and use the Boomerang to kill it.  These are only found in Jabu-
Jabu's Belly.

Description: A giant Octorok who's weak point is its backside.  Stun it with
the Boomerang and it'll open its green backside.  Slash the green section to
harm it.  This is the sub-boss for the Jabu-Jabu's Belly dungeon.
Big Deku Baba

Description: Found in Kokiri Forest as Adult Link, these are simply a much
larger version of the Fierce Deku Baba that infested the Deku Tree's innards.
Blue Bubble

Description: A flying skull that's on fire.  Unlike the other Zelda games,
running into one of these doesn't render you swordless for a little while.
Just shield so that when they hit you, their flames will go away, and then you
can just slash 'em.
Green Bubble

Description: Basically a Blue Bubble, but with green (?) flames.  In order to
kill it, wait until its flames subside before slashing it.

Description: Animated skeletons heavily armored with a jagged sword and large
shield.  You'll have to either attack them from behind, or attack while they
have their shield down.

Description: A giant hand that dwells on the walls.  If you're not careful, it
could grab you and send you to the beginning of the dungeon.

Description: A giant hand that dwells on the floors.  If hit, it splits up into
three smaller hands.  Get rid of the smaller hands quick, or else they'll

Description: One of the Poe sisters in the Forest Temple. Aim for her when she

Description: One of the Poe sisters in the Forest Temple. Aim for her when she

Description: One of the Poe sisters in the Forest Temple. Aim for her when she
appears.  Before fighting her, you have to move blocks to form a picture of

Description: The last of the Poe sisters in the Forest Temple.  This one splits
up into multiple forms.  Which is the real one?

Description: A creepy, blob-like enemy with multiple hands.  Get caught in one
of its hands to lure it to the surface, then slash its head when it lowers it.

Description: A mummy wrapped in cloth.  This acts and attacks just like a
Redead, but it's slightly stronger.
Like Like

Description: A weird blob-like enemy with its mouth at the top.  It moves
slowly, and moves its mouth towards you when it's near.  If you let it attack,
it will swallow you and possibly steal some of your equipment.  Get any stolen
equipment back by beating it quickly.
Torch Slug

Description: A very slow-moving enemy.  When the fire on its back is
extinguished, it will move away from you.

Description: In order to be able to hit this dude, you have to Hookshot it
right out of its flaming clothes.  Once it's out, sword slashes will harm it.

Description: An enemy made of pure ice.  It blows ice cold air at you and if
you touch them, you freeze.  Slash it with the sword to cut it down until it's
completely gone.  If you don't get rid of it, it'll regenerate its body parts.
Ice Keese

Description: A bat enemy that freezes you on contact.  Avoid at all costs.

Description: Just a white version of a Wolfos.  Nothing has changed.

Description: An enemy that first appears as a rock.  When close, spikes will
emerge from it and turn into a white-ish color.  Wait until it retracts its
spikes before killing it.
Shell Blade

Description: A hard-shelled enemy that can't be penetrated!  Its weakness is
the heart, so wait for it to open up.

Description: This enemy is an exact copy of yourself and is very hard to beat.  
Thank goodness you only fight him once.  Just slash him without targeting him 
and he'll eventually go down.
Gerudo Thief

Description: You encounter this kind of enemy frequently in Gerudo's Fortress,
mostly when trying to rescue a carpenter.  She has two long swords that she
attacks with.  If you get hit by her jumping attack, you'll be stunned and be
taken back to your cell.  Guard against any of her attacks and deliver the
same kind of punishment to her until she's down.  She always drops a small key
to free the carpenter from his cell.

Description: Basically a harder version of the Lizalfos.  Shield well and
attack frequently is all I can say.

Description: These strange creatures emerge from the sand and move to hit you.
A simple sword slash will get rid of them, but they are endless.

Description: Vulnerable to fire, this enemy moves as you move, acting like a
mirror.  It occasionally fires bursts of fire if you take too long to lure it
into the fire trap.

Description: A heavily-armored enemy very similar to the Darknut.  His axe
hurts a lot, so avoid his attacks and deliver with many heavy attacks of your
White Bubble

Description: It moves and moves and moves...when it stops, only will it be