The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

The Final Voyage! [Wlk20]

Can you believe it?  All this and we've got almost everything in the game, even
ready to take on Ganondorf!  But of course, let's get the stuff we CAN get
before we proceed. (Which isn't much.)

Right where you appear, you should see a white rock on the left of the screen.
Head over there and lift it up to find a Secret Cave, where you'll find
Business Scrubs selling Green Potions and Red Potions.  I advise you take one
Green Potion and one Red Potion, then fill the other bottles with Fairies,
since the final area will be using a LOT of magic power and you might lose a
LOT of health. (You can get fairies back at the fairy fountain.  It might be
empty, so use the Song of Storms on the flat rock if it is.) Now use either the
Serenade of Water or the Nocturne of Shadow so you can easily get back to
Hyrule Field, and ride Epona to Gerudo Valley.

Here, look down at the left to find another white rock on a ledge.  Get down
there and lift the rock to reveal another Secret Cave.  Inside is a lot of
Rupees.  Great for recouping the 80 Rupee loss over those needed potions.  You
can either dive or use the Iron Boots to get them.  Now, exit, and head to
Zora's Fountain for one last thing. (Remember it's behind Zora's Domain, behind
Zora's River.) In here, head for the ledge far to the right and lift the white
boulder to reveal another white rock.  This can be hit with the Megaton Hammer,
though, so destroy it.  Inside is actually a tunnel leading up.  At the top is 
the FINAL Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 100 out of 100) Be careful though: 
there's invisible Skulltulas hanging from the ceiling.  Use the Lens of Truth 
to see them.  Once you have that, head to Kakariko Village and get your last
prize: a HUGE RUPEE.  ...ALL THAT WORK FOR 200 RUPEES?  AGH! *mumbles*

Anyway...head to the Temple of Time.  Woah, what the?  Oh, it's Sheik.  After
explaining some more about the Triforce and each of its pieces, he reveals his
true self.  HOLY CRAP!  SHEIK'S A HERMAPHRODITE!  Oh wait, it's Zelda.  She
actually transformed herself into Sheik to hide from Ganondorf.  Woah.  Shortly
after she...ahem.."reveals" herself to you (God, that sounds wrong...)
Ganondorf captures her after she gives you the LIGHT ARROWS.  Hooray!  Um, yeah
we need to go get her back.  So head to Ganon's Castle.  At the foot of the
cliff, the Sages will call you and create a bridge to the castle.  Take it.

Ganon's Tower

Inside, head down the stairs, ignore the Beamos and go through the door.
You'll spot a central pillar surrounded by a force field, and all sides of the
room are fueling it from a power source.  To get to each power source, you must
go through trials bearing each temple's respective themes. (Forest, Fire,
Water, Shadow, Spirit) Let's start taking out the power sources.  First, head
through the door that has a purple mark above it.  These are the Shadow themed
trials.  We're going here first because there's actually an important item to
be had here.

First, you can Longshot to the chest for a BLUE RUPEE, if you want.  Light the
distant torch with a Fire Arrow, and walk across the temporary bridge.  Ignore
the Like Like and keep going to the next platform.  If you're too late, just
light the torch again.  Once on the next platform, go down the platforms to the
right and step on a switch to make a large treasure chest fall down.  Longshot
to it if the platforms are gone, and open it for the GOLDEN GAUNTLETS.  These
allow you to lift even heavier rocks, even ones 10 times Link's size.  No
kidding.  Now equip the Lens of Truth and slowly walk across the bridge to the
rusted switch.  Slam it with the hammer to open the door ahead, then cross the
other bridge.  Past the door is the power source.  Fire a Light Arrow straight
into the orange portion to destroy it.  Impa will then appear and send you back
to the main room.  The purple energy fueling the force field is now cut off.
Before we head to the next trial room, exit Ganon's Castle.

Cross the bridge and turn left, following the path to a large black stone.
Stand at its foot and press A.  In a tremendous show of power, Link will lift
the huge stone and throw it behind him.  Head inside to find the Great Fairy
of Courage.  Wake her with the Lullaby and she'll double your defense.  How 
cool!  Head back to Ganon's Castle.  Take the left entrance now.  This is the
Spirit trials section.  In here, bomb the Beamos, and collect all the Silver
Rupees here.  The last one needs to be Longshot to.  Once they're collected,
continue.  Kill the Torch Slugs, and hit the crystal switch with a basic spin
slash (rotate Control Stick then press B) to make a chest fall down.  Open it
for some BOMBCHUs.  Plant a Bombchu across from the distant crystal switch to
let it scurry to the switch, hitting it and opening the door.  Head to the
sun faces and fire a Fire Arrow at the web blocking the light.  Reflect the
light to the correct sun face.  The others are fake and each one makes a Wall-
master appear.  Once you have the correct one, continue.  Hit the power source
with a Light Arrow and Nabooru will take you back to the main room.

Head left and lift the huge stone.  Go through for the Light trials room.  Put
on the Lens of Truth to see a Skulltula and a bunch of bats.  Killing them all
will make a chest appear.  Ignore the others, as they're trapped ones.  Open
the one that appeared to get a SMALL KEY.  Use it to continue.  Play Zelda's
Lullaby on the Triforce mark to make another chest appear with a SMALL KEY.
Use that to continue.  In here, you have 1 minute to get all the Silver Rupees.
The last one needs to get Longshot to.  Continue and you'll be at the power
source.  Wait.  Fake out!  There's nothing here.  Take out the Wallmaster and
use the Lens of Truth to find out that the wall is fake.  Go through it to find
the real power source.  Rauru will send you back to the main room after this is

Head left again and enter the Fire trials. (Make sure you have the Goron Tunic
on!)  In here, you have to collect all the Silver Rupees.  Be careful, as every
platform here sinks to the lava.  One thing of importance is lifting the huge
stone here so you can reach a Silver Rupee on the other side.  If you have
trouble, the Hover Boots keep the main path from sinking, so wear them if
you're unsure of yourself.  Once they're all collected, Longshot to the door
and go through.  Light Arrow the power source and Darunia will send you back to
the main room.

Head left, skip the purple marked door (we did that before) and head into the
next set of trials.  A combination of water and ice.  Kill the Freezards to
unlock the door, but it's behind red ice.  Capture some blue fire and use it
to melt the ice.  Get another blue fire and continue.  In here, you have 2
minutes to get this puzzle figured out.  First, push the further block into the
hole.  Next, push the other block right (in the perspective from entering the
room) then up, then left to make it slide under the red ice.  Climb up to it
and melt the red ice to reveal a rusted switch.  Slam it with the hammer to
open the door.  Before continuing, the lone pot in this room has a fairy.
After bottling the fairy, continue, and you'll be at the power source here.
After destroying it, Ruto will send you back to the main room.

Head left for the final set of trials, the Forest set.  In here, kill the
Wolfos to make a chest appear containing a BLUE RUPEE.  Use Din's Fire to light
the four torches here, then immediately fire a Fire Arrow up at the torch above
the next door to open it.  Continue.  In here you have five more Silver Rupees
to collect.  Get the Hover Boots on and wait until the fan next to you starts
blowing, and walk into its gust to go to the platform there.  Next, bomb
the Beamos.  Now to get the Silver Rupee above you, jump down to the switch to
make a statue with a Longshot panel rise up below the Silver Rupee.  Just
Longshot to it now to get that one.  The other Silver Rupees just need to be
hovered to.  Once they're collected, the next door will open.  Continue to find
the last power source.  Destroy it and Saria will send you back to the main
room.  Now, head through the central pillar's mouth, now that the force field
is gone.

Your magic power may be low by now.  If it is, use your Green Potion.  If you
wish, you can pick off the Fire Keese with your Bow, but it's unneeded.  Head
up the staircase and head through the door to face two Dinalfos.  No problem.
Kill them to continue.  Up at the next room you'll face two Stalfos.  After
they're gone, the fire around the chest will disappear.  Open it for the BOSS
KEY.  Continue into the next face-off room.  (Dig the ominous organ music...)
Here you'll have to fight two Iron Knuckles.  Take them nice and slow, and be 
careful, and you should make it.  After the ordeal though, you may need to
refill your health.  Go ahead and use your Red Potion.  Continue and open the
next door with your boss key.  Well, we're close.  Head to the right and go
through the door.  Climb up the long staircase and at the top, be sure to

You'll see Zelda in that crystal, trapped above Ganondorf.  All of a sudden,
all the pieces of Triforce resonate.  Ganondorf says a few words, then hits you
with a giant beam of darkness, preventing your Navi friend from helping you.
Uh oh! You can't lock on anymore!
BOSS: Ganondorf, Great King of Evil

The boss starts out by pounding the ground.  Quickly roll away to the outer rim
so you won't fall down.  Just like Phantom Ganon, Ganondorf throws magic spells
that you have to reflect back at him with sword swipes. (Or oddly enough, Empty
Bottles) There's one extra attack he has though.  When you see both his arms
raised and energy gathers toward him, he'll fire multiple magic spells at you
simultaneously.  In order to deflect those, use the Advanced Spin Slash.  Once
he finally gets hit by a spell, quickly get the Light Arrows out and hit him
with one before he recovers.  Once he's hit, he'll lower to the ground.
Quickly get to him and slash him before he gets back up.  If he does, retreat
and repeat the process until he's dead.

SPEEDY STRATEGY: It's risky, because you're so close and because there's a
chance he'll use the ground pound, you can get right on the central platform
Ganondorf is hovering above, leaving the 'dorf no time to react once you
reflect his spells.  Once he's down, either shield stab with the Biggoron's
Sword or do quick spin slashes. (Rotate stick then immediately press B)
Ganondorf will be at his knees, breathing heavily.  He wonders how he's beaten
by you, and then he coughs up green blood. (Actually, us lucky guys who played
it when it came out actually had him cough red blood up.  Realism for the win!)
Then the room starts to decompose.  Afterwards, you'll find Ganondorf's corpse,
and Zelda.  She'll say something, and then the castle will start to collapse.
Hurry!  We must escape!

Follow Princess Zelda through the castle.  At one point she'll be trapped in
fire and you'll have to fight Stalfos.  Be quick, as you don't have much time.
Once you free her, continue.  At the end, beware of a Redead that'll stun you.
Kill it quickly.  Once you exit, Link will look back and see the destruction.
After the castle completely flattens, Zelda says that we have got him.  But
wait, you hear something coming from the rubble.  Walk toward the rubble and
you'll see Ganondorf rising out of the rubble, and using the Triforce of Power
to transform into....

A demonic pig monster.  Ganon slashes with his huge swords, making Link lose
his Master Sword.  Uh oh!  The way to defeat this monster is to either stun it
by shooting Light Arrows then going behind it, or rolling between its legs.
Either way, slash his tail with the Biggoron's Sword.  After dealing some
damage, you're able to get your Master Sword back.  All right, time for some
butt whoopin'.  Do the same thing you've been doing to him, although he's
faster.  After some more damage, Ganon will fall, and Zelda will keep him down,
telling you to deal the final blow.  The sages will power your sword for the
final hit.  Just head up to his head, and slash.
Congrats!  You just beat this game!