The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Past and Future Spirits [Wlk19]

This section covers the longest temple in the game, the Spirit Temple, visited
by both Young Link and Adult Link.

Inside, walk forward and you'll find that you actually can't progress.  Oh
well.  Exit.  Hey, good ole' Sheik appeared.  He tells you a few things, then
teaches you the REQUIEM OF SPIRIT.  Awesome.  We need to get here as Young
Link, so use the Prelude of Light to warp to the Temple of Time, put the Master
Sword back in its place, and warp back to the Desert Collosus using the new
song you learned.  Back here, as Young Link, drop a Bottle of Bugs onto the
plot of dirt (no need to recapture any bugs) to make a Gold Skulltula pop out.
(GOLD SKULLTULAS: 093 out of 100) Plant your last Magic Bean onto the same plot
of dirt, and head inside the Collosus.

Young Link's "Spiritual Quest"

Head back to the two statues you saw when you were older, and you'll see a
Gerudo near a crawlspace.  Talk to her, and say you're not really doing
anything, and that you hate Ganondorf. (What luck, she hates him too.) She'll
explain that she's looking for the Silver Gauntlets here, which will allow her
to go deep into the temple to mess up Ganondorf's plans.  Unfortunately, the
only passage in here is too small for her to crawl through.  Agree to help her
find the Gauntlets and crawl through the hole.  At the other side, take care of
some Fire Keese, and kill the Armos being surrounded by a spike trap.  (Plant
a bomb by it, then touch the Armos to wake it before the bomb explodes and
it'll be gone.) After killing the Keese and the Armos, head into the left door.
Defeat a Stalfos here, and kill the large Green Bubble.  Now, use the Boomerang
to hit the crystal switch behind the gate.  Hitting it will lower the gate,
creating a bridge.  Open the chest across the bridge for a BLUE RUPEE. (A Deku
Shield if you lost your current seems the chests with Blue Rupees
contain something you lost.) Head through the door.

In here you'll encounter a puzzle dealing with an annoying enemy, Anubis.  This
enemy always mimics your position like a mirror.  Its only weakness is fire.
Not fire from Fire Arrows, but simply fire.  If you hit the crystal switch to
your right, you'll see some fire rise up.  Well, that's where you need Anubis
to go.  Just move to the opposite platform of the fire and Anubis will move to
act like your mirror.  Once Anubis is gone, head through the door. (If the fire
goes down, stay where you are and hit the crystal switch with the Slingshot.)

There's a Wallmaster here, so beware.  Best thing to do is wait for it to fall,
get out of the way, and kill it so it won't bother you.  Now, you have to
collect five Silver Rupees to open the gate.  Two are at the top and you must
climb for them, two are at the foot of the gate, and one is behind the torch.
Cross the now lowered gate, and kill the Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 094
out of 100) Now, take a Deku Stick and light it with the lit torch behind the
gate, and go to the two unlit ones and light them.  This will make a chest fall
onto the carpet.  Open it for a SMALL KEY.  Head out the next door to appear
back at that room with the Armos.  Crawl through the crawlspace and open the
door with the key.  You're now in an enclosed room with ridges to climb up.
Kill the Skullwalltulas first before climbing it.  At the top, turn around and
kill the Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 095 out of 100) Alright, in this
room, kill the Skullwalltulas and two Lizalfos, then hit the crystal switch
with the Boomerang to make a chest appear.  Open it for some BOMBCHUS.
Alright, look up at the rocks.  You should see some light peering out of them.
Plant a Bombchu and have it scurry over to the rock that has light peering out
of it, and it'll blow it up.  This'll make the light cover the sun face on the
ground, thus activating it and opening the door.  Whew.  Head through the door.

Bear left and push the statue onto the switch below.  Drop down, and head to
the unlit torches.  Stand on the platform between them, and use Din's Fire.  A
large treasure chest will appear in front of you, so open it to get the DUNGEON
MAP.  Now that you have that, head back to the statue, climb up, and go up the
flight of stairs.  Head into the door here, and climb up this spiral staircase
to the top.  Blow up the Beamos with Bombchus to be safe, and we'll start
collecting Silver Rupees.  Once they're all collected, a torch will light.  Get
a Deku Stick out and light it with that torch, then start lighting all the
unlit torches quickly.  Doing so will make a chest containing a SMALL KEY
appear.  Get it, then move the block with a sun face on its top over to the
light to open the next door.  Continue.

Turn right around and look up to find another Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS:
096 out of 100)  Head up the staircase and unlock the door.  Head over to the
enemy resting on the chair.  Hmm...he doesn't budge.  Try whacking it with the
sword.  YIKES!!!!
MINI-BOSS: Iron Knuckle

This is a tough cookie to crumble as Young Link.  Just avoid any attacks he 
does, as they severely hurt.  Deliver with some attacks of your own.  This
battle will take a while, but just hold out and you'll eventually win.  I think
it would be wise to use Nayru's Love right about now....
After beating him, head through the door, and you'll go outside....where you'll
meet the annoying owl. (AGH!  I thought we were done with him!) After a few
words from him, he'll fly off.  Actually, he just gave you some very good
advice for the upcoming boss.  Maybe he isn't that bad...  Anyway, open the
treasure chest next to you to get the SILVER GAUNTLETS.  Now you can push and
lift heavy things!  Unfortunately, they're too big for you right now.  Ah well.

Hold on, someone yelled.  Nabooru?!?  She's being sucked into a dark magic
portal by those witches the owl mentioned...Ah crap!  Poor Nabooru!  Those
witches must pay!  ...But you're too young to fight them.  Well, you know what
to do!  Warp back to the Temple of Time, grab the Master Sword, and warp back
to the Collosus.

Before entering, ride the Magic Plant, as there's a Piece of Heart on the arch,
and a Gold Skulltula on a big rock. (HEART PIECES: 36 out of 36) (GOLD
SKULLTULAS: 097 out of 100) Hooray, you got the last Piece of Heart in the
game!  Also, the game must be nighttime to make the Skulltula appear.  Now,
enter the Collosus.

Adult Link's "Spiritual Quest"

Head up the steps, and turn right to see a portion of the wall that's
discolored.  This is a movable block.  Push it out of the way, then bomb the
Beamos.  Now, hit the crystal switch on the ceiling to unlock the doors.  Go
through the door to the left, and kill the Wolfos here.  Next, stand on the
Triforce emblem, play Zelda's Lullaby, Longshot to the large chest that 
appears, and open it for the COMPASS.  Head back to the previous room, and take
the other door. (The one not locked.) In here, get all the Silver Rupees to
unlock the next door. (The first one you see has to be collected with the
Hover Boots.) Don't leave yet.  Play the Song of Time in front of the blue
block to move it, revealing another Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 098 out
of 100) Head into the next room.

Be careful!  A Like Like falls down and attempts to swallow you.  Kill it
before it takes your stuff.  After it's dead, open the chest for a SMALL KEY.
Take it, backtrack to the Beamos room, and unlock the door there.  Kill the
Like Like here, and Longshot to the top. (Quicker than just climbing.) In here,
wear the Lens of Truth to reveal a Floormaster.  Kill it, then move the central
structure to each sun face.  One of them opens the next door, make sure to
find that.  Two sun faces drop chests.  One has a RECOVERY HEART and another
freezes you when you open it.  The other summons a Wallmaster.  When you find
the right sun face, head through the next door.  In here, head to the other
side, and climb up the stairs.  Instead of heading through the door, turn right
and play your Scarecrow's Song.  Longshot across, and kill the Gold Skulltula
here. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 099 out of 100) Now get over to the door you entered by
Longshotting to it.  Climb up the staircase, use the Hover Boots to get onto
the statue's hand, and play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce mark.  Longshot to
the chest that appeared and open it for a SMALL KEY.  Get back to where you
used the Hover Boots and Longshot to the new chest up here.  Now slam the
rusted switch with the Megaton Hammer to open the door.  Head through it.
We're actually allowing quick access from the entrance to the statue room, so
push the blocks into the holes, and slam the rusted switch with the hammer to
activate an elevator-type platform taking you to the entrance.  Now head back,
and go through the east locked door.

Take out the Beamos, and continue.  In here, plant a Bombchu straight across
from the Beamos.  The Bombchu will reach it, despite the pit being there.  Now,
kill all the Anubis with Fire Arrows and the barred doors will open.  Continue
through the only one you can.  (One you entered the room with, the other
requires a key.) In this next room, there's a switch that opens the door to the
right, but it's a pressure sensitive switch, always needing something on it to
keep it down.  Well, you figure there's four statues here, so you could move
one to the switch, but they're all actually Armos enemies.  To solve this
puzzle, head to the right door, aim your Bow towards the Armos across from the
switch.  Shoot it and it will hop towards you.  When it's on the switch, enter
the door quickly.  In this staircase, use the Lens of Truth to see two chests
which both contain a RECOVERY HEART.  Continue.

You'll encounter another Iron Knuckle, but this is easier since you have access
to the Biggoron's Sword.  Waste the enemy, then head through the door to go
back outside.  You're now on the Collosus's left hand.  Open the chest for a
MIRROR SHIELD, allowing you to reflect light and other stuff.  I advise you put
it on right now.  Head back to the room with four Armos.  Stand where the light
is, and hold R to bring out your shield.  Angle your shield so that the light
will hit the sun face. (Angling the shield uses the Control Stick.) This'll
open the door here.  Enter to find a chest with a SMALL KEY.  Go back to the
room with all the Anubis enemies, and use the key to open the locked door here.
Kill the Beamos, then climb up this wall.  Sections of the climbable portions
come into alignment, climb when they do.  Once you're at the top, kill the
Beamos and head through the door.  Stand in front of the door here and play
Zelda's Lullaby to open the door.  Head inside and kill the Torch Slugs.  Now,
bomb all the fake doors here, as one of them hides a golden eye switch.  Hit it
with the Bow, Longshot to the ceiling, and jump to the platform with a switch.
Step on it to lower the fire surrounding the chest.  Open it for the BOSS KEY,
then exit this room.

Go up the stairs and enter the door.  Inside, beware the flying pots, and hit
the crystal switch behind the gate with the Biggoron's Sword to open a door.
Head through.  Kill the Lizalfos, then continue, killing all the White Bubbles.
Head back to the Lizalfos section, and use the Mirror Shield to burn away the
sun face.  A chest will appear that contains BOMBS.  Now turn the mirror statue
towards the lump in the wall, and bomb that lump.  Head through, kill the
Lizalfos, and turn THIS mirror statue over to the large mirror past the gate.
(You were here before.) Head back to the large mirror, stand in the light, and
use the Mirror Shield to reflect light to the sun face, lowering the platform
you are on.  This'll bring you back to the large statue room.  Reflect light
onto the face to make it crumble.  When the face is gone, Longshot across and
open the door.
BOSS: Iron Knuckle??

Go ahead and kill this one, but it's a lot tougher than a normal Iron Knuckle.
When you defeat it...
Wha?  Nabooru?  Oh crap, the witches are here again...and they took her away!
Go after them!  Once you climb up to the platform, the true battle starts...
BOSS: Twinrova, Sorceress Sisters

The thing about this boss is that they consist of two entities, and each witch
has a single attack.  One fires a powerful ice beam, the other fires a powerful
fire beam.  In order to damage these witches, you must reflect their spells
with the Mirror Shield and point it toward the other witch.  In other words,
if you're reflecting an ice beam, point it toward the witch that has the power
of fire to damage her.  If you're having trouble facing the boss that fires the
beam, Z (or L) target the boss then break out of lock-on.  That way you'll be
perfectly facing the boss.  Each witch needs to take a few hits before the next
phase begins.

They begin to merge together to form an entity that fires both ice and fire
projectiles.  The Mirror Shield is once again useful here.  If a projectile
hits your shield, the shield will absorb the magic contained in that
projectile.  You must absorb three projectiles OF THE SAME ELEMENT.  If you
absorb two fires and one ice, it'll cancel out and you'll have to try again.
It doesn't matter what element you absorb, it must be three of the same kind.
Once you do, you'll fire a beam of that element, stunning her.  Now's your
chance.  Rush to her and start slashing her repeatedly.  Repeat the process
until she's dead.

SPEEDY STRATEGY: Since reflecting the beams and absorbing the projectiles are
random or hard to speed up, when you absorb the last projectile needed to stun
her, run toward her as you absorb the projectile, and as soon as she's stunned,
break your lock, get out the Biggoron's Sword as you jump over, and shield stab
Watch the funny cutscene, then find the HEART CONTAINER.  Use the light to
exit.  After revealing that Nabooru is indeed a Sage of the Spirit Temple, she
gives you the SPIRIT MEDALLION.  And yes, she decides to let you keep the
Silver Gauntlets.  Now that you have all the Medallions, Rauru the Sage tells
you to return to the Temple of Time....someone is waiting for you there.


Swords: Kokiri Sword, Master Sword, Biggoron's Sword
Shields: Deku Shield, Hylian Shield, Mirror Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic, Goron Tunic, Zora Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots, Iron Boots, Hover Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 50), Quiver (Holds 50), Bomb Bag (Holds 40), Goron's 
Bracelet, Silver Gauntlets, Golden Scale, Stone of Agony, Gerudo's Membership 

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks
Deku Nuts
Fairy Bow (Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows)
Din's Fire
Farore's Wind
Nayru's Love
Fairy Slingshot
Ocarina of Time
Lens of Truth
Magic Beans (0)
Megaton Hammer

Zelda's Lullaby
Epona's Song
Saria's Song
Sun's Song
Song of Time
Song of Storms
Minuet of Forest
Bolero of Fire
Serenade of Water
Requiem of Spirit
Nocturne of Shadow
Prelude of Light

Claim Check
Mask of Truth


Gold Skulltulas: 99
Heart Pieces: 36 (ALL!)
Upgrades: 10 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 30, Deku Nuts: 40, Bombs: 40,
Arrows: 50) (ALL!)
Boss Heart Containers: 8 (ALL!)

Advanced Spin Slash (Hold B until the sword is yellow, then release)
Din's Fire (C Item)
Farore's Wind (C Item)
Magic Meter Upgrade (Double the magic!)
Nayru's Love (C Item)

Total Health: 20 Hearts (ALL!)