The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Ice Cavern and Collection Quest [Wlk15]

You'll be dropped back outside the Fire Temple.  Ride the Magic Plant, and wait
for the perfect opportunity to jump off to where the Goron City entrance is.
You see the boulders here?  A couple of them block the way to a Great Fairy
Fountain.  Smash them with the hammer (takes a couple smacks) to break them,
and head inside.  Play the Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce emblem and she'll
appear to give you a magic bar enhancement.  You now have twice the magic
power!  Exit.  There's a boulder near the Goron City entrance that hides a
Secret Cave.  If you're desperate for some ammunition of anything, go in there
to buy some from Business Deku Scrubs.  Either way, head to Death Mountain
Trail by going through Goron City.  Head to where the Bomb Flower was (the one
you used in the Past to open Dodongo's Cavern) and you'll see a red boulder.
Smash it with the hammer to reveal a Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 71 out
of 100)

Next, act like you're climbing Death Mountain again, and at the place where the
rocks fell down on you in the Past, smash the boulder that's against the wall
to reveal another Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 72 out of 100)  Remember
that these two Gold Skulltulas don't appear unless it's night.  Now, head to
the summit, and walk to the right wall.  A HUMONGOUS Goron will show up.  He
says that the eruption from Death Mountain 7 years ago irritated his eyes.  In
exchange for the Broken Goron's Sword, (he'll fix it) he'll give you a
PRESCRIPTION for eye treatment.  Only then will he fix the sword.  Well, we
really have nothing else to do, so let's head to Zora's Domain.

Hey King Zora! We need a...oh yeah.  He's still frozen over.  ...  Well, let's
try to thaw him out.  Let's go to the Ice Cavern.  There may be something we
can find there.  (I know, it doesn't make sense.)  Head to Zora's Fountain, and
cross the ice platforms over to that cave entrance you see.

Welcome to the frigid Ice Cavern!  Let's see what we can find...

Head through the hall here, slashing away any icicles in the way, being careful
of the ones that fall from the ceiling, and you'll reach a room with Freezards
and a spike trap.  Take care of the Freezards, including the one moving through
the room, and you'll open a gate.  Continue.  In this next room, we must find
Silver Rupees in order to continue.  Get the ones in the path of the ice fan,
then grab the one surrounded by icicles in a corner near the entrance of this
room.  Right where the fourth Silver Rupee is, look up and Hookshot the Gold
Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 073 out of 100)  Grab the last Silver Rupee near
the gate and it'll open, allowing passage further into the Cavern.  While in
the hall, you have some dangers here.  While crossing the ice, you have spike
traps and Freezards to deal with.  Just keep going, getting rid of any threats
that you can until you get to the final room of the Cavern.

There are some new enemies here.  Ice Keese, which freeze you on contact.  Get
rid of them with the Bow before continuing through this room.  First find the
Freezard that's moving around here and dispatch him.  Next, start climbing up,
killing the Freezard, until you get to a torch with Blue Fire.  This stuff can
be bottled.  Put Blue Fire in at least three of your bottles.  Kill the
Freezard, then melt the red ice surrounding the pot with Blue Fire.  Inside the
pot is a PURPLE RUPEE.  Melt the larger block of red ice and open the large
chest inside for the DUNGEON MAP of this Cavern.  Excellent.  Refill those two
bottles with Blue Fire, then head back to the ice blade room.  Melt the red ice
wall to the left and go through that hall.  In here, clear all the icicles,
then pick off the Keese with the Bow.  Just to be on the safe side.  Melt the
red ice to the right, and open the chest for this Cavern's COMPASS, and melt
the red ice to the left for a Piece of Heart. (HEART PIECES: 31 out of 36)
Look above where you got the Piece to see a Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS:
074 out of 100) Refill those bottles with Blue Fire again.  Head back to the
ice blade room, and melt the red ice wall on the opposite side.  Follow the
hall to the next room.

Take care of the Ice Keese, then Hookshot the Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS:
075 out of 100) Here's another Silver Rupee collection room.  Here's a list:

- Get the first Silver Rupee on the lowest elevated rock.

- Get back to the entrance of the room, and push the block west.  Use it to
climb to a rock with this next Silver Rupee.

- Push the block north, climb it, and melt the red ice to get this Silver

- Push it west.  The block with fall, but we need it to reset.  And it will.
So get back to the block and push it south.  Collect this Silver Rupee on the

- Push the block west again and you should be able to reach the final Silver

The gate will unlock, so go through with the block's help.  Get one more Blue
Fire in a bottle, and continue.  Kill the Freezards, melt the red ice with one
blue fire, and enter the ice door to enter a shrine.  You'll encounter a White
Wolfos.  He's nothing different, so it won't be hard.  Once he's dead, a large
chest will appear.  Open it to get the IRON BOOTS.  Sheik will appear and teach
you the SERENADE OF WATER.  Use the Iron Boots to drop down to the bottom of
the pool of water.  Now hurry here, you can't breathe underwater.  Get out of
the water, and exit the Ice Cavern.  Make sure you have one Blue Fire.  Get
back to Zora's Domain, and thaw out the Zora King with the Blue Fire.  Get to
the pedestal and talk to him.  He'll thank you for reviving him, and will give
you the ZORA TUNIC.  This allows you to breathe underwater.  Neat.  Equip it.

Go back to the Fountain and use the Iron Boots to sink to the bottom.  Find the
Piece of Heart here. (HEART PIECES: 32 out of 36) Head back into Zora's Domain.
Head to where the Diving Game was held, look out and to the left, and you'll
see a Gold Skulltula on the wall. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 076 out of 100) Give the
Prescription to the Zora King, and he'll give you a fresh EYEBALL FROG.  It'll
spoil in three minutes.  Quickly get back to your horse, and ride like the wind
to Lake Hylia.  Bring the Frog to the old man in the Laboratory and he'll make
THE WORLD'S GREATEST EYE DROPS for you.  This will go bad soon as well.  So
ride like the wind over to Kakariko Village using your horse.  Once you're at
Death Mountain Trail, use the Magic Plant as a shortcut.  If you reach the
place in time, the Biggoron will give you the CLAIM CHECK.  After waiting three
days, show him the Claim Check and he'll give you the BIGGORON'S SWORD.

Congrats!  You got the most powerful sword in the game!  However, this is so
heavy that Link has to carry it with both hands, so you can't shield with it.
(Notice that you can play the Sun's Song so those three days will pass by 
quickly.) Now get back to Hyrule Field.  Go over to the area where trees are
surrounded by a river.  Plant a bomb at the lone tree to open a Secret Cave.
Head inside, and put on the Iron Boots to sink to the bottom.  You'll find a
Piece of Heart! (HEART PIECES: 33 out of 36) Warp to Lake Hylia with the
Serenade of Water.  Head back inside the Lakeside Laboratory, and sink to the
bottom of the pool with the Iron Boots.  Roll into the crate to reveal a Gold
Skulltula.  You can't use a sword underwater, so Hookshot it. (GOLD SKULLTULAS:
077 out of 100) Now, using the Iron Boots, sink down to the bottom of the water
in Lake Hylia.  Hookshot the blue crystal above the gate to raise it, and


Swords: Kokiri Sword, Master Sword, Biggoron's Sword
Shields: Deku Shield, Hylian Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic, Goron Tunic, Zora Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots, Iron Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 50), Quiver (Holds 40), Bomb Bag (Holds 40), Goron's 
Bracelet, Golden Scale, Stone of Agony

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks
Deku Nuts
Fairy Bow
Din's Fire
Farore's Wind
Fairy Slingshot
Ocarina of Time
Lens of Truth
Magic Beans (1)
Megaton Hammer

Zelda's Lullaby
Epona's Song
Saria's Song
Sun's Song
Song of Time
Song of Storms
Minuet of Forest
Bolero of Fire
Serenade of Water
Prelude of Light

Claim Check
Mask of Truth


Gold Skulltulas: 77
Heart Pieces: 33 (1)
Upgrades: 9 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 30, Deku Nuts: 40, Bombs: 40,
Arrows: 40)
Boss Heart Containers: 5

Advanced Spin Slash (Hold B until the sword is yellow, then release)
Din's Fire (C Item)
Farore's Wind (C Item)
Magic Meter Upgrade (Double the magic!)

Total Health: 16 Hearts