The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Sworn Brothers Reunite! [Wlk14]

This section covers the Fire Temple, along with other smaller things.

Alright.  First order of business at the village is to visit the Archery Game.
Remember the building that was under construction as Young Link?  It's now
finished, and the proprietor who ran the Shooting Gallery in Hyrule Market now
runs the Archery Game building here.  Enter, and pay 20 Rupees to play.  Now
this is basically the same, except the Rupees to shoot show up in random
positions.  This makes it slightly harder, but if you have keen eyesight and
control skills, you should still make it.  Next, head to Goron City.  We're
looking for a small Goron rolling around.  Once you find him, plant a bomb so
that it'll explode as he's running over it.  This is harder because he rolls
much faster than the "Hot Rodder Goron."  Once successful, he'll tell you of
his dad.  Ask him about this "dragon" and the plight of the Gorons.  After you
do that, he gives you the GORON TUNIC, a special heat-resistant tunic that'll 
protect Link against extreme heat.  You got this free, as opposed to the highly 
expensive one in the Goron City Shop.

You'll notice that all the doors have opened.  Head into Darunia's room.
You'll see a rock here. Pull it out and enter through the opening to enter 
Death Mountain Crater.  (Don't forget to wear your Goron Tunic!)  Once here,
use the Hookshot to get across the fallen bridge.  You should encounter Shiek.
He'll now teach you the BOLERO OF FIRE, a warp to here.  Now let's get a few
things before we enter the temple.  Warp to the Temple of Time, and return to
the past.  Use the Bolero of Fire to warp back to the Death Mountain Crater.
Now since the tunics you get are Adult-sized, Young Link can't wear them, so
be quick.

First, drop a Bottle of Bugs onto the soft dirt patch here to release a Gold
Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 065 out of 100) Plant a Magic Bean at the same
spot, then warp back to the Temple of Time.  Return here as Adult Link (using
the warp) and ride the Magic Plant to a rock with a Piece of Heart on it.
(HEART PIECES: 30 out of 36)  Now enter the temple.

Welcome to the blazing hot Fire Temple!

Pick off the Fire Keese if you want, and climb up the stairs.  Head through the
left door (the other's locked) and you'll meet Darunia.  He tells you that
Ganondorf locked up the Gorons and revived Volvagia, the ancient dragon who was
defeated long ago by a heroic Goron.  Ganondorf is also going to feed the
Gorons to the dragon, so you must rescue all the Gorons.  Finally, the dragon's
weakness is a legendary hammer made by the Gorons.  He'll ask you to rescue the
Gorons while he tries his best to seal away Volvagia.  He doesn't have the
legendary hammer though, so you must find it.  First, you must rescue a Goron
in this room.  Jump on the pillars to your left, and step on the switch to
release a Goron.  Talk to him and he'll leave.  Open the chest for a SMALL KEY.
Now exit and open the locked door.

In this large room, we have another Goron to rescue, but first, head towards
the left door.  Before entering, play the Song of Time outside the hall to move
a blue block.  Climb up it and go through the door.  In this room, stand
against a corner with your back facing it, and shield until all the flying
floor tiles are gone. (They disintegrate when they hit your shield.)  Now, get
rid of the Like Like from a distance.  (It'll take your shield and Goron Tunic
if you don't!)  Once it's gone, get the Gold Skulltula and return to the large
room. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 066 out of 100) Head clear over to the other side, bomb
the peculiar-looking wall, and head through the door. (You can safely walk on 
lava for a few seconds with the Goron Tunic on, so don't panic if you fall in.)

Inside, step on the switch to release the Goron.  Grab the SMALL KEY from the
chest behind him once he leaves, then return once again to the large room.
Return to where the blue block is, move it again with the Song of Time, and
head through the door.  Step on the switch to release this Goron, and grab the
SMALL KEY from the chest behind him.  Head back to the large room, and use one
of your keys to unlock the locked door here.  In this next room, slide down the
plank, and position yourself at the corners so you can pick off the Keese on
the grates.  Climb up one of the walls to the top, and carefully make your way
to the floor grating that's closer to the block with a face.  Drop down to
where it is, and push the block until it falls.  Drop down onto it, and wait
for "old faithful" of the fire to erupt, and it'll launch you to a "hidden"
room.  Use your other key to open the door.  You'll see another caged Goron.
First, climb up on the elevated pieces of floor at the left, and take care of
the Torch Slugs.  Get up to the top, jump across, and push/pull the block until
you can't.  Use the block to jump to the grating, and climb to the lower ledge.
From there, drop a bomb on it, and quickly head to the top.  When the bomb
explodes, climb up and you'll have plenty of time to reach the top.  Head
through the door.

In this next room, look around on the left side of this room and you'll find an
enclosed area.  Bomb the wall to find a Gold Skulltula.  You should hear it.
(GOLD SKULLTULAS: 067 out of 100)  Go a little more around the perimeter (being
careful of the boulders) to see another enclosed area with a door this time.
Head into the door, and free the Goron.  Get the SMALL KEY behind him as usual.
Return to the previous room.  Now, head to the complete opposite side of this
room.  You'll see another Goron cell.  Free him and grab the SMALL KEY behind
him.  Now, a little right from here is a locked door.  Find it and open it. (It
should be the only locked door.)

One word of thumb here: DO NOT FALL.  If you do, you'll return to the first
large room and have to go through the painstaking process of returning here.
Grab the Recovery Hearts if you need them, and shoot the silver eye switch with
your Bow.  Head through the door that was opened, and open the large chest for
the DUNGEON MAP.  Finally!  Now head back and open the locked door with your
last key.  Cross the narrow bridge, drop to the grated floor, and MOVE.
There's a wall of fire behind you.  Just move to the very end, and head through
the door.  You're now at the upper part of the maze room with boulders.  First,
turn right and play your Scarecrow's Song, and Pierre should appear.  Hookshot
up to him, then Hookshot again to the platform.  Let it carry you up, and head
through the door.  Go around, climb up the grate, kill the Gold Skulltula,
(GOLD SKULLTULAS: 068 out of 100), climb up another grate, and head through
the door.  Welcome to the fifth floor.  Do me a favor and don't fall.  If you
look at the wall facing the "abyss", you'll see a Gold Skulltula.  Find a good
position and Hookshot it. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 069 out of 100) Now, step on the
switch, and it'll lower some fire around a chest for a limited time.  Climb up
a bit, and use the Hookshot to get past the steeper part of the slope. (which
Link can't climb) Now quickly roll to the top and open the chest for a HUGE
RUPEE.  Now head back to the upper part of the maze room.

Jump across, eliminate the Torch Slug, and bomb the obvious-looking floor here.
Drop down (though I prefer to climb down), head to the end, and free the Goron
we saw before.  Talk to him to make him leave, and grab the SMALL KEY from the
chest.  Head back up to the maze room the same way you left.  Now you see the
switch?  Get to it by jumping on the corner ledge first.  This switch will open
another Goron cell.  Head to where the game points you to, talk to the Goron,
and grab the SMALL KEY.  Now, drop down, and head back to the room with the
wall of fire that chased you.  (You remember how to get there, right?) From
here, get to the locked door. (using the ledge on the far edge of the door's
platform) Head through the hall, and open the door.

Now there's a lot of stuff to do in this room, including fighting a mini-boss.
First, head right, stay towards the right, and enter the door you see there.
(This is a maze of fire, so be careful.)  Inside the door, open the large
chest for the COMPASS. Yay!  Return.  Now that you have the Compass, head to
the southwestern part of this room. (Something of interest: As Navi says, look
past the grated floor and you'll see the room in which we met Darunia.  Down
there, the Goron you freed said that the pillar in there needs to be collapsed
so that you can reach the boss room.  Well, this room is where the pillar is
hanging from.  We just need to get something to pound it down.) Get to the
locked door and open it.  Ignore the Goron cell for now, and head to the other
side.  You see the switch and the large wall of fire?  The switch lowers the
wall of fire briefly, so get to the switch, activate it, then find your way
past the lowered wall of fire.  Get some stuff from the pots if you need it,
and bomb the door.  Yes, I said bomb it.  It's a fake one that'll smash down on
you if you try to open it.  Head through the REAL door behind it and you'll

First, this enemy will jump out of the central pillar of fire and start
throwing fire projectiles at you.  In order to be able to hit this dude, you
have to Hookshot him right out of its flaming clothes.  Once it's out, start
punishing it with sword slashes.  It'll try to run away from you, but don't
chase it.  Just charge up your Advanced Spin Slash and release when it gets
near you.  (It turns around when it sees you, so be quick.)  Keep doing this
until it's dead.
When the Flare Dancer is dead, the pillar of fire it came out of will lower.
Hop onto the platform it was on, and it'll carry you up to a room.  Head
through the door.  In here, climb up the grating, drop a bomb onto the crystal,
and when it explodes, climb up some more grating while the fire is lowered.
Enter the door.  Now, ignore the large switch here, and instead climb up to
where the smaller one is.  Pick off the Fire Keese, and step on the switch.
Fire surrounding a chest will lower.  Quickly get there using the stairs. (the
stairs are more dangerous, but it saves time) Open the large chest for the...
finally...MEGATON HAMMER, the ancient hammer used to silence Volvagia from so
long ago.  Now that we have that, we just need to Boss Key.  Equip the hammer,
since we'll be using it a lot.  Head back to the large panel and smash it down.
It'll fall, so follow it down.  In here, smash away the pillar and it'll
magically disappear.  Head through the door and pick off the Fire Keese with
the Bow.  Now, face the pillar jutting out, and smash its end with the hammer
to reveal a large staircase.  Before going down, take a small box with you, and
set it on the switch down there.  This'll keep the bars on the door up.  Head
through the sliding door to end up back in the complicated room with fire walls
as a maze.

Pound the panel to make it drop, and follow it down.  Get up to the door, which
is the entrance to what seems like a building.  The switch is rusted, so pound
it with the hammer to open the door.  Head inside.  Face the blue block and
play the Song of Time to move it.  Jump across to the other side and pound the
rusted switch to free the Goron below.  Drop down, talk to him, and open the
chest for a SMALL KEY.  ...And just when you thought you would get the Boss
Key out of doing this.  Oh well.

But wait!  Look at your map.  There's still some unexplored territory in the
first floor.  Let's head back down there.  To get back there, climb the blue
block, and go through the door.  Jump across, and pound the pillar to make it
fall.  Now you can use it to cross to the boss room!  Follow it down, and land
(without getting injured...???) and head to the entrance room.  Go down the
stairs, and pound away the pillar here.  Use the final Small Key of the temple
to unlock this door.  In here, you must get rid of ALL the enemies.  Once you
do, the next door will be unlocked.  In here, shield against the flying floor
tiles, and kill the Like Like from a distance.  Get the Gold Skulltula here,
then continue to the next room. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 070 out of 100) You'll
encounter another Flare Dancer.  Defeat it the same way as before, and open the
small chest for some BOMBS.  Head into the next room, pound the rusty switch to
release the Goron, and open the chest for the BOSS KEY.  Head through the door,
and get back to the room where you met Darunia.  Cross the lava pit, and open
the door with your newly acquired key.
BOSS: Volvagia, Subterranean Lava Dragon

This dragon looks more like a flying snake that breathes fire, but anyway...
Wait for Volvagia to reveal its head, and when it does, it will throw its fiery
hair to try to attack you.  (It swings it like a girl...Is it a she?) Stay away
from her(?) hair attack, and go up to her and pound her head down with the
Hammer.  Keep hitting her with the hammer until she retreats.  The next time
she reveals herself, she'll fly out and start attacking you.  Avoid her until
she gets back underground.  She'll then reveal her head again.  Repeat this
process until she's dead.  As you damage her, she'll try to trick you by having
fire come up where she should appear, but then she appears in another hole.  Be

SPEEDY STRATEGY: When she starts flying around, drop down the sides slowly and 
you'll grab onto the sides as if its a grate or vine, or something.  Doing this 
will make her lose her interest in attacking you and will go back underground 
Wait until Volvagia's head disintegrates so you can pick up the HEART CONTAINER
then exit using the light.  Darunia will show up in the Chamber of Sages with
you and reveal to you that he's the Sage of Fire.  In exchange for helping the
Gorons, he'll give you the FIRE MEDALLION.  Before that, you'll see a cinema
showing the clouds above Kakariko Village and Death Mountain being lifted.


Swords: Kokiri Sword, Master Sword
Shields: Deku Shield, Hylian Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic, Goron Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 50), Quiver (Holds 40), Bomb Bag (Holds 40), Goron's 
Bracelet, Golden Scale, Stone of Agony

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks
Deku Nuts
Fairy Bow
Din's Fire
Farore's Wind
Fairy Slingshot
Ocarina of Time
Lens of Truth
Magic Beans (1)
Megaton Hammer

Zelda's Lullaby
Epona's Song
Saria's Song
Sun's Song
Song of Time
Song of Storms
Minuet of Forest
Bolero of Fire
Prelude of Light

Broken Goron's Sword
Mask of Truth


Gold Skulltulas: 70
Heart Pieces: 30 (2)
Upgrades: 9 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 30, Deku Nuts: 40, Bombs: 40,
Arrows: 40)
Boss Heart Containers: 5

Advanced Spin Slash (Hold B until the sword is yellow, then release)
Din's Fire (C Item)
Farore's Wind (C Item)

Total Health: 15 Hearts