The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Bottom of the Well and Collection Quest [Wlk13]

After all this hoopla ("HOOPLA!") over with, you can exit Kokiri Forest 
back to Hyrule Field.  However, there's an interesting thing to see. I don't 
know if it's a glitch or not, but where the Deku Sprout is, stand behind it and 
look up to where the light is shining.  The light is in the shape of the 
Triforce!  Like I said, I don't know if it's a glitch, or if it was intended, 
but in any case, head clear over to the Temple of Time.  As a side note, you
may have noticed that the Quiver seems to have replaced the Bullet Bag in the
Equipment Screen.  Don't worry, it reappears there when you're Young Link. (Why
they couldn't have had an extra spot for the Quiver, I don't know.)

You'll meet Shiek here again.  He'll tell you that whenever you want to return 
to the past, simply place the Master Sword back on its pedestal.  Also with 
this info, he'll teach you the PRELUDE OF LIGHT, a song which warps you to the 
Temple of Time.  Very useful, indeed.  Anyway, time to do what Shiek said 
earlier.  Head back to the past.  Simply stand in front of the pedestal and 
press the almighty A button to place the sword.  Now as Young Link again, we 
have quite a few things to do, including traversing a mini-dungeon.  First, 
head to the Castle Grounds.  Use the same tactic you used before to get past 
the guards, then get to the moat.  Surface, then play the Song of Storms near 
the tree to open a hole.  Drop in.  Inside, blow open the walls until you find 
a Gold Skulltula.  Remember that you can't use the Hookshot as Young Link, so 
use your Bommerang. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 060 out of 100) We now have more than 
half of the Gold Skulltulas in the game!  40 more to go!  Notice that there are 
no more prizes in the Skulltula House until you get all of them, so don't 
bother going back.  Now, head to Kakariko Village and enter the windmill.

Once inside, play the Song of Storms to make the windmill mechanism go out of
control, and thus draining the well.  Head down the now-drained well and enter.
You're now at the creepy, blood-drenched, Bottom of the Well mini-dungeon. 
We're here to get a special item needed to clear the game, along with a few 
optional stuff.  Head through the crawlspace, climb down the ladder, and kill 
the Skulltula.  Navi will fly over to the skeleton against the wall.  Press the 
Up C Button after Z-Targeting it, and Navi will tell you that spirits are 
whispering a message that you must find the eye of truth.  Well, this seems to 
be a dead-end.  Wrong.  Head right through the wall where the skeleton is to 
walk through it.  You're now at the main room.  First of all, let's find the 
Map and Compass here.  Head down the left fork where the water is.  Turn the 
corner, and hug the right wall while going forward and you'll go through 
another fake section of wall.  Open the large chest there to get the COMPASS. 
That was easy, and now you see an abundance of treasure chests if you have the 
mini-map function on. (Use L to turn it off and on.) Head back to the hall, get 
to the very end (watch for the giant Green Bubbles) and head left to fall down 
a hole.  Cut the tall grass if you want, and bomb the boulders to reach the 
central part of this large room.  Kill the Redead, collect the Silver Rupees 
here, being careful not to stay in the green liquid.  Bomb the boulders past 
the hall showcased with lit torches.  Kill the Redead walking around here, and 
open the large treasure chest to get the DUNGEON MAP.  Alright, now that we've 
got those, let's get the item we came for.

Head up the ladder in this room and collect the last Silver Rupees here to 
unlock the door.  Head inside.  Here's another room that seems like a dead-end. 
The left wall is fake.  Walk through it, then make another left, all the way to 
the end.  Turn right until you find a Triforce symbol on the ground.  Stand on 
it and play Zelda's Lullaby to lower the water level.  Head back to the section 
of the room where you first entered, and the pool of water will be drained. 
Head down, open the small chest for some BOMBS, and head through the 
crawlspace, kill the Skulltula, climb the wall and enter the door to face a 
sub-boss.  Get yourself caught in one of the hands and the boss will come out. 
Yeeesh...This is the stuff made of nightmares.  Quickly get yourself free from 
the hand and prepare to fight.  It'll slowly crawl toward you, and when it gets 
near, it will slowly lower its head, ready to attack.  You have to slash its 
head when it's reachable.  Keep doing this and it will lower again.  Get caught 
in a hand again to lure it back up, and repeat this process until it's dead, 
and a large chest will appear.  Open it to get the LENS OF TRUTH.  This will 
allow you to see things that are invisible, plus let you see through fake 
walls.  Use this to reveal a small chest behind the large one.  This contains a 
HUGE RUPEE.  Whoopee, more money.  Now head back to main room.

Now we're going to open the rest of the treasure chests and get a few Gold
Skulltulas that are here.  First, to get the treasure chests on the second 
basement floor.  Facing forward from the first fake wall, bomb the brown pile 
of dirt to the left to reveal a hole.  Fall down it and open the small chest 
for some BOMBCHUS.  Climb back up.  Head down the west hallway, and head 
through the first left.  Drop down and open the small chest for a RECOVERY 
HEART.  Climb up the wall and head through the door to enter a new room.  Here, 
make sure you don't have your Deku Shield equipped, as we're dealing with some 
fire here.  First, kill the Gibdo, it's a Redead wrapped in cloth, but it's a 
bit stronger.  Alright, now use a Deku Stick (haven't used one of those in a 
while, eh?) to light all the unlit torches.  Each torch opens the coffin next 
to it, so make sure to put away the stick after lighting each torch so you 
don't waste one.  Pretty much all the coffins have enemies inside, but one of 
them has a SMALL KEY.  Grab it then exit, heading back to the main room.
Again, face the direction as if you just came through the first fake wall, and 
put the Lens of Truth on.  You'll see a large open entrance where a wall was, 
but don't go there yet.  Look left and you'll see a smaller opening in the west 
hall.  Head inside and open the small chest for another SMALL KEY.  Now head 
through the large opening you saw.

There's a few chests to open here.  Make sure you have the Lens of Truth on all
the time while in here, as there are hidden pits scattered here that'll drop 
you to the lowest floor.  There's also a Wallmaster.  Let it fall, and kill it 
so it won't bother you.  Head into the right cell, kill the Skulltula, and open 
the small chest for some DEKU NUTS.  Head east through the fake wall, turn 
right, and use the Lens of Truth to see another fake wall with a treasure chest 
inside.  Open it to get another SMALL KEY.  That should be the last key here. 
Head back into the cell room, and unlock the east door.  Kill the bats, use the 
Lens of Truth to uncover a hidden path.  Use it to cross the hole, and kill the 
Gold Skulltula at the end. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 061 out of 100) Head back into the 
cell room, and unlock the west door this time.  Another Gold Skulltula is here. 
Kill the Deku Baba first, and be careful of the pots.  They're possessed and 
will fly towards you. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 062 out of 100) Head back to the main 

Head down the right hall all the way to the end, and go through the crawlspace.
Unlock the door and head through.  Now there's a few enemies here.  First pick
off the Fire Keese with any projectile weapon, then kill the Beamos with either 
a Bomb or Bombchu.  Now traverse the room with the Lens of Truth on.  There's
large hidden holes in this room, which is why you need the Lens on.  The small
chest at the other side contains a Blue Rupee. (It has a Deku Shield if you
lost yours.)  Get that if you wish, and head through the door.  Kill the Like 
Like quickly before it swallows you.  If it does, it may likely take your 
Hylian Shield.  If it does, quickly kill it so you can get it back.  Open the 
chest for another Blue Rupee, and kill the last Gold Skulltula in this area. 
(GOLD SKULLTULAS: 063 out of 100) Now, head through the west hall, and look 
left at the end.  Use the Lens of Truth so you won't fall down the hole, and 
bomb the brown pile of dirt to uncover the last small chest.  Open it to get 
some DEKU NUTS.  Now you can completely exit this place.  If you lost the Deku 
Shield, head back to Kokiri Forest and buy another one.  Head to Goron City, 
we're just doing something small.  Head right once you enter, and go down the 
hall there.  You'll find a lava room.  Stand on the edge and play the Song of 
Time to get rid of the block in front of you.  Now exit the city.  That was 
short, eh?  Well, it had to be done while you are Young Link so....

Head to Zora's River.  We're getting back to those music-loving frogs.  Once 
you are on the log's end and have the Ocarina out, play the Song of Storms.  
They will be so pleased with the song that they will give you a Piece of Heart 
for your trouble.  Wow! (HEART PIECES: 27 out of 36) Now pull out the Ocarina 
again.  The frogs will ask you to play notes for them in order to catch flies. 
They'll tell you which notes make one of the frogs jump to reach the flies.
The good thing about this minigame is that the order of notes is ALWAYS the 
same, so follow the buttons down below for the notes, as you have a split 
second to play each note.

A, left C, right C, down C, left C, right C, down C, A, down C, A, down C,
right C, left C, A

Follow these very quickly and the frogs will be so pleased that they're full, 
so they give you yet another Piece of Heart. (HEART PIECES: 28 out of 36) 
Goody, another heart is assembled!  Head to Zora's Domain.  You see the Zora on 
the rock near the entrance?  Stand on the rock he's on and play the Song of 
Storms to open a Secret Cave.  Here's a Fairy Fountain.  If you are low on 
fairies, get some in those bottles!  You're gonna need them.  Now, head to 
Hyrule Market, then play the Sun's Song to turn it into night.  In the Market, 
head inside the large house with lights on.  This is the Treasure Box Game 
Shop.  Pay 10 Rupees to play, and head through the door.  Now, your job is to 
find the small key that's in one of the two chests and use the key to continue. 
To make this easy, and possible, use the Lens of Truth to find the key.  You 
aren't penalized for using it.  Do this until you reach the end.  Open the 
chest for a Piece of Heart. (HEART PIECES: 29 out of 36) Now, time to return to 
the future.  Once you do, head to where Hyrule Castle is supposed to be.

Woah.  The castle has drastically changed.  In fact, it's now Ganon's Castle. 
Of course, it was always this way in the future, but I digress.  We're here to 
get something.  Head to the ruined outer gate, and look around one of the sides 
of it to find a Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 064 out of 100) Head back to 
Hyrule Field.  Using your horse, head to Gerudo Valley again, and jump across 
the broken bridge again.  Give the Poacher's Saw that you should have and he'll 
give you a BROKEN GORON'S SWORD, which as you can tell is absolutely useless as 
of now.  Before leaving, play the Song of Storms behind the guy's tent to open 
a Secret Cave.  Remember what the Secret Cave at the beginning of Zora's River 
had?  Well, this is exactly the same. (Two Business Scrubs selling potions at 
an equal price.) Now let's get the final bottle in the game.  Head back to
Hyrule Castle, and enter where the guardshack is supposed to be.  This creepy 
guy inside buys Poe souls.  He gives you a card (which isn't an item, oddly)
and for every Big Poe soul you sell him, he'll give you 100 points on your
card.  When you get 1000 points, (and there are 10 Big lucky) he
gives you an Empty Bottle as a prize.  Alright, empty all of your bottles, and
head back to Hyrule Field.  For all Big Poes, you must be on Epona, and thus 
you have to use the Fairy Bow to kill them.  To collect the Big Poe soul, get 
off Epona and walk toward the soul.  The game will ask you if you want to keep 
it in one of your Empty Bottles.  Say yes and you'll have gotten the soul.
Remember that you only have three bottles, so once you get three, go to the Poe
shop and drop off those souls.  Here's a list of Big Poe souls.

#1: Get on Epona, and go forward a bit.  A Big Poe should appear in front of

#2 and #3: See the Y-shaped path on the mini-map?  There are two Big Poes
hiding at the point where the two upper paths join.  If you can't find the
second one, try looking around the nearby stone walls.

#4: Head to the mini-forest here, and you'll encounter this one in the middle
of the trees.

#5: There's another right after the bottom leg of the Y-shaped path ends.  If
it doesn't appear, run through the patch of grass nearby, and it should appear

#6 and #7: There are two Big Poes hiding at the path leading to Gerudo Valley.
They're basically one right after the other.  One's at the fork, and the other
is by the tree at the end of the path.

#8: Up ahead is a grove of trees surrounded by a river.  On the west side of
the river is where this Big Poe rests.

#9: On the north side of Lon Lon Ranch is a tree.  This Big Poe is hiding right
by it.

#10: This is the final one that I list for a good reason.  It's the hardest to
catch.  After going over the tiny bridge leading to Kakariko, head toward the
lone tree on the right, close to the river.  This Big Poe should appear, but
you have limited space to chase him with, and he disappears if he gets too far
away.  Just have a bit of quickness (and maybe some luck) to catch this one.

Like I said before, after catching all the Big Poes and selling them, you get
an Empty Bottle, the final one of the game.  Now if you want, you can fill up
your Bottles with the stuff you had previously.  (I had a Bottle of Bugs, a
Bottled Fairy, and Lon Lon Milk.)  Now, head to Kakariko Village.  We're
finally getting to the next temple.


Swords: Kokiri Sword, Master Sword
Shields: Deku Shield, Hylian Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 50), Quiver (Holds 30), Bomb Bag (Holds 40), Goron's 
Bracelet, Golden Scale, Stone of Agony

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks
Deku Nuts
Fairy Bow
Din's Fire
Farore's Wind
Fairy Slingshot
Ocarina of Time
Lens of Truth
Magic Beans (2)

Zelda's Lullaby
Epona's Song
Saria's Song
Sun's Song
Song of Time
Song of Storms
Minuet of Forest
Prelude of Light

Broken Goron's Sword
Mask of Truth


Gold Skulltulas: 64 (the magical number...:D )
Heart Pieces: 29 (1)
Upgrades: 8 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 30, Deku Nuts: 40, Bombs: 40)
Boss Heart Containers: 4

Advanced Spin Slash (Hold B until the sword is yellow, then release)
Din's Fire (C Item)
Farore's Wind (C Item)

Total Health: 14 Hearts