The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Saria's Secret [Wlk12]

This section will include the Forest Temple; the first dungeon as Adult Link,
along with a few other things.

OK, you'll notice that enemies have swarmed this place.  Big Deku Babas, Evil 
Deku Scrubs, and Octoroks, oh my!  Anyway, kill them, and head to where the 
House of Twins is at, and you'll notice a Gold Skulltula on the back of the 
house.  You know what to do. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 052 out of 100) You'll notice 
that the grown Magic Bean plant by the Shop will carry you across the whole 
village, and finally drop you off at a ledge containing a few green Rupees and 
a Red Rupee, if you need money.  Now, head toward the entrance of Lost Woods. 
Before entering, play the Song of Storms near the Gossip Stone up here to 
reveal a Secret Cave.  This contains a treasure chest with a Red Rupee inside, 
if you're bothered enough to get it.  Now enter the Lost Woods.  You know 
Cojiro?  Well, he's part of a side quest to get an extra (and more powerful) 
sword.  We're going to expand on the side quest.  Head left to find a bum who 
thinks everyone but him is disgusting.  Well, wake him up with Cojiro, his 
chicken.  So that's where Cojiro's owner went!  He'll give you an Odd Mushroom 
in return.  This item will spoil in 3 minutes, and you're supposed to give him 
a potion made with this.  Oh well, I guess we'll give this bum what he wants.

Head left from here and you'll find the bridge connecting Kokiri Forest and 
Hyrule Field.  If you planted a Magic Bean here like I told you to, you can use 
the plant to carry you to the bridge to save time.  Get to Hyrule Field and use 
your horse to get to Kakariko Village.  From there, head close to Death 
Mountain Trail's entrance, and enter the house to the right.  From this shop, 
head through the back door, then enter the red house to find a hidden witch's 
Potion Shop.  Give her the Odd Mushroom (if it hasn't spoiled) and she'll make 
an Odd Potion with it.  This won't spoil, so you can take your time heading 

Head all the way back to where the bum was in Lost Woods, and you'll see a 
Kokiri girl in his place.  She says anyone who isn't accompanied by a fairy 
will turn into a Stalfos pretty much the moment he enters the Lost Woods.  He 
left so he wouldn't turn into one, but he left his SAW behind.  In return for 
giving the girl the potion, she'll give you the saw he left behind.  Now, head 
back to the entrance to Lost Woods, then head right, left, right, and you'll 
find Mido blocking the correct entrance here.  Play Saria's Song for him and 
he'll let you through. (He doesn't recognize you.) You may have noticed that 
the inhabitants here are still children even after seven years.  That's because 
Kokiri never age.  Well, there goes the idea of getting together with Saria....

Anyway, after going through the entrance Mido was blocking, head left once more
to get back to the grassy area.  Making sure it's night, ride the Magic Bean 
plant and it'll take you to a Golden Skulltula.  It's just reachable for a 
sword slash. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 053 out of 100) After getting this, exit this 
little area, then head left, left, and right to reach the Sacred Forest Meadow. 
First, place a bomb somewhere around here to open a Secret Cave which contains 
two Wolfos.  Kill them both to reveal a small chest containing a Purple Rupee. 
Now the maze is harder to traverse.  Large Moblins are now invading this place. 
What you have to do is be in their sight so that they'll charge, and you have 
to sneak up behind them.  Once you are behind them, slash them to kill them.  
Once you get past here, climb the ladder at the end to get on top of the 
hedges.  Look around on one of the walls to find another Gold Skulltula. (GOLD 
SKULLTULAS: 054 out of 100) Next, continue toward where you last saw Saria.  
You'll encounter a much larger version of the Moblins you faced.  With this 
one, it has a club, and wherever you are, it'll smash its club, creating a wave 
that'll move toward you.  You have to keep dodging these until you reach him, 
then slash him to damage him.  After that, you'll have to do it over again.  Do 
it twice more after the first time to kill him, then continue to the Forest 
Temple's entrance.

You'll encounter Shiek.  He'll tell you about a few things, then teach you the
MINUET OF FOREST, which will warp you here whenever you play it.  Once you've
learned it, Shiek will disappear.  Now, to enter the temple, Hookshot onto the 
tree to climb up to the entrance.

Welcome to the mysterious Forest Temple!

Walk a few steps forward and two Wolfos will pop out.  Been a while since you 
fought these, eh?  Well, they're still easy.  Use the tactic in the Enemy list 
section to defeat them, then find some vines on a wall.  Climb up them, and 
you'll find a small chest on the tree on the other side.  Jump over to it and 
open the chest to get a SMALL KEY.  This is an item you'll find frequently in 
Adult Link's temples and dungeons.  Around the vines you climbed is a Gold 
Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 055 out of 100) Now head forward.  Kill the 
Skulltula in the way in this hall, and get through the next door.  You'll find 
an elevator leading to the boss room in the center.  Easy eh?  Not quite.  Four 
Poes will appear and lower the elevator, then they'll scatter throughout the 
temple.  Great.  Guess we have to find those poltergeists.  First, head 
straight across to the door on the opposite side.  Before entering, take a look 
over at the right wall.  You'll see another Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 
056 out of 100) Now enter the door.

As soon as you enter, shield, as a Blue Bubble (a flaming skull) will try to 
hit you.  If you shield successfully, its flames will go out and all you have 
to do is slash it until it's dead.  Continue onward and you'll encounter two 
Stalfos, like the young Kokiri girl mentioned.  These are tough enemies. 
They're fast skeletons, and they always shield.  They only draw back their 
shields during attacking.  What you have to do is jump strike them when they 
don't have their shield out.  It's hard, and I would advise that if you are low 
on health, heal with a potion or something beforehand.  If you manage to defeat 
them both, a chest containing another SMALL KEY will appear.  Grab it, then 
head back to the main room. (One of the pots has a fairy.  It might be smart to 
capture one in one of your bottles.)

Head to the right hallway, and while standing in front of the block there, play
the Song of Time to make it disappear.  Head through the door. We're now in a 
grassy area with a river.  There's a lot to do here, but first things first, 
let's get the map for this dungeon.  Head right from the entrance to find some 
vines.  Kill the first two Skulltulas, then climb up the vines on the far right 
side to avoid the third.  Get up to the door and enter.  Inside, another Blue 
Bubble will immediately attack.  Kill it and the doors will open back up and a 
large chest will appear.  Open it to get, you guessed it, the DUNGEON MAP.
Head to the door you haven't gone through. Kill the plant up here, then 
Hookshot to the emblem on the wall to drop to another balcony.  Step on the red 
switch to lower the water level of the river.  Drop down to the bottom.  You'll 
notice that the well is now completely drained.  Drop down it and follow the 
hall to a small chest with a SMALL KEY. (Oh my God...the walls are drenched in 
blood....) Exit this well the same way you came in. (The vines just take you to 
the first grassy room, and we aren't going back there yet.)

OK, in this room you may notice a small chest on a ledge.  Hookshot to its 
backside (the side facing the wall) and you'll successfully climb up there.
Any other side won't get you quite up there, because of how the ledge's walls 
are.  Inside this chest is a RECOVERY HEART, but the real reason why we're up 
here is for a Gold Skulltula.  It's on one of the walls up here. (GOLD z
SKULLTULAS: 057 out of 100) Now head back to the main room. (That one with the 
elevator.) On the west side of the room is a locked door.  You have quite 
enough Small Keys as it is, so use one to unlock it and go through.  Kill the 
Skulltula in the hall, and enter the next door.  You're now in a semi-confusing 
room.  First kill the Blue Bubble.  Then climb up the ladder you see and 
continue.  Shortly thereafter, Navi will interrupt you.  After she's done, look 
left and you'll see a block.  Grab this and pull it to where you were, then 
follow the arrow on the ground and push the block that way until it reaches a 
wall.  Now head back to the hallway where the block was...blocking...and 
continue up here and push the block until it falls into a little crevice.

Head back to where the block was, and climb up the ladder hidden between walls 
on the left.  Make a right, then the first right to see a red block.  Push it 
until it won't budge, then head back to the first block.  Climb up it (push 
forward and press A) and continue up to where the red block is, now fully 
adjacent to the hallway.  Push it until it falls into a crevice, then climb up 
it.  Follow the path to the right and you'll reach a large room of this area 
with a couple of Blue Bubbles.  Kill them, then open the locked door with one 
of your small keys.  This hallway is weird... It's twisted, and you always stay 
on the floor.  Head through to the next door.  Heed Navi's advice here and keep 
moving (right) to the next locked door.  Open it with your last key.

In here, climb down all the staircases to the bottom.  Head through the door, 
and you'll encounter a Stalfos.  Now, this one is wierd.  There's a hole in the 
middle of the room, and only the Stalfos can walk over it, so try to avoid the 
hole.  Once you kill this one, a platform will fall, covering the hole, and 
you'll fight two more Stalfos. (ugh) The thing here is, these two depend on 
each other.  If you kill one, if you don't kill the other quickly, the first 
one will re-assemble, so be quick with these guys.  Killing them will finally 
make a large treasure chest appear. Open it to get the FAIRY BOW, which is a 
very useful projectile attack for Adult Link.  Head back through the door you 
went through (it's the one with a red carpet in front).  Now, you see the 
pictures with a Poe on it?  When you walk toward them, the picture of the Poe 
disappears.  What you have to do is be at a certain distance to keep the 
picture there, and fire an arrow with your new Bow at the picture.  Do this 
with all three pictures and the Poe sister from the pictures will appear and 
will wait at the bottom.  Z target her and wait for her to appear.  When she 
does, fire an arrow at her.  Keep doing this until she's dead.

A small chest will appear, and you'll get a SMALL KEY.  Head back into the 
Stalfos room, and head through the door with the blue carpet in front of it. 
Here's another staircase room with three pictures of a Poe sister.  Get rid of 
them all, then get rid of the actual Poe the same way you did the first one, 
and a large chest will appear.  Open it for the COMPASS for this dungeon.  Now 
get back past the twisted hall, then turn around and fire an arrow at the 
silver eye switch.  This will untwist the hallway.  Now, in this huge room, you 
might have seen a gold eye switch.  If you hit it with an arrow, a small chest 
containing a bundle of Arrows.  If you're bothered enough to get it, go ahead. 
Go back through the now-untwisted hallway, then fall down and open the colorful 
chest for the BOSS KEY, which lets you access the door leading to the boss 
room.  Now, fall down the hole.

Kill the Blue Bubbles to unlock the door, and go through it to find yourself at
a familiar area.  Kill the Big Deku Baba, then hop on the thin walkway with 
Recovery Hearts on it.  Get to the end, look up, and Hookshot the Gold 
Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 058 out of 100). Now head toward the door you see. 
Before entering it, head right to see another door.  Go through and you'll 
encounter a Wallmaster.  It's a giant hand that splits up into smaller hands 
when it gets hit.  Make sure to get rid of the smaller hands before they 
reassemble.  If you get rid of the Floormaster fully, a treasure chest will 
appear.  Open it to get a SMALL KEY, then head through the other door outside 
this room.  Again, you're at a familiar room.  Head all the way to the top, hit 
the eyeball switch to turn the twisted hall back, and head through it.  Head 
all the way back to the second staircase room (where you got the Compass) and 
head all the way to the top and unlock the door with a key.  Avoid the 
Wallmaster and climb up the south ladder and get through the opening.  There's 
Green Bubbles here.  In order to kill these, slash them when their fires 
subside.  Once they're gone, unlock the door with your last key.

In here, you have to hit an eyeball switch with an arrow, but it's covered in 
ice, and there's a torch in the middle of rotating platforms.  Get on one of 
the platforms, aim at the switch, and fire an arrow when you pass the torch. 
This will light the arrow on flames and will melt the ice AND hit the switch. 
This will twist the previous hallway, so head back through the hall, and drop 
down the hole at the room in the end.  You're now at a weird room with a black 
and white checkered floor and a falling ceiling.  To get past, you have to take 
refuge in gaps in the ceiling.  The problem is that Skulltulas are occupying 
the spaces.  When the ceiling is up, Hookshot the Skulltulas to kill them, then 
occupy their space.  Hit the switch when you can to unlock the door ahead, and 
continue to the treasure chest.  Open it to get a bundle of arrows, then head 
through the door to reach a room.  Fire an arrow at the picture in here to 
lower some colored blocks.  What you have to do here is assemble the blocks by 
pushing them.  You have to assemble the top side of the blocks so that they 
match the picture.  Once you do, the Poe in the picture will come out.  Kill 
her the same way as her other sisters to unlock the next door.  Head through to 
get back to the main room.

Here, you'll encounter the last Poe sister, but this one's a bit different.
The same Poe will make copies of herself and surround you.  They look virtually 
the same but the one way to tell the difference is that the real one spins 
around when she and her copies appear.  Once you've gotten rid of this last 
Poe, the elevator in the center will raise.  Head inside to enter the lowest 
floor of this temple. (Basement 2) This is a weird room.  You have to trip 
three switches, and in order to do so, you have to push the outward walls, 
which rotates the WHOLE room. A lso there's a Gold Skulltula hidden here. Make 
sure to get it before leaving this room. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 059 out of 100) It's 
in the treasure chest section of the room. (Easy to spot if you have the 
temple's Compass, which you should.) Once you trip all the switches, head 
through the north door and use the Boss Key to unlock it.  Head up the stairs, 
then head to the center.  Hmm...nothing happens.  Head back and...
BOSS: Phantom Ganon, Evil Spirit from Beyond

YIKES! It's a ghost version of Ganondorf, and he's on the black stallion.  This
creepy ghoul will enter one of the paintings.  Basically what you have to do, 
is aim your arrow at the Phantom when he escapes from the painting. (purple 
magic surrounds him when he's about to exit) The thing is, there's TWO of these 
phantoms.  The fake one turns around, so if you encounter that one, hurry up 
and find the real one and fire that arrow.  If you don't, you'll be struck with 
a lightning attack that takes away at least five hearts.  The best way actually 
is if you find the fake one, you more than likely won't have enough time to hit 
the real one, so get out of the way of the real one.  After a few shots, 
Phantom Ganon's stallion will disappear, and you're left to face him.  Z target 
him to make things easier, and wait for his magic attack.

Let's play a little tennis.  Use the Master Sword and swing it at the right 
time to reflect the magic spell back at Phantom Ganon.  He'll usually reflect 
it back, so continue this tennis game until it hits either one of you.  If it 
hits Phantom Ganon he'll go to the floor, stunned.  So go up to him and slash 
him.  It may take a few tries, but keep doing this until he's dead.

SPEEDY STRATEGY: After getting rid of its stallion, get really close to Phantom
Ganon, and time your slash right so that it's deflected as soon as it fires its
magic ball attack. Doing this won't give it enough time to react, and will
immediately get hit. Once it reaches the ground, shield stab the phantom until
it's dead.
When it is dead, a HEART CONTAINER (pick it up) and a light will appear.  After
grabbing the Container, step into the light and you'll be at the Chamber of 
Sages again.  Saria will appear, tell you that she's the Sage of the Forest 
Temple, and give you the Forest Medallion.  On top of that, she'll plant a Deku 
Tree seed where the old, dead Deku Tree is.  The Deku Tree sprout will then 
talk to you, explain who you are, (You're actually a Hylian, not a Kokiri) and 
will explain Link's past.


Swords: Kokiri Sword, Master Sword
Shields: Deku Shield, Hylian Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 50), Quiver (Holds 30), Bomb Bag (Holds 40), Goron's 
Bracelet, Golden Scale, Stone of Agony

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks
Deku Nuts
Fairy Bow
Din's Fire
Farore's Wind
Fairy Slingshot
Ocarina of Time
Magic Beans (2)

Zelda's Lullaby
Epona's Song
Saria's Song
Sun's Song
Song of Time
Song of Storms
Minuet of Forest

Poacher's Saw
Mask of Truth


Gold Skulltulas: 59
Heart Pieces: 26 (2)
Upgrades: 8 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 30, Deku Nuts: 40, Bombs: 40)
Boss Heart Containers: 4

Advanced Spin Slash (Hold B until the sword is yellow, then release)
Din's Fire (C Item)
Farore's Wind (C Item)

Total Health: 13 Hearts