The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

The Start of a New Adventure! [Wlk11]

Oh man, this place is horrible.  The whole town is destroyed, the sky is dark,
Death Mountain's clouds are red, and Redeads are scattered throughout town. 
Let's head out of here.  Once you arrive at Hyrule Field, you'll notice not 
much of the land-scape has changed, but it is littered with Big Poe ghosts. 
We'll have to ignore them for now.  Just head to Lon Lon Ranch.  You may have 
noticed that most of the items you collected as Young Link can't be used in 
your current form.  The only items Adult Link can use are the Deku Nuts, 
Ocarina of Time, Bombchus, and Bombs.  Of course, you can use Bottles and the 
magic powers with either Link.  Once you enter the ranch, you'll notice that 
Ingo, the worker in the ranch, has taken over with Ganondorf's help.  Don't be 
alarmed, though.  For 10 Rupees, he'll allow you to ride one of his horses. 
He'll also allow free advice for riding horses if you wish.  The controls are:

Control Stick: Move Epona
A Button while moving: Go faster (at the cost of a carrot)
A Button when idle: Get off
B Button: Use Bow (when available)

That's pretty much it.  Oh, when you're on Epona, 5 carrots will appear on
screen.  This determines how many times Epona can go faster before she is 
exhausted.  The carrots do replenish after time.  Also, in order to jump high 
fences, you must have accelerated a second before hitting it.  OK, once he lets 
you inside, use Epona's Song and Epona will come to you.  Ride Epona around, 
jumping fences and familiarizing yourself with riding a horse.  After your time 
is up, pay again, mount Epona, then use Z (or L for Gamecube) Targeting to talk 
to Ingo, and he'll ask if you want to race him for 50 Rupees.  Take him up on 
his challenge.  This is easy, just use carrots gradually, taking the inside of 
the corners and you'll beat him.  After beating him, he'll want you to race him 
again, and if you win you get to keep Epona.  Accept.  Now this is harder, as 
Ingo's horse is faster now.  Just keep using a carrot whenever it replenishes, 
at the back use as many carrots as you need, and just remember to stay on the 
inside of path, but not hitting the wall.  It's hard, but if you manage, Ingo 
will let you keep the horse, but he'll lock you in.  Well, we know another way 
around that, hotshot!  You see the fences acting as the ranch's boundary?
Build up a lot of speed and you'll be able to jump clean over them.  Now you're 
free to use Epona!  Epona is very useful.  You can get from one place to 
another in Hyrule Field MUCH faster than before.  Now that you have the horse, 
head to Kakariko Village. (Note that you can't take Epona with you into towns.)

In the town, head over to that lady who owns the chicken pen.  She'll give you 
a Pocket Egg.  This'll hatch over night.  Head over to inside the windmill.  
This guy inside is mad because an Ocarina kid seven years ago just waltzed 
inside and played the Ocarina, messing up his windmill.  Now, in the game, we 
haven't actually done that.  But we are going to soon enough.  Show him the 
Ocarina of Time and he'll play the song that the young boy played.  You now 
have learned the SONG OF STORMS!  Head into the Graveyard.  As you can see, the 
Magic Bean you planted as Young Link has grown into a floating plant. Get on 
the plant, and it'll take you to a ledge with a crate on it.  Break the crate 
to reveal a Piece of Heart. (HEART PIECES: 18 out of 36) Now pull the 
gravestone with flowers in front of it right beside the ledge you are on.  Down 
below is Dampe's grave.  Yeah, poor Dampe is dead.  But, his spirit will 
challenge you to some sort of race.  You have to follow him to the end.  He's 
quick, though, so rolling might help you move faster.  Once you reach the end, 
he'll give you the HOOKSHOT, a useful weapon and item that lets you stun 
enemies and cling onto wooden surfaces and drag you toward it.  Head through 
the opening here and you'll find some blocks with the same design as the Door 
of Time.  Use the Song of Time to move these blocks.  Head through and you'll 
be inside the windmill on a high ledge.  Use one of the ledges on the machine 
to reach yet another Piece of Heart. (HEART PIECES: 19 out of 36)

Exit the windmill, then head all the way back into Dampe's grave.  Race him
again, but this time you have to finish in under one minute.  Rolling helps, 
and make sure you don't run into the flames Dampe drops.  Cut corners if you 
can, as well.  If you finish under a minute, you'll get another Piece of Heart. 
(HEART PIECES: 20 out of 36) Yay!  Another heart!  Get back to the village. 
Once you exit the windmill again, hop on the fence near the windmill here, 
equip the Hookshot (keep it equipped as you're gonna use it a lot), and use it 
to hook onto the house with the gray roof.  On top of here is a person here. 
Talk to him and he'll give you another Piece of Heart for your trouble. (HEART 
PIECES: 21 out of 36) Now, make it night and head to Impa's house.  It's the 
southernmost house in the village.  Before entering the door though, face the 
Skulltula House and Hookshot on top of it.  From there, Hookshot on top of 
Impa's House.  Up here is a Gold Skulltula.  Use the Hookshot to retrieve the 
token. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 045 out of 100) Now change it back to day and the 
Pocket Egg will hatch.  Head into the house that had that Heart Piece-giving 
man on its roof, and you'll find Talon lazing around on the bed.  Use the 
Pocket Cucco that just hatched to wake him up and he'll get up and take back 
the ranch.  The Cucco is now happy because it just woke up a lazy person!  Send 
the Pocket Cucco to the Cucco lady and she'll be so pleased that she'll give 
you a blue Cucco named Cojiro.  This blue Cucco is part of a larger side quest, 
but it's best to start as early as possible.  Next, head to Death Mountain 

Right at the entrance of Dodongo's Cavern, the Magic Bean you planted there
while you were young has grown now.  Ride it to reach another Piece of Heart 
you can jump to. (HEART PIECES: 22 out of 36) Next head towards Goron City.  On 
the platform in front of the entrance, play the Song of Storms to open a Secret 
Cave.  Inside is a treasure chest with a Huge Rupee.  If you need money, this 
is the place to go.  Now head inside Goron City.  Now you see the platform in 
the middle suspended by ropes?  Walk on one of the ropes behind it to see a 
Gold Skulltula on the back of that platform. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 046 out of 100) 
Now head all the way to Zora's River.  At the start, play the Song of Storms 
near the circle of rocks where the Cucco is to reveal a Secret Cave.  Inside 
are two Business Scrubs.  One sells a Green Potion for 40 Rupees, another sells 
a Red Potion for the same price.  If you have an Empty Bottle, go ahead and get 
the potion you wish.  Exit, and use the grown Magic Bean plant to get to the 
high platform with the two Secret Caves, making sure it's night.  Up here, look 
around the southern wall to see another Gold Skulltula.  Again, use the 
Hookshot to kill it and grab the token. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 047 out of 100)

Next, continue on in Zora's River, and past the wooden bridge, you'll see a
Gold Skulltula high up on the wall.  It may seem too far for your Hookshot, but 
hop onto the fence facing the Skulltula, and the Hookshot will be able to reach 
the enemy. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 048 out of 100) You may notice it's snowing over 
here.  Anyway, get up to in front of the waterfall and play Zelda's Lullaby to 
make the waterfall recede.  Enter.

Woah.  Zora's Domain has literally met its ice age.  Head toward Zora's 
Fountain from here. (King Zora is completely frozen over...) You'll notice here 
that Lord Jabu-Jabu is gone, and in its place is a bunch of ice platforms.  You 
see the Piece of Heart in the distance?  Jump across the ice carefully to reach 
it. (HEART PIECES: 23 out of 36) Now, head all the way back to Hyrule Field, 
and ride your horse over to Lake Hylia, again making sure it's night.  Here, 
use the now grown Magic Bean by the Laboratory to get up on the roof.  Be 
careful of the Guays, and climb up the ladder to get yet another Piece of 
Heart. (HEART PIECES: 24 out of 36) Yippee!  Another heart is completed!  Now, 
head over to the scarecrow by the now-dry shore and play the song you played to 
it while as Young Link, and he'll remember the song. (I hope you remember it, 
or at least wrote down what you played.) Now when you play this song at certain 
spots, the scarecrow's brother will pop up and you'll be able to Hookshot onto 
him to reach hidden areas.  Now, head to the Fishing Hole.  (You might have to 
Hookshot to it because the lake is drained.) Inside, again play for 10 Rupees, 
and attempt to catch a 15 pound or more fish.  Yep, at least 15 lbs, and this 
time the fish are more stubborn than before.  If you're patient enough and get 
the 15 lb. or greater fish, then the Fishing Hole owner will give you the Gold 
Scale, which allows you to dive for a whopping 9 seconds.  You can now dive 
pretty far down now.  There is something that allows you to catch fish better. 
It's called the Sinking Lure, but it's illegal.  For more information and how 
to make it legal, see section XIV in the walkthrough.

Now that you have the Golden Scale, head into the Laboratory and talk to the
freaky old man there.  He'll talk about the pool of water behind him, and 
challenge you to dive as far as you can.  Well, jump into the water, and hold A 
for as long as you can to dive.  9 meters in the pool is the goal, and each 
second amounts to a meter.  Once you do a full dive, talk to the old man again 
and he should give you another Piece of Heart. (HEART PIECES: 25 out of 36) 
Wow, we've been getting a lot of Pieces of Heart lately....Whew.  Anyway, head 
back to Hyrule Field and ride your horse to Gerudo Valley.  While riding Epona, 
jump across the broken bridge in an awesome-looking cutscene to cross to the 
other side.  While here, make sure it's night, and look behind the stone pillar 
for another Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 049 out of 100) Now look behind 
the tent for another. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 050 out of 100) Now get back clear to 
Kakariko Village.  Visit the Skulltula house and you'll get another Piece of 
Heart for your troubles! (HEART PIECES: 26 out of 36) Now, get to Dodongo's 
Cavern. Once inside, head to the southeastern entrance (with the Baby Dodongos) 
and at one point, Navi will fly up to somewhere high.  While she's up there, 
play the Scarecrow's Song to summon a scarecrow up where Navi was.  Hookshot to 
it and you'll find the last Gold Skulltula of this dungeon.  Grab the token 
proudly. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 051 out of 100) 

Finally, head to Lon Lon Ranch again (at day).  Talk to Malon twice over at the
horse stable and agree to try to beat her horse riding record. (Link: "Holy 
crap, she's beautiful...") This is an obstacle course around the track.  You 
have to finish two laps in under 50 seconds.  It's harder than it sounds, 
considering you have fences to jump.  A little guide for the sizes of fences:

- With really small fences, you don't need to accelerate.
- With medium and high fences, you need to accelerate before reaching them.

The first fence is a small one.  Accelerate immediately after jumping that one
to jump the medium fence.  After that are two small fences.  After jumping 
them, there are two medium fences followed by a high fence.  Accelerate for 
each of them.  The last fence is a medium sized one.  After that, use up all 
but one carrot 'til you reach the finish line.  Use the same strategy for the 
second lap as with the first lap, and take the inside of the corners, and 
you'll just barely make it.  If you succeed, Malon will give you a present so 
big that you can't carry it, so she'll send it to your house in Kokiri Forest. 
It's actually a cow, so you can get Lon Lon Milk pretty much anytime you save 
and quit.  Alright, we're finally going to progress into the game. (Sort of.) 
Enter Kokiri Forest at night.


Swords: Kokiri Sword, Master Sword
Shields: Deku Shield, Hylian Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 50), Bomb Bag (Holds 40), Goron's Bracelet, Golden 
Scale, Stone of Agony

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks
Deku Nuts
Din's Fire
Farore's Wind
Fairy Slingshot
Ocarina of Time
Magic Beans (2)

Zelda's Lullaby
Epona's Song
Saria's Song
Sun's Song
Song of Time
Song of Storms

Mask of Truth


Gold Skulltulas: 51
Heart Pieces: 26 (2)
Upgrades: 8 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 30, Deku Nuts: 40, Bombs: 40)
Boss Heart Containers: 3

Advanced Spin Slash (Hold B until the sword is yellow, then release)
Din's Fire (C Item)
Farore's Wind (C Item)

Total Health: 12 Hearts