The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly [Wlk9]

This is nothing like you've seen before.  You're inside an actual animal. 
You'll see when you enter two Octoroks and some bubbles, presumably gas bubbles 
from its stomach.  Kill the Octoroks and pop the bubbles, then target the 
appendage hanging from the ceiling.  I guess this is its uvula.  Hit it with a 
Deku Seed and Jabu Jabu will open its throat.  Head inside.  There's a Biri 
right when you enter.  Stay away from it, as any contact will electrocute you. 
The Advanced Spin Attack will kill it, though.  Head across to the next 
opening, and you'll find Princess Ruto.  After some talk, (she sure seems 
angry) she walks away and falls into a hole.  Fall down the hole after her and 
talk to her twice.  She'll now allow you to carry her.  Pick her up, then head 
toward the next opening.  Drop her and pop all the Shabom bubbles, then take 
her over to this gap with a strange button on the bottom.  Drop down it with 
her, throw her up to the other side, then kill all the Stingers.  Now, use the 
Fairy Slingshot to kill the Gold Skulltula on the vines, then raise the water 
level by hitting the switch to collect the token. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 030 out of 
100) Get across to the other side by using the raised water level, kill the 
rest of these enemies, then carry Ruto over to the opening.  It's locked, so 
hit this next uvula-like thing to open it and bring Ruto with you.  Immediately 
after entering, set Ruto down, and deflect the rock the Octorok spits out to 
kill it.  Grab her again, and wait for a platform to come down.  Ride it up, 
then take the opening near the crates to head back to the room with all the 

Don't drop down any of them, and instead head straight onward to the next room.
You may encounter a Bari, a larger version of the Biri.  Just kill it with an
Advanced Spin Slash.  Ahead are some Tailpasarans, long enemies with their only
weak point being their tail.  The easiest way to kill them is again an Advanced 
Spin Slash. (Seems to be very useful in this dungeon...) Once you kill them, 
carry Ruto over to the right fork, and step on the switch to open the door. 
Head inside with Ruto.  Inside are more of those Stingers.  Once you kill them 
all, a large chest containing the BOOMERANG appears.  Assign this to a C button 
now, as this is very essential to finishing this dungeon.  Exit this room with 
Ruto, then head to the left fork this time.  This blue switch here requires 
someone to stay on it in order to keep the opening....opened.  So drop Ruto on 
the switch, then head into the next room.  You'll encounter a large tentacle. 
In order to kill it, you have to hit its narrow part.  Hitting it once will 
make it retract into the ceiling.  Getting closer to it will make it lower 
itself and swing itself to attack.  Get close to it and keep moving while 
hitting the narrow part with the Boomerang (Z-targeting is excellent here) 
until it's dead.  A large chest will appear.  Open it to get the DUNGEON MAP 
for this dungeon.  Exit, and grab Ruto again.  Left of the switch used to be a 
red tentacle blocking the way.  It's now gone.  Head inside with Ruto and 
you'll be in a room filled with Shaboms.  You have to pop them all in 40 
seconds.  If successful, (I always am with 1 second left) a large chest will 
appear.  Opening this will get you the COMPASS for this dungeon. Grab Ruto and 
leave this room.

Head over to that switch that opened the door to the Boomerang room, and head
left from it, head through the door, and you'll encounter another tentacle. 
It's colored differently, but the way to defeat it is the same.  Once this 
one's killed, the center corridor should now be opened.  Head through this with 
Ruto, and kill this green tentacle to clear these halls of tentacles. (I 
suggest killing all the Biri in here before taking on the tentacle.) Head back 
to the room with all the holes.  You may have recalled there being a green 
tentacle in this room.  It's now gone.  Head down the hole (with Ruto of 
course) where it used to be to be at the other side of that large room where 
you first picked up Ruto.  Look along the wall and you'll see two, yes two, 
Gold Skulltulas.  Kill them and retrieve their tokens with the Boomerang. (GOLD 
SKULLTULAS: 32 out of 100) Head through the west door.  In here is the 
Spiritual Stone Ruto lost.  Throw her up to the platform with it and she'll 
grab it.  If you try to move now, she'll be trapped up into the ceiling and a 
giant Octorok will fall down to try to stop you.
MINI-BOSS: Bigocto

Like Navi says, you have to attack this enemy from behind.  Just hit it with 
the Boomerang to stun it, then hurry to its behind and slash it.  It's kinda 
hard to do, but it's the only way.
Once it's dead, hop onto the center platform to have it take you up to the
first floor.  Head over to the next area, killing the Biri (the Boomerang is 
able to kill them) along the way. (There's some pots behind you. One of them 
has a fairy.) In this next room is an Octorok and two weird red muscle tissues 
that flail around.  Hit them with the Boomerang to calm them down then continue 
to the next room.  Jump to the ledge and it'll lower to a familiar room. You 
see those small crates?  Grab one and plant it on that blue switch to keep it 
down, then head through the door.  In this next room, kill all the Biri, then 
find a Gold Skulltula on some vines.  Use the Boomerang to kill it and retrieve 
the token. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 33 out of 100) Now climb up the vines. Up here is 
a another uvula-like switch, but it's blocked by a glass wall. (Glass? In an 
animal's belly?...) Head to the left of the glass wall, and throw the 
Boomerang.  If you got it right, it should just clear the wall and curve to hit 
the switch.  Enter the door it just opened to enter the boss's room.
BOSS: Barinade, Bio-electric Anemone

This is a more complicated boss.  First of all, keep moving so that its 
electric beam attack won't harm you.  Z-target one of its tentacles and use the 
Boomerang to cut it loose.  Do this for all 3 tentacles, and the jellyfish 
surrounding it will spin around.  Boomerang its center to make it loose its 
grip on the jellyfish.  Destroy all these jelly fish, and doing so makes it 
rise to reveal some more jellyfish, this time surrounding its weak spot.  Keep 
on using the Boomerang until you stun it, then kill all these other jellyfish.  
Now it has no defenses.  Stun its center with the Boomerang, then move in and 
slash it. It'll take a few tries, and it unleashes electric beams more rapidly 
as it's damaged.  Keep stunning and slashing until it's dead.

SPEEDY STRATEGY: After getting rid of all its protective jellyfish, stun it and
simply use the shield stab attack to kill it more quickly.
When it's dead, collect the Heart Container, (9 hearts now!) and head over to
the light where Princess Ruto is floating.  After exiting, say you want the
Spiritual Stone and she'll give it to you.  This Zora's Sapphire, is the last 
of the Spiritual Stones.  She also says that it's the pretty much the 
engagement ring for the princess of the Rutos to marry whoever it is given 
to.....uh oh.


Swords: Kokiri Sword
Shields: Deku Shield, Hylian Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 50), Bomb Bag (Holds 40), Goron's Bracelet, Silver 
Scale, Stone of Agony

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks
Deku Nuts
Din's Fire
Farore's Wind
Fairy Slingshot
Fairy Ocarina
Magic Beans (8)

Zelda's Lullaby
Epona's Song
Saria's Song
Sun's Song

Bunny Hood


Gold Skulltulas: 33
Heart Pieces: 15 (3)
Upgrades: 7 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 30, Deku Nuts: 30, Bombs: 40)
Boss Heart Containers: 3

Advanced Spin Slash (Hold B until the sword is yellow, then release)
Din's Fire (C Item)
Farore's Wind (C Item)

Total Health: 9 Hearts