The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

The Zora King's Trouble [Wlk8]

A bonus for the Bunny Hood is that while you're wearing it at night in Hyrule
Field, the Stalchilds won't attack you.  Sweet!  Anyway, Zora's River is next. 
It's south from the entrance to Kakariko Village.  The entrance is where the 
source of this river is.  Once you're there, the owl will greet you. (Make sure 
you have 200 Rupees.) Roll into the tree to knock down a Gold Skulltula, (GOLD 
SKULLTULA: 025 out of 100) then bomb the rocks.  Continue on, and you'll find 
a fat guy who eats a lot.  Talk to him and he'll sell a Magic Bean for 10 
Rupees.  Now you see, this guy is a real scammer.  Every time you buy a Magic 
Bean from him, he raises the price of it.  But you have no choice.  You need 
all the Magic Beans he has.  When you can't buy anymore, (you should have 5 
Magic Beans) find some Rupees so you can buy a sixth Magic Bean.  Now, head to 
Kakariko Village.  Remember that Secret Cave I told you about?  Open it up, 
then head inside, kill the Redeads, and grab the Huge Rupee from the chest.

Go back to the Magic Bean guy and you'll be able to buy 2 more Magic Beans. 
Now, there's a quick Rupee collecting trick. During the day, head to the 
drawbridge and stand on one of the chains.  Either wait for night or have it 
come immediately by playing Sun's Song and the drawbridge will go up, taking 
you with  it.  Now, walk along the narrow drawbridge edge and you'll find three 
hidden Red Rupees.  After you collect them, make day arrive, then enter through 
the drawbridge.  Exit, and the Red Rupees will have reset.  Keep doing this 
until you're filled again.  Keep buying Magic Beans and using that quick money 
trick until he's out of beans. (There should be 10 total, I think.) Now, plant 
one of your Magic Beans on the plot of dirt beside this guy.  It'll grow later. 
Don't worry about this section of dirt, as it's the only one not containing a 
Gold Skulltula.

Grab the Cucco that you've seen, and use it to fly over the river.  Keep it 
held, then follow the path over to the other side, throwing the Cucco up to a 
platform when you need to climb.  After the second platform you need to hop up, 
head to the southwest edge.  You should see a strip of land beside a large 
cliff.  Use the Cucco to hop off this edge and hover over to the strip.  Throw 
the Cucco anywhere, as we don't need him right now.  Climb up the ladder and 
you'll find a Secret Cave, a boulder surrounded by smaller rocks, and another 
Cucco.  The Secret Cave contains a small chest with a Red Rupee (I suggest 
slashing the bushes here for some bugs to put in one of your Empty Bottles, as
there are still some of those dirt plots with Gold Skulltulas that need 
uprooting.) Blasting the boulder reveals another Secret Cave which is a regular 
Fairy Fountain.

Grab this Cucco up here.  Now see the Piece of Heart on the pillar? First get 
up to the other platform then use the Cucco to glide over to the Piece. (HEART 
PIECES: 12 out of 36) Yet another heart is completed! (You can also get this 
piece by crossing that very small gap near where the pillar with the Piece, 
then looking towards that just-out-of-reach platform.  Jump off and throw the 
Cucco just before you reach it so you can grab the ledge and climb up it.  From 
here is just a simple jump to the pillar with the Piece.) Grab a Cucco again, 
then continue all the way to the end where the waterfall is. (Make sure it's 
night as well.) At the top bridge, use the Cucco to get to the west ledge which 
contains another Piece of Heart. (HEART PIECES: 13 out of 36) Now if it's 
night, drop below where the ladder is and you'll see a Gold Skulltula.  Kill it 
with the slingshot then collect its token. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 026 out of 100) 
Head back to the pillar area, and you'll see a log extending to the water. 
(Navi should fly over to the lighter edge of the log.) Get on the end and get 
out your Ocarina.  Play Zelda's Lullaby and a frog will grow large and give you 
a Purple Rupee in return.  Get out the Ocarina again, and play Epona's Song. 
Another frog will grow large and give you another Purple Rupee.  Play Saria's 
Song and yet another frog will grow large and give you another Purple Rupee. 
Play the Sun's Song last and another frog will grow large and give you a Purple 
Rupee.  There's still one frog left that's small, but we need to learn another 
song.  Head back to the waterfall and stand on the special mark in front.  Play
Zelda's Lullaby and the waterfall will recede, allowing you to enter.

In Zora's Domain, follow the path up to King Zora's Throne Room.  Before 
talking to him, head through the left corridor and you'll see a Zora holding a 
Diving Game.  Talk to him to play this game.  He'll throw a bunch of Rupees 
down below, and you have to dive to get them in a limited time.  Fall from here 
down where he threw the Rupees and make sure to grab them all by diving. (Hold 
A to dive for three seconds.) If you get them all, he'll ask you to come back 
up to receive a prize.  Do so, and he'll give you a Silver Scale, which allows 
you to dive down for 6 seconds.  Now that you have this, get back to King 
Zora's Throne Room, light a Deku Stick with one of these torches, then head 
down the stairs to light this torch. (It'll forever stay lit from now on.) Now, 
this is hard, but if you can pull it off, you will get a Piece of Heart for 
your trouble.  Light another Deku Stick from this torch, and head left down the 
spiral path, lighting all these torches (they don't stay lit for long), the 
final two torches are behind the waterfall. (Rolling helps.) You may need a new 
Deku Stick before getting to the torch far at the shallow water area.  If you 
lit them all, a treasure chest with the Piece will appear. (HEART PIECES: 14 
out of 36)

Now talk to the Zora King by standing on the pedestal in front of him.  He'll
complain that his daughter, the Zora Princess is missing.  Well, let's give him
something to let us find her.  Head into the water here and find the cave 
entrance underwater.  Get near it and use the Silver Scale to enter.  Now 
you're in Lake Hylia.  Below the Zora here is a letter in a BOTTLE.  Grab it. 
Now you have the third bottle in the game.  Before heading back, we can do a 
few things here in Lake Hylia.  First of all, head to the two scarecrows and 
pull out your Ocarina in front of the one closer to shore.  Play any 8 notes of 
your choice (write down the notes you play) and the scarecrow will remember the 
song you played.  Make sure you remember it too.  Now, you see the island with 
the grave?  Get over there by way of the bridge, talk to the owl to make him 
leave, then pull the gravestone to reveal a hole.  Inside are three Deku Scrubs 
who just sell you generic items you can pick up from enemies.  Head toward the 
island with a large tree.  Ahead is a platform with pillars on it.  Head over 
there at night to find a Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 027 out of 100) Now, 
head over to the building (it's the Lakeside Laboratory) and drop some bugs 
from your Bottle (recapture another one) to make another Gold Skulltula appear. 
(GOLD SKULLTULAS: 028 out of 100) Once you've gotten it, plant a Magic Bean at 
that plot of dirt.

Now, head over to the hut at the far end.  This is the Fishing Pond.  Head 
inside.  At the cost of 20 Rupees, you can fish for as long as you want.  We're 
looking at getting a 10 lb. fish.  They usually congregate at the center of the 
pond.  Fishing controls are as follows:

Control Stick before casting: Move Link around.
Control Stick after casting: Wiggle Lure
A Button before casting: Attack during running
A Button during casting: Brake the line
A Button after casting: Reel in, hook fish while pressing down on the Control
B Button: Cast Line
Z Button: Target a fish (L Button on the Gamecube version)
R Button: When used in conjunction with A, holding these two buttons reels in

Use these controls to catch a fish.  Try to be near the fish you want to ease 
the tension.  It may take a while, but when you eventually get that 10 lb. (or 
more) fish, bring it to the fisherman and he'll give you a Piece of Heart. 
(HEART PIECES: 15 out of 36) Now we've gotten all that we can here, so head 
back to Zora's Domain the same way you entered this area.  Once back there, 
show the letter in that bottle to the King Zora.  This letter is in Princess 
Ruto's handwriting, and after he reads it, he'll move over so that you can 
enter Zora's Fountain, home of the Zora's god, Jabu Jabu.  Before heading 
there, capture a fish in that bottle that had a letter in it. (You can find a 
fish in the shallow water beside Zora's Shop.) NOW you can head to Zora's 

Once you enter, you'll see Lord Jabu Jabu, and he's quite humongous.  Before 
doing anything else, head to the far end where the island is.  Roll into the 
tree to knock down a Gold Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 029 out of 100) Plant a 
bomb near the white rock to blow up the wall behind it.  Head through it to 
enter a Great Fairy Fountain.  Summoning this Great Fairy will get you Farore's 
Wind, another C item.  When first used, this item remembers the location you 
first used it.  Whenever in another area, using it a second time will warp you 
to the first time you used it.  It's kinda complicated to explain, so try using 
it yourself at least once.  Now that that's done, head over to Jabu Jabu's head 
and drop that bottled fish right in front of him.  He'll open his mouth and 
inhale the fish, along with you in it.  Ruto is trapped inside this big fish's 
belly, and we're to rescue her, as well as cure what's ailing this god fish.


Swords: Kokiri Sword
Shields: Deku Shield, Hylian Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 50), Bomb Bag (Holds 40), Goron's Bracelet, Silver 
Scale, Stone of Agony

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks
Deku Nuts
Din's Fire
Farore's Wind
Fairy Slingshot
Fairy Ocarina
Magic Beans (8)

Zelda's Lullaby
Epona's Song
Saria's Song
Sun's Song

Bunny Hood


Gold Skulltulas: 29
Heart Pieces: 15 (3)
Upgrades: 7 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 30, Deku Nuts: 30, Bombs: 40)
Boss Heart Containers: 2

Advanced Spin Slash (Hold B until the sword is yellow, then release)
Din's Fire (C Item)
Farore's Wind (C Item)

Total Health: 8 Hearts