The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Hyrule Collection Quest 2 [Wlk7]

Now that we have Bombs, we can get even more Gold Skulltulas.  Head down the
path that leads to Kakariko Village, and watch for a discolored section of wall
on the left side.  When you see it, (make sure it's night, remember you can use 
the Sun's Song to change from day to night and vice versa) bomb it and you'll 
see a Gold Skulltula there.  Kill it, then climb the normal wall to grab the 
token. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 022 out of 100) Head back to Goron City. (While 
getting there, there's another discolored section of wall you can bomb.  A 
small chest containing a Purple Rupee worth 50 normal ones is behind it.) At 
the top level, you can head to a room full of rocks.  Use bombs on the brown 
rocks to break them and try to get through this maze.  At the end you should 
find a Gold Skulltula inside a crate, plus two small chests with a Purple Rupee 
in each. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 023 out of 100) Head to the third floor where the 
big Goron is rolling around.  Get into the little enclosure where the sign is, 
and wait for him to come.  When you see him, plant a bomb in such a way that it 
explodes as he goes over it.  If successful, he will unroll.  Talk to him and 
he'll give you a BIG BOMB BAG for your effort.  This holds 30 Bombs, and trust 
me, Bombs are important in this game, and you need a lot of them.

Now, exit Goron City and head to that flag you've been seeing.  This is a mark
where you can continue up to the summit.  Do so, blowing up boulders.  The last 
one reveals a Secret Cave.  Drop inside to get some Rupees, Recovery Hearts, 
and a cow. (What is that doing there?) You can use the cow to fill an Empty 
Bottle with Lon Lon Milk if you wish.  Continue up the summit, where red rocks 
will be falling.  Be sure to guard with the Hylian Shield.  At the end is a 
giant climbable wall.  Kill the Skullwalltulas first, then climb up to the top. 
That owl should greet you again.  He says whenever your business here is done, 
he'll let you ride him down to Kakariko Village.  Bomb the bombable wall here, 
then head inside.  This is a Great Fairy Fountain.  Stand on the Triforce 
emblem and play Zelda's Lullaby to summon the Great Fairy of Power.  She'll 
teach you a new move that requires magic power.  You now have a magic meter. 
The technique is a powered spinning slash.  Hold B until your sword glows 
yellow, then release to spin around and unleash a magic wave over a long 
distance.  Great for crowd control if you can time it right.  By the way, the 
Great Fairies in this game wear nothing but boots and are covered in vines. 
Don't get your hopes up to see

Now for something risky but necessary.  Head into the Crater, which is right
beside the owl.  Yes, it's very hot down there, and you only have a limited 
time to stay inside before you succumb to the intense heat, but we need to do a 
couple things.  Also, make sure you enter at full health, because the amount of 
health you have determines how long you can last there.  Anyway, once you 
enter, find the boulder surrounded by a circle of rocks.  Destroy the boulder 
to reveal a Secret Cave.  Drop inside for a small chest with Bombs inside. 
Exit.  Now, head to the north edge, and walk slowly off it.  Link should grab 
the wall, and it turns out to be a climbable wall.  There's another Piece of 
Heart in an alcove here.  Collect it to complete another heart! (HEART PIECES: 
08 out of 36) Now you have some extra time to escape, so do so.  Before you 
exit, destroy the crate near the exit to reveal a Gold Skulltula. (GOLD 
SKULLTULAS: 024 out of 100) Now let's get out of this hell hole.

We're done visiting places involving fire and intense heat, so you can equip
your fully-usable Deku Shield if you want.  Talk to the owl and agree to let 
him take you to Kakariko Village.  He'll drop you off on top of a house 
normally unreachable.  Fall off the east side of the house and make it so that 
you land on top of the chicken pen.  Enter the door here and you'll be inside a 
cage with a Piece of Heart. (HEART PIECES: 09 out of 36) Head into the 
Skulltula House.  Talk to the other guy (lower left person) and he'll reward 
you with the STONE OF AGONY, an item that activates the Rumble Pak whenever you 
are near secrets.  Now, start off at the lone tree in the village, and walk 
toward the stairs leading to the well.  When the Rumble Pak rumbles, plant a 
bomb.  It should reveal a Secret Cave.  Inside are two Redeads.  Kill them 
easily by playing the Sun's Song first, and after they're gone, a chest will 
appear containing a Huge Rupee, worth a whopping 200 Rupees.  Well, if you were 
broke, consider yourself rich again.  It might be a good idea to keep this 
Secret Cave in mind when you absolutely need some money.

Head to the Graveyard and go back into the chamber that contained the Hylian
Shield.  Bomb the wall, and follow the hall to reveal a Fairy Fountain.  Yay.
Come here if you need some fairies and you're in Kakariko Village.

Head to Goron City again.  Remember the entrance to Lost Woods I told you 
about?  Head through there for a quick warp.  Blast the boulder here to reveal 
a Secret Cave.  Inside is a small chest containing a Blue Rupee.  Exit this 
cave, then head east, then left, then straight, then finally left to see a 
boulder here.  Blast it and head down this cave to see a Business Deku Scrub 
that'll sell you a DEKU NUT UPGRADE for 40 Rupees.  Take it if you have the 
money. (I'm sure you do; we haven't been spending money lately.) The other 
Business Scrub just sells you Deku Seeds at a very expensive price.  This 
upgrade lets you carry 30 Deku Nuts.  Now head to Hyrule Field.  Head to the 
drawbridge, then head left from it.  You'll see three trees and a boulder. 
Blast the boulder and head down the Secret Cave.  There's a small chest with a 
Blue Rupee.  Keep heading left in the Field until you get to a river with some 
trees.  Cross the river and blow up the boulder (careful of the Peahat) and 
drop in to find another Fairy Fountain.  Take some fairies if you want.  Keep 
heading left and you'll see some fences in what seems to be a box formation.  
Head inside the box, then plant a Bomb in the center to reveal a Secret Cave.  
Inside is a Business Scrub who'll sell you a Piece of Heart for a very cheap 10 
Rupees.  You'd be a fool to turn down this deal! (HEART PIECES: 10 out of 

There's another Secret Cave right by here with a small chest containing a Blue
Rupee.  Finally, you should be near a mini-forest.  Find the boulder here and
blast it open for a Secret Cave. (Lots of them in Hyrule Field, as you can 
see.) Inside is a small chest containing a Red Rupee.  That's it for Secret 
Caves in Hyrule Field.  Head to Hyrule Market.  Make sure you have your maximum 
200 Rupees. (Break the pots in the guard shack until you're full up.) Head into 
the Bombchu Bowling Alley.  It's the two-story building. (There are stairs 
outside you can climb.) In here, you get a random prize for winning.  We're 
looking for two prizes: a BOMB BAG UPGRADE and another Piece of Heart.  It 
takes 30 Rupees to play a game, and you have 10 Bombchus to play with. 
Basically Bombchus are mobile bombs that scurry along the ground until they 
blow up.  You have to place a Bombchu appropriately so that they run over the 
hole in the wall (they blow up on contact with the hole).  The first alley is 
easy.  You just have a spike trap to avoid.  The second adds a Cucco in the 
way.  The third adds a Huge Cucco in the way.  Some tips:

- The first one is very easy.  Just stand at the center and release a Bombchu 
so it won't hit the spike trap.

- The second hole is always at a random spot.  If it's at the center near the
ceiling, just use the same strategy as hole 1, but this time wait until the
Cucco is out of the way.  Remember you have no time limit so you can take an 
hour to do this if you wish. (I suggest not, because you'll get bored. :P) If 
it's on the side, simply stand at the complete opposite side and plant a 
Bombchu at a diagonal angle towards the hole and it'll almost always hit it.

- The third hole stays in the same place, but to do this successfully and 
pretty much flawlessly, stand right on the third black mark from the left of 
the middle blue arrow, wait until you're all clear, including the Huge Cucco, 
and drop a Bombchu straight ahead, not at the hole.  Yes, doing this lets the 
Bombchu go just to the left of the hole, but there's actually a ledge after the 
indentation with the Huge Cucco in it that makes the Bombchu turn towards the 

With these tips it's pretty much hard to lose.  You might want to get BOMBCHUS
as a prize while you're here, so you can have an item in your Inventory screen.
They're needed eventually anyway, so the sooner the better.  After getting the 
prizes we need, head out. (HEART PIECES: 11 out of 36) If you're low on Rupees 
(chances you are after that ordeal) fill up in the guardshack, then head to the 
Happy Mask Shop, the building right of the Castle Grounds path.  Talk to the 
owner and agree to be a Happy Mask Salesman.  The way this place works is the 
owner lends you a mask and YOU have to sell the mask.  Then you have to go back 
and pay the owner his price, no matter how much money you made.  You can only 
hold one mask.  Let him give you the Keaton Mask as a start.  Exit.

Before we sell the mask, let's get something while we're here.  Head back to 
the Castle Grounds, and head past the gate like last time.  You might have seen 
a sign with a boulder behind it as you were sneaking around here.  Blast the 
boulder to reveal another Great Fairy Fountain.  Head in here.  Summon her with 
Zelda's Lullaby and she'll give you Din's Fire, a special magic power.  This is 
a C item you can use anytime.  With Din's Fire, Link pounds the ground with his 
fist, unleashing a wave of fire in all directions.  Now, head to Kakariko 
Village with that Keaton Mask.  Remember that guard guarding the entrance of 
Death Mountain Trail?  He mentioned something about his son wanting a Keaton 
Mask.  Talk to him with the mask on and he'll buy it for 15 Rupees.  You made a 
little profit.  Head back to the Happy Mask Shop and give the owner the 10 
Rupees that the mask is worth.  Next, borrow the Skull Mask from him, and head 
to the Lost Woods.

The person to sell this mask is the Skull Kid just left of here, but before you
do that, head right, left, right, left, then left again to get to a grassy 
area.  Find the butterflies flying around, and walk around there to find a 
Secret Cave.  Put on your Skull Mask, and head forward.  A bunch of Deku Scrubs 
will pop up.  We're looking for the leader of this pack.  Talk to the leader 
and he'll give you a DEKU STICK UPGRADE which allows you to carry 30 Deku 
Sticks.  Now head back to that Skull Kid and he'll buy it for 10 Rupees.  It's 
worth 20 Rupees, so you lost some money.  Head back to the shop and pay the 
owner 20 Rupees.  Now borrow the Spooky Mask.  Head over to Kakariko Graveyard, 
making sure it's day.  You should see a very small kid.  He wants to imitate 
Dampe, so give him the Spooky Mask and he'll pay the full price for it. (30 
Rupees) Well, head back to the owner and pay 30 Rupees.  You didn't make any 
money, but you didn't lose any either.  Alright. Borrow the Bunny Hood.  Now, 
the person to sell the Bunny Hood to is not available at this point in the 
game, so keep it for now.  Finally we can head towards the next dungeon.


Swords: Kokiri Sword
Shields: Deku Shield, Hylian Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 50), Bomb Bag (Holds 40), Goron's Bracelet, Stone of

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks
Deku Nuts
Din's Fire
Fairy Slingshot
Fairy Ocarina

Zelda's Lullaby
Epona's Song
Saria's Song
Sun's Song

Bunny Hood


Gold Skulltulas: 24
Heart Pieces: 11 (3)
Upgrades: 7 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 30, Deku Nuts: 30, Bombs: 40)
Boss Heart Containers: 2

Advanced Spin Slash (Hold B until the sword is yellow, then release)
Din's Fire (C Item)

Total Health: 7 Hearts