The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Dodongo Trouble [Wlk6]

Right as you enter, you'll see a wall that won't allow you further passage.
That can be easily arranged.  Grab a bomb from one of the bomb flowers here and 
plant it beside the wall to blow it up.  Welcome to Dodongo's Cavern, which 
features a lot of lava and other fire enemies.  I suggest you equip the Hylian 
Shield now if you haven't already; we don't want that Deku Shield burning up. 
There are four openings in this main room, with a menacing-looking dragon's 
head.  First, head to the west side of the room.  Grab a bomb and blow up the 
wall here.  Behind it is a large treasure chest.  Opening it will get you the 
DUNGEON MAP for this area.

Head to the southeast entrance.  It needs to be blown up with a bomb flower. 
Use the bomb flower to kill the Beamos first though.  After blowing up this 
entrance, head inside and you'll be attacked by two swarms of Baby Dodongos. 
Now, Dodongos seem to have a habit of blowing up once they're dead, so be 
careful of that.  Kill the first swarm, then lure a Baby Dodongo over to the 
bombable wall on the right from the second swarm.  Kill that Baby and it'll 
blow up the wall.  After its blown, head through and open the large steel door 
behind it.  There are a bunch of Keese, a torch, and a Gold Skulltula. (GOLD 
SKULLTULA: 019 out of 100) Be careful of the Keese, as they'll fly into the 
torch to turn into Fire Keese.  If they run into you while your Deku Shield is 
out....bye bye Shield.  That's why I told you to equip your Hylian Shield so 
you won't carelessly lose it.  Anyway, the main reason we were here is for the 
Skulltula, so grab it and leave.

Head right from here and you'll see a couple of statues.  Push one of them onto
the blue switch to open the gate. (It's one of those switches that don't stay 
pushed down.) Go through this corridor, killing the Keese with your Slingshot, 
then open the next steel door.  In here, you'll fight a couple of Lizalfos. 
Wait until they slash with their dagger, then jump slash them to damage them. 
Continue this until both are dead, and this will open the next door.  Head 
through down the corridor and you'll fight some REAL Dodongos.  Wait until they 
use their fire breath attack, then get behind them and jump slash them to kill 
them.  Kill them all, then use a bomb from a bomb flower to destroy the 
bombable wall.  Behind the steel door is just a Business Deku Scrub who'll sell 
Deku Sticks for 15 Rupees a piece.  Only go here if you are out of Deku Sticks, 
since you need one to pass.  Light a Deku Stick from one of the torches in the 
Dodongo room, and light all the unlit torches here to open the door.  Continue. 
You're at the main room again.  Step on the switch in front of you to open the 
steel door across the pool of lava.  Drop down, (there's a bombable wall 
containing a Gossip Stone over at your right) then head to the other side.  
Head through the steel door. (There's a Business Scrub at the far left on this 
side. He sells Deku Shields for 50 Rupees each.  Very useful if you lost your 
Deku Shield.)

In here is a room with at least a dozen bomb flowers all surrounding a 
staircase.  There's a gap in the sequence of bomb flowers.  Grab a bomb from 
the lone bomb flower and place the bomb in that gap.  Once it blows up, it'll 
start a chain reaction.  Once all of them blow, the staircase will lower.  Go 
up it, and find a Gold Skulltula on some vines. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 020 out of 
100) Head back down the stairs, then blow up the wall across from it.  Head 
inside the steel door.  In here, there are three statues surrounding a large 
treasure chest.  The front one is an Armos, a live statue.  Touch it to wake 
it, then throw a bomb at it to kill it. (It hops toward you before it blows, so 
watch out.) Open the chest to get the COMPASS for this dungeon.  Head back to 
the staircase, climb it, then head to the exit up here.  You're now gonna work 
on the second floor of this dungeon.  In here are a few Fire Keese.  Kill them 
with the slingshot, then take care of the statues here.  Three are Armos, so 
kill them, then move the statue away from the ladder.  Climb up it, then hit 
the switch to unlock both doors. Head forward into the next new room.

We're at the higher level of the main room.  Kill the two Fire Keese, then hop
across the bridges to the next opening.  In this room are a bunch of spike 
traps and pillars.  Just go to the opposite side, climb up the block, then 
double back and jump up onto the low pillar.  Open the small chest for a Red 
Rupee, then pick up a bomb.  Wait until it flashes red really rapidly, then 
throw it towards the weak wall to blow it up. (It's right where the ladder is.) 
Head through it.  In here, simply hit the gold eyeball switch to lower the 
fire, then jump across, through the Baby Dodongo infested corridor, then into 
the next room.  In this room are two more Lizalfos to fight.  Kill them both to 
open the next door. (Seems to be a pattern here.) This room is also the upper 
floor of the first Lizalfos battle room.  Head into the next door.  This next 
room is basically the same as the other one.  Hit the gold eye switch across 
the room with the slingshot to lower the fire on the first platform, then turn 
left and fire another Deku Seed at the second gold eye switch in the alcove to 
lower the fire on the second platform.  Jump across back to the spike trap 
room, except on the north side.

Jump across, then open the large treasure chest to finally get a BOMB BAG for 
some BOMBS.  Head into the next opening. (The weak wall below is nothing to 
worry about.  Behind it are just two Deku Scrubs selling either Deku Seeds or 
Deku Nuts.) Step on the switch ahead of you to make a platform in this main 
room go really high.  Now, you can reach the second floor without having to use 
the staircase room. (It's necessary to get a Gold Skulltula.) Head to the 
bridge, and drop bombs right at the gaps.  If you do it well, the bombs will 
blow up inside the giant Dodongo head's eyes.  Do it on both eyes to open the 
mouth of the large head.  Across the bridge is a weak wall with a small chest 
containing a Blue Rupee behind it.  Drop down to the bottom floor (it's 
actually safer to use the high-rise platform now) and head into the mouth of 
the Dodongo head.  In this next room, kill the Fire Keese, then head into the 
east entrance.  Head through the corridor, kill the Fire Keese, then move 
around the walls to the other side where a weak wall is.  Plant a Bomb near it 
to blow it up, then head through the door that's revealed.  Kill the Armos 
guarding the Gold Skulltula before getting the Skulltula in this room. (GOLD 
SKULLTULAS: 021 out of 100) Head out of the room back into the room of walls. 
Get on top of one of them, then drop down the other side.  Break the pots with 
the slingshot, as a fairy will come out of one of them.  Store it in one of 
your Empty Bottles, because you need it.  Push the block out of the way so this 
place can be accessed easily.

Head into the opening here, go through the hallway, and push the block into the
room below.  Once it's down there, bring the block over to the hole in the 
middle.  This will open the door here.  Go through, open the small chest for 
some Bombs if you need them, and blast open the middle of the floor to reveal a 
hole.  Drop through to end up in the boss room.
BOSS: King Dodongo, Infernal Dinosaur

This guy appears right behind you at the start of the fight.  Basically avoid 
this boss until he starts to inhale.  When he does, whip out a Bomb and throw 
it straight down his gullet.  This'll stun him, so run up and slash his head 
with your sword.  After a few slashes, he'll then roll into a ball and roll 
around the room.  He can be easily avoided here by standing on the very edge of 
the platform where it meets the lava.  After this, just wait until he inhales 
again and repeat the process until he's dead. Still quite simple.

SPEEDY STRATEGY: Just jump strike with Deku Sticks and shield stab (hold R and
press B repeatedly while not locked on) after he's stunned to defeat him more
After defeating him, the lava will cool, a light will appear, and a Heart 
Container will appear.  Grab the Heart Container, (6 hearts now!) and exit 
using the light.  You'll appear outside Dodongo's Cavern, where Darunia will 
greet you, give you the Goron's Ruby, and make you a Sworn Brother of the 
Gorons.  Then Young Link will be humorously surrounded by Gorons trying to give 
Link a big Goron hug, and Link gets so freaked out that he runs.


Swords: Kokiri Sword
Shields: Deku Shield, Hylian Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 50), Bomb Bag (Holds 20), Goron's Bracelet

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks
Deku Nuts
Fairy Slingshot
Fairy Ocarina

Zelda's Lullaby
Epona's Song
Saria's Song
Sun's Song

Zelda's Letter


Gold Skulltulas: 21
Heart Pieces: 7 (3)
Upgrades: 3 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 20, Deku Nuts: 20)
Boss Heart Containers: 2


Total Health: 6 Hearts