The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Hyrule Collection Quest 1 [Wlk4]

Before getting the next Spiritual Stone, let's get a few items.  First, head
into Lon Lon Ranch.  The ranch is the circle you see in the map on the screen. 
Make sure it's day time first.  Once inside the ranch, head into the large 
house on the left.  Inside is Talon, with a bunch of Cuccos.  Talk to him and 
he'll ask you to play a game at the cost of 10 Rupees.  You have to find three 
Super Cuccos (they look the same as ordinary ones) within a limited time.  Try 
to keep at least one Super Cucco on your eye before the time starts.  If you do 
get all three, Talon will reward you with a BOTTLE of Lon Lon Milk.  The milk 
has two servings, and each drink will restore some hearts for your health.  
Very helpful.  The bottle itself is even more useful.  You'll get to keep it 
once you drink all the milk.  Bottles in this game are very valuable.  You can 
hold virtually anything inside them.  There are four that you can find in the 
game.  Exit the house and head toward the horse corral.  At the left of the 
house that had Talon inside is a lone tree with a couple crates beside it.  
Roll into the tree to knock another Gold Skulltula off. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 007 
out of 100)

Head into the silo at the back.  You'll see two cows and a bunch of crates at
the far end.  Move the crates in such a way so that the crawlspace in the 
corner is revealed.  Head through the crawlspace to find a Piece of Heart.
(HEART PIECES: 03 out of 36) That was easy.  Head out of the silo and head 
inside the corral and talk to Malon three times. (She should say something 
about singing a song together on the third time.) After that, equip the Fairy 
Ocarina in front of her.  She'll teach you EPONA'S SONG for your trouble.  Now 
that you have this song, whenever you're near a cow, playing this song will 
please the cow and fill one of your Empty Bottles with Lon Lon Milk for free.  
How nice! This song also has another use, but it can't be used yet.  Exit the 
ranch, then enter again once night arrives.  Head to the back of the horse 
corral and you'll see a Gold Skulltula on the back of the feeding pen.  Kill 
it. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 008 out of 100) Now exit Lon Lon Ranch and back to Kokiri 
Forest.  We're gonna look for Saria and get another song.  Make sure to find 
some bugs to put in your new bottle. (You can easily find some under a rock by 
the lone tree in the Castle Grounds.)

Once back in the village, head to the dirt plot to the east of the Kokiri Shop.
Drop your Bottle of Bugs on the patch of dirt and they'll burrow right into the
little hole in the center. (Make sure to catch another bug before all of them
dig into the hole.) A Gold Skulltula should pop out.  Kill it and collect its 
token. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 009 out of 100) Head into the Lost Woods next.  Head 
left from the entrance, then head left again to reach another plot of dirt. 
Drop some more bugs from your bottle (you should've caught another one at the 
first plot of dirt) and yet another Gold Skulltula will pop out. (Again, make 
sure to catch another bug before they all disappear.) (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 010 out 
of 100) Head back to the entrance of Lost Woods, then go right, then left, and 
then the owl will stop you to talk with you.  He basically tells you that the 
entrance where you hear the music fully is the correct entrance to get to where 
you need to go.  Head into the right entrance, then left, then left again. 
You'll be at a grassy area.  Behind one of the Deku Scrubs is yet another patch 
of dirt.  Drop the bugs here to make a Gold Skulltula pop out. (GOLD 
SKULLTULAS: 011 out of 100) (By now, it should be customary to recapture a bug 
once you release them onto these plots of dirt.) Exit this room, then head 
left, (there's a bush hiding some bugs, just in case you lost the bugs you had) 
left again, then right.

Welcome to the Sacred Forest Meadow.  Walk a few steps and a Wolfos will 
appear.  He's slightly tougher than other enemies.  Just shield yourself and 
wait for him to attack, then as soon as you block it, jump slash him.  You 
might need to try a few times, but he'll eventually be defeated.  Once he is, 
the gate will open. Head through to find a small maze.  Just head to the end, 
defeating the Deku Scrubs along the way. (These are the evil ones; you have to 
slash them to kill them after deflecting their Nut.) After the maze, head up 
the stairs, killing two more Deku Scrubs, and you'll meet Saria.  She'll teach 
you SARIA'S SONG, which you can use to call upon her at any time, no matter how 
far you two are apart.  How sweet.  Once you've learned it, head back to the 
maze.  You should see a ladder.  Climb up it, then drop into the hole right in 
front of you. Inside is a Fairy Fountain.  This contains health-restoring 
fairies that you can store in a bottle.  Not yet, though.  Just run into one of 
the fairies to instantly restore five hearts, if you need some health.  Head 
all the way back to the entrance of Lost Woods.  Head left from here to find a 
lone Skull Kid with a flute.  Step onto the stump in front of him and play 
Saria's Song on your Ocarina.  He will be so pleased with the melody that he'll 
give you a Piece of Heart in return.  You have four now, so you've just 
completed a Heart Container.  You now have 5 hearts at your disposal! (HEART
PIECES: 04 out of 36)

Now, time to head to Kakariko Village.  To get there, just head due east from
the Castle in Hyrule Field.  You should see a giant stairway leading up to the
Village. (Death Mountain is in the background, for further reference.) By the 
way, now that you have Zelda's Lullaby, whenever you see a Gossip Stone, and 
need health, play the Lullaby in front of the stone.  It should grant you a 
free health-restoring fairy.


Swords: Kokiri Sword
Shields: Deku Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 50)

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks
Deku Nuts
Fairy Slingshot
Fairy Ocarina

Zelda's Lullaby
Epona's Song
Saria's Song

Zelda's Letter


Gold Skulltulas: 11
Heart Pieces: 4 (0)
Upgrades: 3 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 20, Deku Nuts: 20)
Boss Heart Containers: 1


Total Health: 5 Hearts