The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Journey to Hyrule Castle [Wlk3]

Alright, welcome to Hyrule Field.  Head forward and you'll meet an annoying 
owl.  He'll tell you about a few things and then fly off. Now before heading 
forward, wait until it's nighttime, then head back into Kokiri Forest.  Look 
behind the Know-it-All Brothers' House for a Gold Skulltula.  After killing it, 
lock-on to the token and jump slash to reach it. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 004 out of 
100) Now, time for a few things.  Go to Lost Woods; to reach it, go up the 
ledge behind Mido's house, and follow the path up until you get to what looks 
like a wooden entrance.  Head inside to head into the Lost Woods. Now, let's 
get our first piece of heart.  The Lost Woods is a sort of maze; heading 
through the right entrance will progress you forward.  The wrong entrance gets 
you back to the Lost Woods entrance.  Heading right will lead you to two more 
entrances, and a target across the gap.  Whip out your Fairy Slingshot and try 
to hit the center of the target three times.  If you do, a Deku Scrub will pop 
out and give you a BIG BULLET BAG, which allows you to carry 40 Deku Seeds, as 
opposed to 30 for your Slingshot.  Now drop down and head right.

You should see two Skull Kids with flutes.  Get on the lone stump and pull out 
your Fairy Ocarina while facing them.  They'll ask you to follow along with 
their songs.  If you do it successfully three times, (you may need a piece of 
paper to write down their songs) they'll give you a Piece of Heart (HEART 
PIECES: 01 out of 36).  If they don't, keep playing their game until they do. 
After getting it, head up the ladder and head straight forward until you reach 
a room with another Skull Kid with a flute.  Head to the left entrance here and 
you'll be at the bridge leading to Hyrule Field.  Head under the bridge and you 
will find a Business Deku Scrub.  Deflect a Nut back at him and he'll give you 
a DEKU STICK UPGRADE, allowing you to carry 20 now. (Note: You must have 40 
Rupees before you can get this.)

We should have everything now. Head back to Hyrule Field.  Now, you must head
straight ahead to Hyrule Castle.  If the drawbridge is closed, wait until 
daytime arrives. While you wait, you can kill some skeletons (Stalchilds) for 
some money - you're gonna need it.  As soon as you enter the Town gates, head 
into the guard's house.  In here are a bunch of pots.  Breaking them will give 
you a lot of money, but the main reason we're here is for a Gold Skulltula.
You see the guard standing there?  Roll (press A while running) into the crate 
next to him to break it and reveal the Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 005 out of 
100) Now, head out and get into the Market.

The Market holds quite a few things.  First, get to the Shooting Gallery.  It's 
the place with a target above its entrance.  In here, you must hit all the 
Rupees that appear with your Slingshot.  If successful, you'll get the BIGGEST
BULLET BAG; an item that lets you carry 50 Deku Seeds.  This is the last Deku 
Seed upgrade in the game, so you need not to look for any more.  Each game 
costs 20 Rupees, so try your best and make sure you have a lot of Rupees. 
(Note: If you hit at least 8 targets, you'll get a free game.  Make sure you do 

Next, head to Hyrule Castle itself.  To get there, just head down the path to 
the right of the Shooting Gallery.  You'll notice in the Castle Grounds that 
day passes just like in Hyrule Field; use this opportunity to make it night 
time again. (The owl is here again; he basically tells you what I just told 
you.) While waiting, roll into the lone tree you see to knock down another Gold 
Skulltula. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 006 out of 100) Once it's night time, head back 
into the Market.  Head into the Back Alley (via heading left once reaching the 
Shooting Gallery) and continue walking through until you see a rather obese 
woman complaining that her dog is loose. (She's inside one of the houses.) 
Let's retrieve her dog.  Head back into the main Market, and look for the white 
dog near the house with the guy looking out his window.  The dog will 
automatically follow you.  Bring the dog back to the woman's house and she'll 
give you a Piece of Heart. (HEART PIECES: 02 out of 36)

Head back into the Castle Grounds.  You should see the red-haired girl (Malon) 
here now, singing a song.  Talk to her, and she'll give you an EGG, as long as 
you find her dad.  She gives it to you automatically, so I guess we have to 
find him.  He's here in the Castle Grounds, so let's start searching by 
climbing up the vines.  From up here, get on top of the gate and climb down the 
ladder in the hole.  Head through the door here to end up on the other side of 
the gate.  Now, the guards here won't let anyone intrude, and they seem to have 
a poor eyesight.  Face the two guards on the path, and head up the rocky hill 
on the left of them, making sure not to get too near the guard on the left on 
top.  Once past these guards, head across the grassy field to the wierd-looking 
part of the cliff here - the bridge to the castle is guarded by some more 
guards.  Head up the climbable wall left of the bridge (that wierd-looking 
section I told you about) and drop down into the moat.  Follow the moat until 
you can get on land again.  Up here is Malon's dad, Talon, who looks like 
Mario.  It should be daytime by now, and the egg should've hatched.  Use the 
CUCCO that hatched from it to wake up Talon, then talk to him.  He'll run back 
to Malon all in a worry.

Near where Talon was are two blocks with bull heads on them.  Push these blocks
over to the moat where the indentation leads to.  The second block fits over 
the first one.  Once you have them at the correct spot, you should hear a 
jingle.  Climb up the blocks and jump across to the alcove.  Crawl through the 
opening where the water is coming from to enter the Castle.  Here, there are a 
bunch of guards that actually move.  You have to wait until they are at a 
certain spot to pass by them.  The first section here, wait until after the 
guard moves away from you and moves up before you pass.  In the next section, 
wait until the two guards are on the other side of the fountains before 
passing.  One of them moves faster than the other, so it's a little bit 
difficult.  The next section is pretty hard - you have to cross the other side 
through a hard to see wooden pole covered in vines.  You'll have to walk across 
here carefully.  Ignore the Rupees down below, a guard is there.  After this 
section, wait until the two guards are behind the statue to pass.  At the final 
section, wait until the two guards just get to the right side of the maze of 
hedges in order to pass.  Enter the next area to meet Princess Zelda.  Before 
talking to her, fire a Deku Seed into the right window for a Red Rupee  worth 
20 normal Rupees.  Talk to Princess Zelda and she'll tell you a story about her 
dream. After the lengthy explanation, (make sure to pick the top option 
whenever given it) she'll tell you to get the two other Spiritual Stones 
(Kokiri Emerald is one of them), and also give you a LETTER with her signature. 
This letter replaces the Chicken you had from the egg, but there's no need to 
worry  the Chicken is no longer needed.

Head out and Impa, Zelda's bodyguard will escort you out of Hyrule Market 
nicely, after teaching you ZELDA'S LULLABY, which is very important in the 
game.  You can play this song on your Ocarina.  She'll also point you toward 
where you need to get the next Stone. How nice!


Swords: Kokiri Sword
Shields: Deku Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 50)

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks
Deku Nuts
Fairy Slingshot
Fairy Ocarina

Zelda's Lullaby

Zelda's Letter


Gold Skulltulas: 6
Heart Pieces: 2 (2)
Upgrades: 3 (Deku Seeds: 50, Deku Sticks: 20, Deku Nuts: 20)
Boss Heart Containers: 1


Total Health: 4 Hearts