The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Deku Tree Danger [Wlk2]

Welcome to your first dungeon!  This is the easiest and shortest, of course.
In this very tall room, there's a cobweb covering a hole in the center and a
bunch of Deku Babas surrounding it.  Kill the Deku Babas if you want and climb 
either the ladder or the vines on the wall to climb up.  Either way, head over 
to where the treasure chest is.  Open it to get the DUNGEON MAP!  To view the 
map, press START and go to the map screen whenever you're in this dungeon.  
Blue rooms shown are ones you've been to already.  There are multiple floors in 
many dungeons. Continue along the path and enter the door at the end. (Press A 
while standing in front of a door to open it.)

The door will lock behind you, leaving you to face a Deku Scrub.  This Scrub
fires Deku Nuts at you.  The problem is, when you try to come up to them to
slash them, they retreat into their hole.  The trick is to guard using your
shield.  You see, whenever a projectile hits your shield, it bounces back
(usually).  Shielding against the Deku Nuts fires them back, so deflect the
Deku Nut back at the Scrub and it'll run away.  Catch the Scrub and he'll talk
to you and open the doors again.  Head into the next door to reach a room with
a floating platform.  Get on the platform and then quickly jump to the other
side. (The platform will fall soon after you land on it.) Open the chest here

This item needs Deku Seeds as ammunition.  Luckily, this chest has ammunition 
for it as well.  To the left of the chest is a ladder.  Climb it to reach 
another chest.  Open it for a mere RECOVERY HEART.  Climb back down and face 
the gap where the platform used to be.  Take out your Fairy Slingshot and aim 
upwards toward the ladder there.  Shoot at it to make it drop down and serve to 
get you back to the entrance door. (You can also Z target it for easier 
aiming.) Drop down (slash some grass for some Deku Seeds if you need any) and 
climb up the ladder.  Head back to the main room.

Head back to those vines near the treasure chest that had a map.  Aim up at the
spiders (Skullwalltulas) and use the Fairy Slingshot to kill them.  It should 
take one Deku Seed to kill them.  Climb the vines after getting rid of all 
three (you may have to aim manually to get the top one) and get off on either 
side.  Head along this path, defeating any Big Skulltulas you come across 
(striking the stomach kills them), and come into the door here.

Again, the door locks behind you.  This room is a little larger than the others
you've visited, but nothing too much.  First, step on the switch here to raise 
the three platforms ahead.  Head into the left alcove, but be careful of the 
Big Skulltula that may come down.  In this alcove is a Gold Skulltula.  These 
are special Skulltulas that drop a token (spirit) when defeated.  It can be 
defeated using any means, and touch the token to collect it.  There are 100 of 
these Gold Skulltulas, collecting certain amounts will get you prizes. (More on 
that later, or see the Gold Skulltula locations section.) Kill the Skulltula 
and collect the token it leaves behind. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 001 out of 100) The 
chest here contains another RECOVERY HEART.

Head over to the other side with a treasure chest (you may have to hit the 
switch again to raise the platforms again).  Open the chest to get the COMPASS. 
Now when you view the map, it'll show the locations of any treasure chests 
hidden in this dungeon.  Also on the mini-map, it'll show where you are in the 
room, and the red arrow shows where you entered the room/area from.  Head back 
to the entrance of this room.  Whip out a Deku Stick and light it using the lit 
torch here.  Bring it over to the unlit torch to light it, thus releasing the 
bars on the exit door.  You have to hurry; the Deku Stick will burn out after a 
few seconds, wasting a stick.  Once you are done, press A to put the stick away 
and burn out the flames, saving the Deku Stick you used.  Head back into the 
main room.

OK, time for a leap of faith.....You may have noticed the bridge-like platforms
reaching out to the middle of the room.  You must jump off one of these and 
land on the cobweb patch on the ground to break it.  It helps if you stop 
pressing up on the Control Stick after you've jumped.  If successful, you'll 
fall far into a watery room.  Get onto dry land, and look along the vines to 
climb back up. There's another Gold Skulltula here.  Kill the Skulltula and 
climb up the vines to get the token. (GOLD SKULLTULAS: 002 out of 100) There's 
yet another one.  Look over to the northern grate to see another Gold 
Skulltula.  Kill it with a Deku Seed, then jump over to the token. (GOLD 
SKULLTULAS: 003 out of 100)

Get on the platform with the switch.  There's a chest near the unlit torch here
which contains another RECOVERY HEART.  Step on the switch to light the torch. 
Now, get out a Deku Stick, and drop down to the raised part of the water.  Once 
on that raised land, get on the southern ledge.  Once on there (make sure the 
stick is still lighted) head over to the cobwebs blocking the door and burn 
them down with the lit stick.  Put the stick away then head into the next room. 
There's another Deku Scrub.  Kill it the same way as the other one.  Talk to 
him and he'll tell you how to defeat his three brothers.  Remember the 
sequence.  Fairy Slingshot the silver eye switch on the wall to unlock the door 
here. Enter.

Here's a room with a couple interesting things: A spiked log suspended above a 
deep lake of water, and a moving platform moving back and forth.  Jump into the 
water and dive down (holding A) to the switch to the left.  When you hit the 
switch, the water will be lowered temporarily.  Use this time to get back onto 
surface and hop onto the moving platform.  If you're fast enough, you'll pass 
under the spiked spinning log unscathed.  After crossing this moat, kill the 
Big Skulltula, then push the block to the other side of the indentation of the 
floor so you can enter the next door. (To push or pull a block, press A while 
facing against it to grab it, then use the control stick to move it. To climb 
onto a block, push the Control Stick towards the block then press A.)

In this room, ignore the Deku Babas (they respawn) and light the torches here
with a Deku Stick to proceed into the next room.  Kill the Big Skulltula upon 
entering here, then head into the center of the room.  Gohma Larvae will drop 
down.  Hitting them in the eye will kill them.  After killing them all, burn 
down the cobwebs with a Deku Stick, and head through the hole that was behind 
one of them.  Past the hole, you'll find that you're at the higher ledge in the 
watery room.  Go over to the block, and push it into the water, that way you 
can get here without going the long way.  Now get a Deku Stick and light it 
from the torch below.  Now use the block and quickly get to the cobweb on the 
floor of the higher ledge, and burn it by waving it around (press the C Button
that the Deku Sticks are assigned to to swing the stick, you might have to keep 
swinging until Link does his upward swing). Once the cobweb is burned, drop 
down. (There's water below, so don't worry about losing health.)

In this room, there's RECOVERY HEARTs in the water, and the three Deku 
brothers.  Remember that order the other Deku Scrub told you to get them in? 
Harm them in the correct sequence and they'll open the door to Queen Gohma.

BOSS: Queen Gohma, Parasitic Armored Arachnid

This is the first boss, so it should be fairly easy to figure her out.  But
first, you have to start the fight.  Look up toward the ceiling once you enter 
the room, and you'll see a huge eye.  This is Queen Gohma. She'll see you, then 
descend so you can see her full body.  The last Deku Scrub you hit told her 
that she has to be stunned before she can be hit.  Well, the eye is a big hint. 
Hit the eye with the Fairy Slingshot to stun her, then get up to her eye and 
slash at the eye repeatedly.  This is the way to hurt her.  After slashing a 
few times, she'll run away and start crawling up the walls.  Once she's at the 
ceiling, she'll drop eggs that contain her offspring.  Break the eggs before 
the Larvae hatch so that you won't have any trouble.  After this, she'll try to 
drop on you. Move around so she can't.  Once she drops down, repeat the process 
until she's dead.

Stun her with the Fairy Slingshot, then jump slash with a Deku Stick to do a 
lot of damage.  Afterwards, hold R while facing her (without locking on) and 
press B repeatedly to stab her to death.  This method should only require one 
Either way, after she's dead, a light and HEART CONTAINER will appear.  Make 
sure you pick up the Container before leaving by stepping into the light.  This 
Container will give you an extra heart for your health.  Nice.  After stepping 
into the light, you'll appear back in front of the Great Deku Tree.  He'll talk 
to you a bit more, give you the Kokiri Emerald, and then die. (Due to the 
curse.) But he leaves a Deku Sprout in his place.  Head out, and Mido will 
blame you for the Deku Tree's death.  (......) Check on a few things, and then 
leave the Kokiri Forest by heading west.  While leaving, Saria will stop you 
and talk to you.  After giving you the FAIRY OCARINA, she'll let you leave.


Swords: Kokiri Sword
Shields: Deku Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 30)

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks
Deku Nuts
Fairy Slingshot
Fairy Ocarina




Gold Skulltulas: 3
Heart Pieces: 0 (0)
Upgrades: 0 (Deku Seeds: 30, Deku Sticks: 10, Deku Nuts: 20)
Boss Heart Containers: 1


Total Health: 4 Hearts