The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Walkthrough [Wlkthru]

To start a new game, simply choose an empty game slot.  After choosing, you'll 
have to enter a name.  This will be the name that all the characters in the 
game will be calling the main character.  (Link) So if you think that's 
awkward, go ahead and type Link.  Once all is said and done, select your file 
again and it will start.  At the end of each section, I will give an item
summary.  Use it to double-check on the things you should have when you finish
the section.  The number in parentheses beside the number of Heart Pieces you
have total indicates how many pieces the Quest Status screen currently shows.

Fairy-less Boy [Wlk1]

The game starts out telling basically the same story I told in the Game Story
section, calls Navi the fairy to assist Link, and the game starts shortly

Get used to the controls, and walk outside the hut.  Once outside, Saria will 
greet you.  You've been called to see the Great Deku Tree, so head east from 
your house (facing away from it) to reach the entrance to the Great Deku Tree 
meadow, and a Kokiri is blocking the way.  He tells you that you need a sword 
and a shield in order to pass.  Alright...head back to your house, and head 
west to the maze of fences beside it.  Past all the fences, there's a hole you 
can crawl into by pressing A while directly facing it. (There's a Kokiri boy 
next to the hole who teaches the basics of locking-on to objects.) Once at the 
other side, you'll be at a small maze with a giant rolling boulder.  At your 
right there's a Blue Rupee (worth 5).  Collect it. You'll need 40 Rupees to buy 
that shield. Now, from the hole, head left, then take the first right, then 
left (there's a Blue Rupee in the corner on the right), then right again. 
You'll find a treasure chest with the KOKIRI SWORD inside.  Congratulations, 
you've gotten the sword you need!  Now let's gather money for that shield. I'll 
start with Blue Rupee locations. Here:

- A Blue Rupee is found by locking-on to the rock beside the entrance to the 
hole to the maze.  Lock-on, face your house, and backflip. You should get a 
Blue Rupee.

- To the east of your hut is another hut with a path spiraling up it.  Head up 
the path, and follow the wooden bridges to a Kokiri girl and a Blue Rupee.

- North of your hut is a small pond with three platforms.  Start at one end, 
and jump across all of them. (You jump automatically after running off an 
edge.) A Blue Rupee should appear on the last platform.

- There are two Blue Rupees in the maze, but you should have them already.

- There's also a Blue Rupee behind the Great Mido's house. (Check the signs 
beside the huts to see where his house is.)

After finding those, head to the hut that's to the east of the northern-most 
pond.  Before entering, a Kokiri girl might try to get your attention. 
Z-targeting her before pressing A will allow you to talk to her from the hut's 
canopy.  Among enemies, you can also Z-Target people to talk to them over a 
distance, which she taught you just now.  Head into the hut. (Which is a shop.)

Before buying anything, head through the little extra space on the far end of 
the shop to find another Blue Rupee, which should now get you 40 Rupees.  Now, 
talk to the shop owner and buy that DEKU SHIELD.  Now, this is an okay shield 
made with very strong wood, but remember, it is still wooden, and can be burnt 
completely off, rendering you defenseless, so remember that and be careful 
among fire or fire-based enemies.  You shouldn't worry about that at this 
particular moment, but there will be a time when you will be facing fire-based 
enemies.  Now, head out of the shop and head east to talk to Mido again.  He'll 
let you pass now that you have your sword and shield equipped. (Go to the 
Equipment screen and press A on the sword and shield to equip them.) Go through 
the path and defeat the Deku Babas. (They shouldn't harm you.) They'll drop 
some DEKU STICKS.  Grab some, you're gonna need a few for the upcoming dungeon. 
Continue and you'll find the Great Deku Tree.  He'll explain to you what's 
going on and will then open his mouth to allow passage. Head inside.


Swords: Kokiri Sword
Shields: Deku Shield
Tunics: Kokiri Tunic
Boots: Kokiri Boots
Other: Bullet Bag (Holds 30)

ITEMS: (shown left to right)
Deku Sticks




Gold Skulltulas: 0
Heart Pieces: 0 (0)
Upgrades: 0
Boss Heart Containers: 0


Total Health: 3 Hearts