The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Game Story [Gmstry]

Long ago, a Hyrule mother had just given birth to a boy, who would later turn 
out to have a great destiny.  However, an evil man born of the Gerudo tribe had 
attacked the family.  The mother, severely wounded, made her way to Kokiri 
Forest and left the boy in the Great Deku Tree's care.  She died, leaving the 
young boy Link with no parents to look up to.  Because Link wasn't a Kokiri, he 
didn't have a fairy guardian like every other Kokiri, and thus was considered 
to be an outcast, especially by Mido, the supposed leader of the Kokiri tribe. 
All of a sudden, Link kept on having mysterious dreams about a young princess 
escaping from an evil king.  He couldn't tell what these dreams meant, until 
one day the Great Deku Tree decided that Link must let his fate be known.....