The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

Gameplay Basics [Gmp]

You control a boy named Link (although you can name him anything else you 
wish...) throughout the game, and he attacks with a sword among other weapons. 
The story is the simple save princess from evil guy story, but you won't mind 
the story, as the gameplay is excellent.  You explore many lands in search of 
things to help you defeat this evil person.  Controls are below:
Control Stick: Moves Link, makes menu choices

A Button: Performs various actions; check the A button display to see what 
it'll do; also confirms menu choices

B Button: Perform an attack with the item assigned to the button (usually a 
sword, but can be other things); cancel menu choices or pick no on certain 

Z Button: Lock on to an enemy. (More will be explained later in this section.)

Right, Left, Down C Buttons: Assign an item to any one of these buttons for 
future use. (Again, explained in more detail later in section.)

Up C Button: First-Person View, Call Navi (Explained later.)

Control Pad: Show or hide Map

R Button: Bring up Shield

L Button: Show or hide Map.

Start Button: Bring up subscreens
You see, this is an FAQ for the Nintendo 64 version of the game, but this can 
be used for the Gamecube version as well.  You see, for those who don't know, 
this game and a few other Zelda games (Majora's Mask, Legend of Zelda, Zelda 2: 
Adventure of Link) have been combined into a disc called The Legend of Zelda: 
Collector's Edition, which came as a bonus for preordering Wind Waker or Four 
Swords Adventures.  This game is also available on a disc with Master Quest, 
which is essentially Ocarina of Time with harder puzzles and slightly harder 
enemies.  If you have Master Quest, I suggest not using this walkthrough.  I 
may include a Master Quest walkthrough in here if I get enough requests, but 
for now, don't use this for Master Quest.

Anyway, the only difference in the Gamecube version is that the Lock-on is 
moved to the L Button while its Z Button is not used, and you'll have to use 
the Control Stick instead of buttons to do their actions.  Everything else is 
the same, even the game content. (Though there are slight graphical updates.)

A More In-Depth Look at the Controls:

Here I'll discuss some things a little further. Let's start with the C Buttons.
These assign a certain item to be used later.  To do this, simply press Start 
to go to your Subscreens, and go to the Items subscreen.  Here you'll see all 
the items you've collected. (If you're at the Equipment subscreen with a model 
of Link showing what he's currently wearing, you're at the wrong subscreen.) 
Move the cursor over the item you want, and press any of the three C Buttons to 
assign that item to the button you pressed.  Now whenever you press that button 
you assigned the item to, you'll use that item.  This is the only way to use 
the items you have collected.  I'd recommend that whenever there is an item 
you'll be using a lot, to keep it assigned to a button at all times. (Such as 
an Ocarina)

Next is Lock-on Targeting.  Now, you can just attack an enemy normally without
locking on, and it's possible to complete the game that way, but by pressing Z,
you'll lock on to an enemy, with the help of Navi, your fairy partner. (Keep in
mind if you don't have Navi you can't lock on, but there are rare times that 
you don't have her.) With the lock-on turned on, Link always faces the enemy, 
and circle-strafes the enemy whenever you move left or right.  There are 
special actions that can only be done during lock-on (or just holding Z when an 
enemy isn't around) such things are jumping sideways, which can be used to 
quickly escape an attack or to get behind an enemy quickly by pressing A while 
walking left or right during lock-on; backward somersault, another way to dodge 
incoming attacks (plus, it's cooler-looking), which can be done by pressing A 
while moving backwards; Jump Strike, which strikes the enemy with twice the 
power of a single strike, and can be performed by simply pressing A or the 
button a weapon is assigned to.  Those are all the attacks and moves done only 
during lock-on.

You exit lock-on if you get too far away from the target, or you can manually 
exit lock-on by pressing Z again.  Pressing Z when in a mass of enemies will 
switch between enemies to lock-on.  You can also change what type of lock-on 
you want in the options menu.  You can use Switch mode, which will just switch 
to lock-on mode when you press Z, or there's Hold mode, in which you stay 
locked on for as long as you hold the Z Button.  Switch should be the default 
mode, which I like better anyway.

The final, and shortest thing I should tell you is about the Up C Button.
Under normal circumstances, pressing the button will switch you to First-Person 
View, which lets you view the world in Link's eyes; only while standing still, 
though.  However, pressing the Up C Button whenever Navi flies out and yells 
Hey! will let you listen to Navi, who may or may not have something 
interesting to say. (Usually not, but she may really help you out in times of 
need...if you're not using a walkthrough.)

That should be all the basics you need to know. Now get out there and save 
Princess Zelda!