The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Tips & Secrets

"so onc u deafeat the wizard dude u ll appear on the power prmyid first get the item in the doungons and the fill all bottles with fearies and dont for get to get the flute. one u get 3 or 4 bottles go to the light wold and use the flue with that chicken thingy. then the ducky will take u to places and go to #5 . if u got the migic hammer, slam down the ploes and ligh up the rock and ull see a magic portal.but dont go there just yet. to the upper screen ull see a cave enter there and walk deep in side and ull see 4 faries.catch them and thengoto the portal to deafeat the helmsuarse king.for lvl 1 . to deafeat him use the magic hammer and smach the left side of his helmet then rite and finally the middle.after u break his make hit him with ur sword 3 times and ull win a heart and the first cristal and maiden. the lvl 2 boss is an giant squidthing. to weaken him use the grapping hook and get the furry clud thing and att it about 2 time or so to kill it.keep on doning the until he has no cluds. then he will try to squish u so watc out. whilehe is on the ground, attack hime withthe sword about 4 to 6 time to kill him and ull recive the crystal and a heart piece. now for the third bossi still dont know how to ." - GreedRuins

"If you see a shining rock,slash it a lot of times and it will g ive you a lot of rupees.they only appeer sometimes." - Kevin Wang234