The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Tips & Secrets

"What's with you people?! You rated "The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past" with a 91% then you don't leave me any tips! Here's mine, when your facing the 1st boss you gotta use your bow, especially when they're dancing around in a circle." - anonymous

"In the place with the potion shop,you will see a huge boulder,if you can lift it do so and go through the passage behind it.You will see a waterfall to the left,its a door to a magic pond that you can throw items in.Throw a boomerang in and a fairy will appear.Say it the truth that its yours and she`ll enchant it ." - VINCENT

"To get the cane of Byrna go to the portal to the dark world on Death mountain (where the bully and that other guy are)." - Ben

Requirements:Magic Hammer Moon Pearl
Recomendations:LOTS OF FAIRIES! Pegasus shoes

To get the Cane of Byrna go through the portal on Death Mountain that leads to the Dark World where the bully and his friend are. After that search around the east area until you find a ledge,leap off it ,go in the cave that you will see brake the peg things and dash as fast as you can across the spikes then open a chest and get the Cane of Byrna. It runs on magic to defend you but it is realy handy. Use it to get over the spikes and back out the cave." - Ben

"To see knights with gold armor on go to the square right under where the kid with the Flute is in the Dark world then use the Magic Mirror to go to the normal world. Save the game and quit, when you turn it back on you will be standing in the portal and the knights will have gold armor." - Ben