MotorStorm Review

In fact, there’s no customization of any kind in the game. There’s no garage, no parts shop, no tuning… nothing whatsoever. Furthermore, every vehicle in each class is essentially the same. Choosing a vehicle is merely an exercise in aesthetics – there’s no need to balance handling versus acceleration or anything of that nature. Of course a big rig handles differently than an ATV, but each big rig in the game drives like every other big rig in the game.

At first the races will seem a bit difficult until you learn how to handle the aggressive AI and get a feel for the type of path you should follow for each type of vehicle. After this initial learning period, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the chaotic, wide-open racing in the game. This is a good thing to find in a game, but MotorStorm fails to capitalize on this. The campaign is merely a series of races all of the same type, all with the same goal – race a set number of laps around the track and finish in the top three. If ever a game needed a destruction derby style event this is it.

Luckily the game has a pretty good online component to keep the fun going once you begin to tire of the single player racing. The racing is even more chaotic online against human opponents. Up to twelve players can race at a time on any of the tracks found in the single player game. I wish that the multiplayer game would track more stats than simply number of races and number of first place finishes. A person that regularly beats his neighbor in two vehicle races will appear to be one of the top drivers in the game. Also, the game has the annoying habit of placing you in a race regardless of the state of that race. You can join a race to find that it’s in progress and you’re forced to sit there staring at the player list until the current race is completed.

MotorStorm is a lot of fun for a while, but there needs to be more to it if it’s to hold your interest in the long run. Hopefully Sony takes the game’s core and builds a feature-rich racer around it for MotorStorm 2. If that happens they just may have one of the best racers available for any console.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 83%. MotorStorm is a blast to play, but it could really use more content to beef up the experience.


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